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Point of Care Messaging

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More and more health economies across the globe are deploying Electronic Health Records with some countries reaching full adoption by 2017.  This means we, as healthcare marketers, now have a vital new channel to reach and educate decision makers.

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Point of Care Messaging

  1. 1. The webinar will start shortly… Thanks for joining us today!
  2. 2. Tell us where you’re dialing in from!
  3. 3. Hello! Ritesh Patel EVP, Chief Digital Officer Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide Rob Blackie Director of Social Social@Ogilvy
  4. 4. EHR The new frontier for innovation
  5. 5. EHR Lets speak the same language
  6. 6. The Key Terms Digital version of patient’s paper chart. Also refers to the digital version of patient’s paper chart but also includes the capability of being shared with other providers across more than one healthcare organization. A digital form of a paper prescription that is sent to your pharmacy or lab via the EHR delivery mechanism. EMR Electronic Medical Record EHR Electronic Health Record ERx Electronic Prescription
  7. 7. FAQ “I want to have a presence in the EHR, where do I start?”
  8. 8. 9 EHR Communication…Starts with choices
  9. 9. The Ogilvy CommonHealth EHR Practice
  10. 10. The Ogilvy EHR Practice HCP EHR Workflow Diagnostics Diagnosis Treatment Consideration PrescriptionPatient Consultation Trailblazing Leadership in EHR innovation over the past 6 years Imaginative A proprietary business rules engine, known as Percept Collaborative Partnerships and connectivity to reach 70% of the US Physician audience
  11. 11. Supporting a number of clients - Globally 12 54 Brands 16 Manufacturers 7 Countries (USA, UK, Japan, Germany, Australia, France, Canada)
  12. 12. 72% Use the ePresciber in their EHR as the primary way to write an Rx for a patient 62% View sub pages in the EHR as a way to obtain new and needed information 78%Prefer pharma/healthcare companies send product updates to their office via their EHR Messaging System 85%Say they NEED to have product information/brochures/savings cards on hand at all times while entering information in their EHR 57% Are using the EHR across their entire practice for all office functions6.1.16 (n=12,150) Physician EHR Use
  13. 13. Our USA EHR universe 500 500+ Total EHR Platforms in allowing marketing communication 7 Total EHR Communication Partners 2.1M Total Prescribers taking eRx action out of the EHR Communication 2.3M Healthcare Providers Reached in the EHR 14
  14. 14. Our global EHR universe Total EHR Platforms in communication Total EHR Communication Partners Total Prescribers taking eRx action out of the EHR Communication (35% of total Ex-US Prescribers) 1. Forrester / NOTE: HCP = Physician, NP/PA, Medical Assistant, RN, LPN, Pharmacist, Healthcare Providers (HCP) Being Reached in the EHR
  15. 15. Countries most active in the EHR 16 Australia (97%)Norway (98%) Netherlands (98%) UK (97%) Germany (82%) USA (69%) France (67%) Canada (56%) Switzerland (47%)
  16. 16. Forms of Clinical Messages Context TargetingBrief • EHR enables patient specific disease state identification • 360○ view of HCP Interaction data for program with automated interventions for qualified patients Coupons
  17. 17. Our proprietary EHR Business Rules Engine
  18. 18. Reports and Insights Our Powerful Business Rules Engine Partners & Tactic Response Data Highlights • Allows use of all EHR services (using only the best service that each supplier has to offer) • Allows access to existing EHR business rules and methodologies • Compile partner data weekly using standard data spec sheets for all services • Capability to compile data from different services • Guide/program any/all 'business decisions’ EHR User OCHWW FTP Secured Database (SAS) Aggregated Point of Contact Percept EHR Data Business Rules EHR Platform EHR User
  19. 19. Prescriber Type Staff Site Account Practice/IDN Demo Patient Chart Notes (Keywords) Lookup Codes Disease Type Rx Medical Claims Insurance This rules engine powers targeted, contextual, relevant messaging Message
