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What's Next: Authenticity - The Struggle is Real

  1. What’s Next: Authenticity: The Struggle is Real Powered by
  2. Welcome Laurie Close Consultant Ogilvy Consulting Chris Walts Strategy Lead Ogilvy Social & Content Rahul Titus Head of Influence Ogilvy
  3. Tell us where you are dialing in from! What’s the weather like in your city?
  4. Do you want this deck? It will be available for download shortly after the webinar on: And the recording up on
  5. The struggle is real Authenticity
  6. 6 Today, we will cover Ogilvy Influence #Ad Fatigue - Does anyone really care? The Ogilvy Approach to Influence OInfluence Looking Ahead
  7. #AdFatigue Doesanyonereallycare?
  8. #Ad Fatigue So What is...
  9. Saturation
  10. 13.8 Times per day
  11. History has a way of repeating itself
  12. The Problem
  13. Spotthedifference…
  14. déjàvu? déjàvu? déjàvu?
  15. Inauthentic
  16. ’FOR SALE’ FakeNews
  17. Trust issues
  18. Influencer #Ad Fatigue Has Set In.
  19. WHY?
  21. Banner Influencer-Blindness
  22. AndYet...
  23. Brandsarechanging where theyplacetheir budget.
  24. Big Brands, Shift Big Budget 75%of its digital marketing budget on influencers
  25. Influence Because... ..…works
  26. Peopleare consuming morecontent thaneverbefore 31 HOURS PER DAY
  27. Whichmeans everyone and everything is competingforour attention.
  28. ...Ironically
  29. CreativeIs the problem
  30. Craftismissingfromthe process.
  31. Influenceshouldbe morethan just“holdingaproduct”
  32. Itshouldbeactively soughtout andshared ratherthanavoided.
  33. Entertain, Inspire & Provoke people. Influence needs to…
  34. Enable, Educate & Inform. Or…
  35. Everysinglething influencersdomust providevalue to consumers and brands. *And Themselves
  36. Overcoming Influencer #AdFatigue Five rules for
  37. 1.BeAuthentic.
  38. 2.Understand why they’re influential.
  39. 3.Craft The White Space.
  40. 4.GoBeyond “Cool by association”.
  41. 5.BeEffective Not Prolific.
  42. In Summary...
  43. Influence follows the same principles as any great work
  44. In order for influence to matter it needs to add value to people’s lives
  45. Influencing the right way Ogilvy Influence
  46. Our Approach 47 1. Ogilvy Influence for Nestlé
  47. Our Conviction We maximise the creative effectiveness of influence as an integrated channel in the marketing mix with best in class access to people and technology, to make brands matter in the social age.
  48. The Ogilvy Offering End to end global influence solutions Ogilvy Influence | Our Approach Influencer Identification Influence Strategy & Auditing Audience Mapping Partnership Evaluation Contract Management Talent Management Platform Activation Solutions Media Strategy & Activation Measurement & Evaluation Database Management Design § Define § Identify § Validate Activate § Connect § Manage § Amplify Measure § Report § Optimise How we do it
  49. The Spectrum of Influence Ogilvy Influence | Our Approach TALENT CREATOR MEDIA FIGURE EXPERT GATEKEEPERS CONSUMERS Influential through their fame, usually mainstream media. Widely recognized in multiple markets Influence through their creativity and active fan base. Usually produce their own content In charge of media channels. Distribute content through Their jobs Influencer as a result of their specialised knowledge Influence in their peer groups. Often serves as aggregators Of information People that have influence through their word of mouth Celebrities Vloggers Journalist Make Up Artists Cyclists Super Fans
  50. 52 What make us unique Ogilvy Influence | Our Approach 1 Integrated Influence End to end, full service and integrated offering bringing together the right influence solution to every problem 2 Ogilvy’s technology stack powered by best in class data and tools in the market place. Includes access to the proprietary OScore. OInfluence 3 Creative Effectiveness The best of creative and smart media under an integrated offering to drive real ROI for brands 4Access to People Best in class access to people – talent, agents, influencer specialists, strategists and media experts
  51. 53 Influence if done right can…. Matter for years Matter each quarter Matter in moments PLATFORM PROGRAM PULSE build and protect the brand drive action during campaigns aid in cultural relevance Ogilvy Influence | Our Approach
  52. BASIC Influencers are used tactically as an add on to an activation strategy. Focus is on reach of the influencer with results measured on engagement based metrics. Activated tactically by PR or by SEO for link building purposes. Creatively the ideas are tactical, stunt-driven or opportunistic. STRATEGIC Influencers integrated into the wider marketing mix but in an ad-hoc manner and only on specific campaigns. Influencer selection more complex but results are still not tied to business outcomes. Activated by PR, Social and/or Media separately with little/no integration. Creatively, this remains an afterthought with ATL, PR, Social ideas wedged into influencer marketing. TRANSFORMATIVE Influencer marketing an integral channel in the marketing mix with the power to transform the brand. Influencer selection ensures minimal wastage (organic and paid) with results showcasing business outcomes, not outputs. Influencer marketing has been considered through every step of the customer journey and brand planning. Activated by a joint team across the spectrum of influence that touches on all channels across paid, owned, rented and earned. Creatively, the idea reigns supreme with the channels in service of idea. Influence 2.0 Moving towards the transformative Ogilvy Influence | Our Approach
