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What's Next: Pulse Marketing

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Brands are under pressure every day to stay relevant and answer consumer needs, while also managing their own marketing and commercial calendars. While most marketers are in their comfort zone and master the art of planning and executing campaigns, it is not as straight forward when it comes to acting and reacting to the ‘now’.

Andreanne Leclerc, Regional Managing Partner and Head of Social Asia, explains how to engineer an evolutive and flexible infrastructure to stay on the Pulse.

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What's Next: Pulse Marketing

  1. 1. What’s Next: Supercharge your marketing with ‘The Pulse’ Powered by
  2. 2. Welcome José Arteaga Creative Digital Strategist Ogilvy Consulting London Andréanne Leclerc Regional Managing Partner Head of Social Asia Ogilvy Asia Hong Kong
  3. 3. Tell us where you are dialing in from! What’s the weather like in your city?
  4. 4. Do you want this deck? It will be available for download shortly after the webinar on: slideshare.net/socialogilvy And the recording up on facebook.com/OgilvyConsulting
  5. 5. March 29, 2019 Consumer needs vs marketing and commercial calendar
  6. 6. Content Time horizons Unpacking Pulse Proactive and Reactive Impact Infrastructure Mindset
  7. 7. Time horizons
  8. 8. make brands matter
  9. 9. 10 across time and every idea PLATFORM PROGRAM PULSE Mattering for years Mattering each quarter Mattering right now
  10. 10. Outthink WatsonintheWorld DressattheMET RealBeauty WakeUptoBeautiful CurlyHairEmoji It’sNotJustCoffee StarbucksRewards StarbucksxLyft TastetheFeeling ShareaCoke #ThatsGold OpenSweden TheSwedishNumber SwedenonAirBnBMAXMotorDreams MaxExtras GoFurther Mattering for years Mattering each quarter Mattering right now brands matter at every levelwe make
  11. 11. Outthink WatsonintheWorld DressattheMET RealBeauty WakeUptoBeautiful CurlyHairEmoji It’sNotJustCoffee StarbucksRewards StarbucksxLyft TastetheFeeling ShareaCoke #ThatsGold OpenSweden TheSwedishNumber SwedenonAirBnBMAXMotorDreams MaxExtras GoFurther Mattering for years Mattering each quarter Mattering right now Are you in the zone? Decisive AKA Heavy Lifting Zone Setting the tone AKA the Comfort Zone Action AKA Out of Breath Zone
  12. 12. Unpacking Pulse
  13. 13. It is not just about social
  14. 14. What is Pulse? An idea that enables the brand to create instantaneous engagement within a specific cultural, commercial or crisis moment.
  15. 15. Culture • Trends • Behaviors • Calendar event • An unplanned event • Moments, micro moments Big to small moments Commercial • Launch • Celebration, milestone • Sale, Promotion • Announcement • Occasion / Seasonal Crisis • Announcement • Fake News • Company misconduct • Partner misconduct • Backlash
  16. 16. Where people will watch Cultural PRE DURING AFTER And micro moments at every stage CommercialCrisis An unexpected turn in the game Recap Highlights Pre order Launch day madness Customer Review Rumors about massive price increase Fact rectification Planning how to manage next increase
  17. 17. ProactiveandReactive
  18. 18. ReactivePro active Unplanned Planned Different responses for different scenarios unpremeditated, unscheduled, accidental, unexpected, surprise spontaneous Set in stone or can be anticipated Part of a calendar, an agenda
  19. 19. Impact
  20. 20. Pulse is critical for brand reputation which is a growing concerns of CEOs
  21. 21. Develop great ideas Improve customer satisfaction with content that addresses actual needs
  22. 22. Building customer relationships Wyeth wanted to help moms who are alone at night working hard. Studies reveal that relaxing classical music helps breastfeeding mothers produce 3 times more milk Wyeth 3am Breastfeeding Concert A Feast of classical music at 3 am for Taiwanese nursing their newborn babies on Facebook live. Why does it matter? • Hosting an event that support moms and create at the same time a support community • Enable conversations between mums during dark hours • It helps moms to ‘perform’ better (consumer benefits) • Great use of Facebook live • Increase the page followers and engagement massively