  20. 20. EHR Module Patient Consultation Diagnostics Diagnosis Treatment Decision Rx Promotion Types Banner: Unbranded Banner: Unbranded (specific to testing) Banner: Branded Clinical Message: Unbranded Banner: Branded Banner: Branded or Unbranded Promotion Link/Site Destination Unbranded Site Unbranded Site Branded Site or SPMC Branded Site or SPMC Unbranded Site ICD Code(s) Trigger ICD-9-238.7 (MDS), ICD-9-275.03 (IOL Products Designated DC: 00078-0468, 00078- 0469, 0007-04670 Blood test to check for Hemoglobin S, Hb S, Hgb S Chronic Iron Overload NDC: 00078-0468, 00078-0469, 0007- 04670 DC: 00078-0468, 00078- 0469, 0007-04670 Exjade/Jadenu SOAP Notes MDS, Abnormal Blood Chemistry, Iron Overload Chronic Iron Overload, blood transfusion, Myelodysplastic Syndrome ICD9-238.7, ICD9- 790.6, ICD9-275.03, ICD10-R79.0 ICD-O 9980/0-M9989/3 Diseases DB 8604 eMedicine med/2695 ped/1527 MeSH D009190 N/A Charting MDS, Iron Overload Myelodysplastic Syndrome, Deferoxamine Injection, Desferal Injection, Myelodysplastic Syndrome Chart notes “Chronic Iron Overload” Myelodysplactic Symdrom MDS, Chronic Iron Overload Myelodysplactic Symdrom, Deferoxamine Injection, Desferal Injection Precision targeting of specific messages: Business Rules Example
  21. 21. Access/Formulary Messages ePrior Auth eVoucher/ eCoupon Patient Education/ Adherence Patient Assistance HCP Workflow EHR Services Patient Consultation Clinical Decision Support Diagnostics Clinical Decision Support Diagnosis Treatment Consideration Competitive Messaging Complementary/Self Messaging Product Messages Prescription Clinical Decision Support Competitive Messaging Product Messaging Login/Help General Messaging Based on User Profiles Physician, Medical Asst. or Nurse Medical Asst. or Nurse Physician, NP, or PA Physician, NP, or PA Physician, NP, or PA Physician, NP, PA, Medical Asst, Billing, or Nurse
  22. 22. Examples 26
  23. 23. Japan EHR Opportunities
  24. 24. Japanese EHR Adoption • 62.5% in Major Hospitals • 21% in Medium Hospitals • 9% in Small Hospitals • 17% in Clinics • 10% in Small Practice 28
  25. 25. EHR Promotional Opportunities Front Office Exam Room (EMR) ^Bold/Blue Text Represents Opportunities • Log-on Screens • Initial EMR Screen (Patient Overview) • Encounters/Diagnostics (Labs) • Rx Portal + Pharmacy Portal (Treatment)
  26. 26. EHR Workflow Message Focus Front Office Exam Room Area Front Office Exam Room Message Type Unbranded Message Drug Information Message Type Display Message Clinical Message Drives To: unbranded.com Website Patient Information/Brochure (PDF) Service Partner Demandbase TrakCare Area Log-On Screen EMR Screens Targeting HCP Physicians and Nurses Physicians and Nurses Only Front Office Exam Room
  27. 27. Demandbase Account-based targeting • IP targeting used to identify key accounts and display banners directly on the EHR logon screen • Target IDNs and other institutions (satellite outpatient practices of major hospitals utilizing a centralized EHR) • Ability to retarget HCPs by following IP address and apply Branded Messages on relevant websites of Brand’s choice
  28. 28. TrakCare In EHR application Delivery of Materials • PDF for Support can be delivered on specific drug name • Manufacturer sponsored material available only in ERx Module of EHR • Message Targeted on ‘clinical conviction’ (only available when patient has been diagnosed)
  29. 29. Savings Card Offer 33 • Specialty Product • 2,000 Coupon Deliveries over 3 months (total 24K NRx per year) • 90% Redemption Rate at Pharmacy (due to in EHR Adjudication) Good Read.
  30. 30. Delivery of Message ‘Flag’
  31. 31. Enrollment Form Selection on Drug Look Up
  32. 32. ‘Log-On’ Screen of EHR 36 Health System Banner Messaging Health Systems Offers
  33. 33. Voucher Link to site • Placement occurs in overlay and drug search tab within patient record • Coupon and offer message appears if rules-based targeting criteria are met • Recommend targeting by ICD9/10 codes (such as prior conditions), as well as NDC codes and diagnostics Co-Pay/Voucher Available with-in the ePrescribe
  34. 34. How to get started… 1. Discovery (We learn and research what it is we will do for the brand) 2. Set up Onboarding of all vendors/establish best-in-class program 3. Manage We execute the program and monitor interactions to make them better • What’s the goal? • What vendors will we use? • For How Long? • Establish business rules and data collection to database • Monitor analytics • Real-time program adjustments
  35. 35. Angelo Campano Stephanie Neuwirt Ritesh Patel Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide
  36. 36. Want this deck? It will be available for download shortly after the webinar on: slideshare.net/socialogilvy Ogilvy staff: It’s also on The Market! themarket.ogilvy.com Are you on the go? You can join our webinars on mobile, too! Download the GoToWebinar app from the App Store or Google Play
  37. 37. Questions? Ritesh Patel EVP, Chief Digital Officer Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide Rob Blackie Director of Social Social@Ogilvy