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What's Next: Top 10 Trends Impacting Healthcare in 2019

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Have you ever wondered how new technologies are impacting healthcare globally - and how the delivery of care will shift as they get deployed? From AI, to blockchain to wearables, our health is increasingly relying on these technologies, as are the healthcare systems that look after people.

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What's Next: Top 10 Trends Impacting Healthcare in 2019

  1. 1. Powered by What’s Next: Technology that will impact healthcare in 2019
  2. 2. Welcome Ritesh Patel Chief Digital Officer, Health & Wellness Ogilvy Consulting Dayoán Daumont Consulting Partner Ogilvy Consulting
  3. 3. Tell us where you are dialing in from! What’s the weather like in your city?
  4. 4. Do you want this deck? It will be available for download shortly after the webinar on: slideshare.net/socialogilvy And the recording up on facebook.com/OgilvyConsulting
  5. 5. Pace of change
  6. 6. Here are a few things that will impact healthcare in 2019 • Internet of Health Things • Remote Patient Monitoring • BOTS • AI • Blockchain • AR/VR • Cloud • 5G 7/2/19 6
  7. 7. IoHT Beginning to Mature 7/2/19 7
  8. 8. Apple 7/2/19 8
  9. 9. PATCHES & SENSORS 9 The always on SANO patch MC10 offers the Biostamp wearable sensor for clinical studies
  10. 10. Wearables
  11. 11. Wearables
  12. 12. Ultrasound Ogilvy Consulting
  13. 13. Virtual trials The virtual, observational study enrolled more than 400,000 participants over the age of 22 from all 50 states. The study was oversubscribed in a span of only eight months.
  14. 14. Remote Patient Monitoring and Telehealth will enable a shift in delivery of care 7/2/19 Company Confidential ©2018 Eli Lilly and Compan 14
  15. 15. AT HOME 15
  16. 16. AT THE PHARMACY 16
  17. 17. AS YOUR NURSE 17
  18. 18. Babylon Ogilvy Consulting
  19. 19. Rich Patient Profile Deep Understanding of Patient Accurate data and Personalized Structured Q&A Good UX High-Integrity Data Self-Determination Theory Empathy Motivation Clinical Focus Best-in-class guidelines Patients like “me” Bots use Cases
  20. 20. USE CASE #1: TELEMEDICINE Bots and Virtual Triage
  21. 21. To manage your health Ogilvy Consulting
  22. 22. As your Psychiatrist 22
  23. 23. As your personal health coach
  24. 24. 96% of Patients say that Health Chats helps with their care …
  25. 25. AI will find use cases outside of imaging and chat - impacting R&D 7/2/19 Company Confidential ©2018 Eli Lilly and Company 25
  26. 26. A proprietary design process combining artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud computing to search the virtual molecular space and design novel drugs. Atomwise is the creator of AtomNet, the first Deep Learning technology for novel small molecule discovery, characterized by its unprecedented speed, accuracy, and diversity. AI and Clinical
  27. 27. AI and IMAGING • This is what breast cancer looks like to AI • It has been color-coded to make it easier for a self-teaching neural network to identify breast cancer. • Zebra Medical claims to have been able to detect cancerous cells with 91 per cent accuracy. • This is an improvement on the typical radiologists' rate of 88 per cent, with fewer false positives. 27
  28. 28. Blockchain will finally see the light of day 7/2/19 Company Confidential ©2018 Eli Lilly and Company 28
  29. 29. HEALTHCARE MintHealth leverages blockchain technology to empower patients with a self-sovereign health identity – a global, holistic record of their medical data Curisium delivers scalable end-to-end solutions for innovative contracting using Blockchain
  30. 30. AR VR will become a standard 7/2/19 Company Confidential ©2018 Eli Lilly and Company 30
  31. 31. POINTOFCARE Ogilvy Consulting
  32. 32. Cloud enabling transformation 7/2/19 32
  33. 33. 5G will enable connectivity and bandwidth for truly mobile provision of care 7/2/19 Company Confidential ©2018 Eli Lilly and Company 33
  34. 34. Ogilvy Consulting THANK YOU.