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Using Social to Grow and Engage your Customers

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At SocialGO, we have 4+ years of experience in helping businesses get to grips with 'social'.

This presentation was built for a webinar, with real life examples to illustrate how businesses like yours are using an online community to grow their business and engage with their customers.

You'll find out how to keep your fans, followers and members engaged, how to use social data to improve your communications and develop amazing relationships with your customers.

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Using Social to Grow and Engage your Customers

  1. 1. Using Social to Grow &Engage your Customers Contact details: www.socialgo.com support@socialgo.com @socialgo facebook.com/socialgo
  2. 2. We are● UK provider of cloud-hosted community software● Over 300,000 communities created since 2008● Passionate about the power of online communities in bringing businesses and their customers together
  3. 3. Social is here to stay.How do you play ball?
  4. 4. Return leversGrowth levers make thembring them in come back
  7. 7. DATA GROWTH RETURN Find out whats trending with Google Trends click for live data
  8. 8. DATA GROWTH RETURN Find where the conversation is already happening http://www.google.com/alerts/create
  9. 9. DATA GROWTH RETURN Find your Key Influencers
  10. 10. DATA GROWTH RETURN Keep in mind why people share Altruists Hipsters Connectors Helpful Creative Relaxed Thoughtful Popular Planned Email Cutting-edge Email/FB Careerists Boomerangs Selectives Valuable Reaction Careful Intelligent Empowered Informative LinkedIn FB/Twitter EmailSource: NYT Psychology of Sharing study http://nytmarketing.whsites.net/mediakit/pos/
  11. 11. DATA GROWTH RETURN Raise some of the first core topics
  12. 12. DATA GROWTH RETURN Get in touch with related Facebook pages and Twitter accounts
  13. 13. DATA GROWTH RETURN Run a competition Public announcement Awesome prize Entering requires signup Simple entry mechanic
  14. 14. DATA GROWTH RETURN It works!
  15. 15. DATA GROWTH RETURN Run a CLEVER competition Relevant prize Clever mechanic Built-in content generation Rich data
  16. 16. DATA GROWTH RETURN Find out the best times to post read the blog
  17. 17. DATA GROWTH RETURN Ask about Guest Blogging Dont ask = Dont get! But give yourself the best chance: ● Research the blog & editor ● Make it easy for them ● Does it pass the W.I.F.T. test? ● Refer to anything related you have already created ● If you have stats, show how its resonated with readers
  18. 18. DATA GROWTH RETURN Publish member generated content
  19. 19. DATA GROWTH RETURN Use an editorial calendar highlight relevant determine dates your post frequency use a shareable stay tool like realistic Google & stick Calendars to your plan
  20. 20. DATA GROWTH RETURN Reward your best members Most active member Exclusive access to of the month special content Member highlight for Best forum answer all to see Most helpful to Special Samaritan newbies profile badge
  21. 21. DATA GROWTH RETURN Give members a sense of ownership
  22. 22. DATA GROWTH RETURN Run regular community hangouts
  23. 23. DATA GROWTH RETURN ...to keep your members returning! live chat hour
  24. 24. Use all the tools at your disposal!
  25. 25. THANKS FOR JOINING!Check out the slides from our previous webinar:Harnessing the Power of Social for your Business Contact details: www.socialgo.com support@socialgo.com @socialgo facebook.com/socialgo