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Wednesday Word on Social: Social TV

Wednesday Word on Social: Social TV is by Gemma Craven, EVP and Head of Social@Ogilvy New York (@gemsie), and Geoffrey Colon, VP, Social@Ogilvy (@djgeoffe).

Here are five points discussed in the podcast:

1. How Twitter's acquisition of Blue Fin Lab makes them a bigger player in Social TV with real-time analytics.
2. How reactive marketing or "newsjacking" during the Super Bowl is now a built in behavior for all live events.
3. How Twitter will evolve and be a bigger player in the real time/social TV space based on advertisers integrating hashtags to measure conversation in comparison to them using Facebook URLs.
4. Every live event and sporting event trumps the previous one in terms of Twitter engagement and activity creating a snowball of growth effect.
5. Television writers are now using sentiment on Twitter to determine the evolution of their stories.

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