  23. 23. Driving Business outcomes IBM generated over AU$20MM in lead revenue for its collaboration suite by creating high impact editorial content around the end of email
  24. 24. Infrastructure
  25. 25. Operating System – 4D Content Typology Open-Source Partners Technology The building blocks to operate at Pulse level Talent and Team Structure Approach to Planning
  26. 26. Talent Gaps and Resources management Gaps Listening Data analyst, Community Manager Planning / Selling Strategist, Planners. E Commerce experts, PR experts Creation Creative, Conceptor, UX experience Production Design, copywriter, photograph, videographer, social channel experts, Illustration, Producer Event specialist, PR, programmer Distribution Media planner & buyer, IRM expert, PR Reporting Data analyst, Community Manager Project Management, Traffic Project Management, Traffic Customer Engagement Community management Social Channels Digital channels: website, ecommerce platform, 3r party, Influencers profiles Media Live events WHAT WHO WHERE Planned Unplanned WHEN THINKCREATEREALIZE HOW Tools: Social listening tool, 3rd party data, Media optimization, IM, Workflow.
  27. 27. The 4D FRAMEWORK is based on Service Design principals and is about delivering clarity and efficiency. It takes an customer-centric (out-side-in) approach to enabling experiences which lead to active participation, transaction and advocacy. DEFINE CONTENT & COMMERCE PLAN DESIGN EXPERIENCE DEVELOP ASSETS DRIVE ENGAGEMENT A/B A multi Speed Approach
  28. 28. THE NEW EVOLVED OPERATING MODEL 1. Not just for social media content It’s applicable to all content typologies 2. Clearer content definitions & priorities Across Platform, Program and Pulse 3. Multi-speed Fewer touch points, greater speed-to-market 4. Adaptable & Flexible It can evolve with consumer needs and brand challenges 5. Future-proofed Enables greater automation over time 6. Higher emphasis on production
  29. 29. Consumer Journey Better Insights Micro-moment identification More Holistic View More data sources, such as commerce habits, to build a fuller segment/ consumer view of their signals. REACTIVE PRO ACTIVE Content Planning Content Planning that recognizes both proactive and reactive opportunities to engage at moments that matter. Diversified Content Typology Content Planning will need to be reflected in an expanded typology - Proactive and reactive content Engage at more critical moments
  31. 31. COMMITMENT TO AN OPEN- SOURCE APPROACH TO CONTENT CREATION AND DEVELOPMENT Publishing PartnersSocial Media Channels/ Commerce Platforms Additional WPP Specialist Partners Smart Ideas Flow and Agile Production
  32. 32. FROM Ad hoc campaigns Slow, silo-ed process Disparate customer experience Customer as single data point Disconnected social and digital activity Passively learning about consumers Advertising and comms only Enabling Always-on programs Instant, agile, and collaborative process Singular focus on consumers and seamlesscustomer experience Customer as a connected entity Digital experiences in environments where consumers are actively testing with consumers Whole digital & commerce A FULLY INTEGRATED & AUTOMATED PLATFORMA COLLECTION OF TOOLS TO The right tools to be in the action
  33. 33. AI in social listening AI for data processing AI in content creation AI for optimisation of content AI for Customer service using chatbots AI in influencer marketing Embracing AI
  34. 34. Mindset
  35. 35. How to deal with constant change while staying true to some fundamentals?
  37. 37. X
  38. 38. In Summary • Time horizons: Pulse is a multifaceted fast pace zone • Unpacking Pulse: cultural, commercial and crisis moments • Proactive and Reactive: responses for different scenarios • Impact: it is not because it is ‘quick’ that is not important • Infrastructure: constantly refreshing • Mindset: no box and comprise on creativity
  39. 39. Questions? José.Arteaga@Ogilvy.com Andréanne.Leclerc@Ogilvy.com
  40. 40. Thank you.