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Digital, advertising, social and tech predictions & trends 2014

Soap's annual digital, advertising, social and tech predictions & trends for 2014.

What do you think will be the biggest trend for 2014?

Digital, advertising, social and tech predictions & trends 2014

  1. PREDICTIONS/TRENDS/LOLS We’ve taken another light-hearted look at what we think the zeitgeist of 2014 will be from a tech/digital angle.
  3. SMART CRAP We’ll keep adding technology to things that don’t really need it, just because we can. Whether it’s as simple as a paper plane that never stops or a toaster that burns the weather into your toast you can be safe in the knowledge there is someone out there, with too much time on their hands, is looking to add technology where it doesn't belong.
  4. VINTIGITAL As our lives become even more digital we’ll do our best to keep as much as we can analogue. Our obsession with GIFs reaches new lows as we start to print them out. Instagram photos will be printed as Viewmasters, on pillows and even hot chocolate ready Marshmallows. Or what about a $400 attachment for your iPhone to allow it to print Polaroids? Why? because you can. And because Kickstarter lets previously crazy ideas be made.
  5. CAN OF BITCOINS When Starbucks becomes the first major retail chain to accept Bitcoins, expect Bitcoin fever. Ron Howard will option a film based around the biggest Bitcoin robbery while the mainstream media will continue to cover its use in the “underground internet” to buy everything from dog sweaters to assassinations. Universities around the world will suddenly see their IT teams resign after finally cashing in the Bitcoins they mined through the campus network.
  6. TL/DR Content everywhere gets shorter.
  7. TECH “SO HOT RIGHT NOW” Under Armor's recent acquisition highlights that major fashion labels are getting serious about wearable tech. Soon you’ll have clothing that tells you if you’re working out properly, protects you from when Drone’s become self aware or just displays when you have a ‘Bad case of the Mondays’. But we’re superficial; we’d all settle for Smart Watches that don’t look so ugly or Star Trek styled Google Glass.
  8. RIFT ME! We’re not sure people will jump at spending $300+ for Virtual Roller Coaster rides; but expect CNN to cover “virtual sex” when it launches in 2014. We also can’t wait for the “World’s First Full Virtual Reality TV Ad” for Doritos.
  9. 3D PRINTED MADNESS 3D printed pizza’s are ugly but tasty, no one can afford a $300,000 3D printed burger and a single shot 3D printed gun has already created a storm. Predictably the internet will focus on 3D printed memes while corporations start filing patents for 3D printed organs. Honestly though we’re more excited about printing our own Potato Bazooka.
  10. BATKID 2 Charities around the world are now daunted by the fact no one will be able to top Batkid’s viral success. But don’t worry, Kanye’s onto it.
  11. A DRONE ATE MY HOMEWORK While daily drone delivery is way off, expect the mainstream media and advertising fascination with drones to not wear off. Drone beer deliveries at sport events and music festivals will solve the serious issue of being too drunk to get out of your seat. Hollywood also gets Drone Fever with the release of Michael Bay’s action thriller “2 Drones 2 Furious” about illegal drone races in LA.
  12. CONSUMERISM PORN You don’t have to be a Rich Kid of Instagram to flaunt it. Whether you’re a 16 year old with a charge card or the son of a Mexican cartel boss, showing off what you got in social will be hot in 2014. Even if it’s highly illegal and stupid.
  13. DANCING FOR CANDY The advertising industry will continue conducting the worldwide anthropological study on what people will do for free stuff. In Russia you do squats for train tickets, make a fool of yourself in Australia for snacks, while the Swiss make you stare at a phone for 60 minutes. These tests will escalate until we see the first fatality involving “free candy” and essentially ruin it for everyone come awards time.
  14. NOW STREAMING With Google monetizing helping and Twitch being integrated into the PS4 and Xbox One we’ll see live streaming become mainstream. The fact you can earn money just playing video games or helping people learn sign language will attract all sorts of people. So expect to see more scammers.
  15. BRANDS ACT LIKE FRANCHISES As retail growth slows down we’ll see more packaged goods brands will expand out of their normal supermarket shelves. We all know Redbull & M&M have been doing this for years but now those KFC scented candles & Oreo Cufflinks are not just a novelty they are a serious revenue stream.
  16. MICROTRANSACTIONS INFECT EVERYTHING Following the financial success of Microtransactions in mobile games the rest of the entertainment industry will experiment with a similar model. Marvel will announce that The Avengers 2 will be the first “freemium” release. The core film comes with Thor but requires a $1.99 payment via special 3D glasses to unlock each other Avenger as viewable.
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