  53. 55 2. Ogilvy Influence for Nestlé OInfluence
  54. 56 Our global technology stack for influence powered by best in class data and tools Ogilvy Influence | InfluenceO OInfluence DESIGN ACTIVATE MEASURE Influencer Identification & Vetting powered by Klear Audience Mapping powered by Audiense Fake Check powered by Klear Attribute Matching powered by Profiler Influencer Benchmarking powered by Klear Influencer Audit powered by Synthesio IG Story Tracking powered by Billion Dollar Boy Platform Activation powered by Takumi and GroupM INCA Qualified Audience Building powered by Audience Library
  55. Ogilvy Influence | InfluenceO Influencer Identification & Vetting powered by Klear 1. What Ogilvy's’ real time influencer database with over 1 billion influencer profiles across 60,000 categories . Available globally in most major languages, this tool allows us to identify the right influencer for a brand vet them to ensure the perfect brand fit. 2. How Through a singular metric representation of an influencer social footprint demographics and performance metrics called the OScore. Scored on a scale of 1-100 the higher the score the more influential the individual is. The OScore takes into account the following metrics – Engagement Rates Audience Demographics True Reach Influencers area of expertise Geo & Demo Data Previous Brand Portfolio Risk Factors Brand Affinity
  56. Ogilvy Influence | InfluenceO Platform Activations powered by Takumi 1. What Global micro influencer platform that gives our clients scalable access to influencers on a CPE basis through an exclusive partnership with Ogilvy 2. How The Ogilvy partnership gives us unparallel access to the best influencers through a managed service with added benefits including – • 10 year digital IP rights on all content produced • Brand Safety built in through a 10 step vetting process • Guaranteed results with engagement rates between 2-6% • Local teams in local markets to allow for market nuances
  57. Looking Ahead 3. 59 Ogilvy Influence
  58. Ogilvy Influence | Looking Ahead Influencers go virtual
  59. 18 October, 2019October 18, 2019 Facebook started testing AR in the News Feed. This feature enables advertisers to create “try before you buy” ads that allow users to “wear” fashion items to help make purchasing decisions. From the ad, users could view the product on and seamlessly add the product to their cart and complete the purchase. Additionally, the ad included advanced sharing capabilities, allowing users to easily share their AR experience directly to their Facebook story or download the photo or video. Ogilvy Influence | Looking Ahead The Rise of AI
  60. 18 October, 2019
  61. 18 October, 2019 While streaming services such as Netflix have spurred on an insatiable appetite for on-demand content, new technology has also boosted the resurgence of audio. Acast estimates that 23 per cent of the UK population have listened to a podcast in the last month. The number of weekly UK listeners has doubled since 2013, according to radio data company Rajar. Online magazine Slate has said it expects 40 per cent of its revenue in 2019 to come from podcasts. Even the BBC, not known for its eagerness to embrace digital change, has put podcasts front and center of its offering on the new BBC Sounds platform. Ogilvy Influence | Looking Ahead Audio is the new video
  62. The Work 64 4. Ogilvy Influence for Nestlé
  63. 65 Case Studies Ogilvy Influence | The Work The power of creative effectiveness in influence Driving value with smart creative Reaching new audiences through influence Driving cultural relevance in real time through influence
  64. 67 Vans ComfyCush Ogilvy Influence | The Work CHALLENGE Cut through the noise and drive awareness of the new ComfyCush range through innovative content. IDEA We created Vans branded stickers in partnership with GIPHY to reflect the new technology. These stickers, specially designed for Instagram stories were used by the influencers during the launch and further amplified through the content in paid, earned and owned channels, helping us brand all ComfyCush content with a unique brand stamp without disrupting the content. RESULTS 12% average Eng. Rate (benchmark – 3%) 2.7 million sticker views (2M in less than 24 hrs) The brand’s most engaging influencer content till date
  65. The struggle is real Authenticity
  66. Questions?
  67. Thank you.