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Engage Dubai 2015: Tarek Metwally Mohamed Shalby, Toyota

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Always connected, always live: the Social Command Center presented at Engage Dubai 2015 by Tarek Metwally Mohamed Shalby from Toyota

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Engage Dubai 2015: Tarek Metwally Mohamed Shalby, Toyota

  1. 1. Social Media Command Center Toyota Saudi Arabia The future is always a function of the present
  2. 2. Technical Implementation Implementation & Roll-out The Why and How ?Why do you need a command Center ? How to utilize the command Center ? Socialbakers
  3. 3. Today’s competitive battleground is fueled by information
  4. 4. Business Intelligence and Analytics Business intelligence and analytics are a source of strategic advantage DATA INFORMATION KNOWLEDGE BI &Analytics Maturity level
  5. 5. “...Nobody wants data. What they want are the answers.” – Professor David Hand of Imperial College London, March 2014
  6. 6. ‘It’s all about making good decisions’ Social Command Center The Toyota Social Media Command Center is a physical space where social media content, brand performance, competitor analysis and engagement activities are monitored in real-time
  7. 7. Avoid distraction Shiny Object or Intelligent Hub?
  8. 8. The social media command center is only as valuable as the strategy it supports. Build the command center to serve the business and to deliver insights—not just data or metrics Set up the command center with practical purpose and actionable process Understanding the Misunderstanding
  9. 9. Start Small .. Be Smart .. Move Fast
  10. 10. Training Any good relationship begins with a lot of giving
  11. 11. Be clear about what you want
  12. 12. Brand Opportunities and Threats Driving Content Strategy Monitor the Landscape Connect Social Data with Business DataBrand Health Awareness
  13. 13. The Key Word here is Real Time Instant Insights
  14. 14. www.toyota.com.sa www.aljleague.com www.alj.com Thank you Tarek Metwaly, Head of Digital Shalbytm@alj.com +966 555 605 791