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Facebook Brand Pages For Dummies

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This isn't the holy grail; but rather a road-tested 'cheat sheet‘ for quick wins on your Facebook page

We're interested in your tips also so we can do a Volume 2.

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Facebook Brand Pages For Dummies

  1. Facebook Brand Pages for Dummies. 1st Edition<br />Soap Creative<br />http://www.soapcreative.com/social<br />
  2. This isn't the holy grail; <br />but rather a road-tested <br />'cheat sheet‘ for quick wins <br />on your Facebook page<br />
  3. Ask your fans to ‘like’ a post for a fun reason (keep it on brand) and get ready to add the term “like baiting” to your vernacular.<br />We’ve seen 10-20x the normal feedback levels with these posts. If asked for the right reason you get a good level of conversation.<br />If only we could patent the “Every time someone ‘likes’ this” post <br />
  4. Give your fans a common goal by rewarding them for reaching a “Like milestone”.<br />Even if what you are unlocking isn’t “special” people appreciate it more when it is given as a “reward”.<br />
  5. Everyone loves a quote and regardless of your brand or industry vertical, it’s likely a philosopher or notable personality has made a quotable statement about it. <br />A well-chosen quote posted to your page can see a strong response.<br />
  6. Post a bold statement and let your fans discuss amongst themselves whether or not they agree. <br />We’ve seen a greater response than simply asking people to share their opinion with no prompt.<br />
  7. “This vs. That” is a quick way to poll your fans on their preference for something product related.<br />Use this as a simple market research tool for your brand or just stir up conversation.<br />
  8. People are more likely to engage with a post that spells out very easily what is wanted from them. A ‘Fill in the Blanks’ post requires little effort and sees a big uptake from the easily distracted Facebook user.<br />
  9. Facebook users love to play with anything that gives them social context and have fun with their friends. <br />A ‘Friend Tagger’ is a image that lets people tag their friends to that image.<br />Encourage users to download and <br />re-publish these themselves.<br />
  10. A simple way to inject a genuine feeling of community into your Facebook Page is to award a “Featured Fan”. It’s a simple way to showcase your advocates and encourages others to be more involved.<br />It also gives a “human” edge to the personality of the page! <br />
  11. Don’t neglect the opportunity you have to control the first impression of your brand on Facebook! <br />Your default landing tab will see a greater conversion of fans if you just tell them what to do.If this isn’t enticing enough for you try locking content or offers behind the ‘like’.<br />
  12. Facebook puts a lot of restrictions on how you can use the wall, but there's nothing that says you can't make a giant sandwich!<br />Think about how you can play games with the Facebook platform.<br />Personal pages allow even more fun!<br />
  13. If they were good enough for the Renaissance then why not your Facebook wall?Post 3 images to a gallery in sequence for a simple trick.<br />
  14. People have connected with your Facebook Page because they like your brand so don’t feel reluctant to be “product proud” on your page. <br />But don’t just post a pack shot. Make sure they are creative or have some contextual relevance to people’s lives.<br />Yes it is easier if you have an iconic brand, but remember social should be about quality not quantity. So appeal to your core fan base and not pander to the wider hive mind.<br />
  15. Moderating isn't just about removing obscene posts - it can also mean moderating your tactics. <br />It's tempting to repeat your successful posts; but like all things these tactics are best used in moderation... hence the word.<br />We love Skittles and their brand of humour but seriously they need a new shtick<br />
  16. Disagree with anything here or have something to add? We’d love to hear from you in the comments. <br />