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What's Next: What's Next: Healthcare Marketing Cloud ft. Tripl

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We are living in the age of data and the promise for marketers is the ability to harness this potential to become smarter about our customers. The opportunity is also the challenge, with so much data, how can we decipher what is useful and valuable to our customers?
GDPR and HIPPA have redefined the approach Healthcare companies use to manage data for marketing, in this webinar learn how Ogilvy has created a proprietary data set dubbed Tripl that, combined with our data consultancy, enables the use of data to intelligently market to HCP’s.

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What's Next: What's Next: Healthcare Marketing Cloud ft. Tripl

  1. 1. Powered by What’s Next: Puts your data to work 1 A data service developed by the experts at Ogilvy Health. 2/14/2019
  2. 2. Angelo Campano Chris Andrews WELCOME Vice President Point of Care Practice Ogilvy Health Chief Technology Officer Ogilvy Health Ritesh Patel Vice President, Chief Digital Officer Ogilvy
  3. 3. Do you want this deck? It will be available for download shortly after the webinar on: slideshare.net/socialogilvy The recording will be available on: facebook.com/OgilvyConsulting
  4. 4. Happy Valentines Day!
  5. 5. 1. Background and History How an idea about Jet Blue founded a vision 2. The Why Data-driven marketing 3. Tripl: An overview • Technical Aspects • Use cases In 40 minutes or less AGENDA
  6. 6. The Vision 6 of building, heavy lifting, relationship building, and ambition 8YEARSOVER
  7. 7. The Vision 7 CONFERENCE Who is going to the conference that we want to visit us? What flight are they on? What seat are they in?
  8. 8. 8 ONE LAST REMINDER: Where to find us
  9. 9. The art and science of data strategy 9 Our blended profile includes multiple data sets and can articulate multiple planes of perspective Our team applies their dedicated healthcare experience and ability to extract the most relevant and impactful data points for our clients to apply to their brands and projects Behaviors and Habits Demos and Affiliations Medical Information Channel Preferences
  10. 10. is the healthcare data solution of Ogilvy Health Let us help put data to work for you
  11. 11. Healthcare Data-Driven Marketing 11 The Why: Genomic Data Custom Tools Scientific Wellness Genomic data will be informing the HCP and the patient decisions from pregnancy planning to end of life care. The ubiquity of genomic data will likely help HCPs move from making therapeutic regimen decisions customized to an individual based of their genetic make up. Similarly, this data will also inform preventative care based off risk factors for diseases like Alzheimers or breast cancer As patients continue to interact with the healthcare system though digital channels, we expect there to be a variety of tools which incorporate a patients history and customize regimens or activieies to match that of patients risk profile and lifestyle The combination of personalized tools, genomic testing and actvitiy tracting will help us make more informed decisions about wellness (both HCP and Patients). Combinging these data sources produce a holistic digital view of the patient. This will help HCPs intervene at the right moment and with more effectiveness
  12. 12. 12 Why Tripl: Technology • 3 Secure Platforms • Transfer Data to Manufacturers • Machine Learning ‘Starter’ Data • 8.1 Million Clinicians • 4,000 Hospitals • 450,000 HCOs • 5,000 Different Data Attributes • 500 Different Data Partners ACCESS TO: People • Data Scientists • HIT Experts • Coding Specialists TEAM OF:
  13. 13. What Makes Up Tripl: People: • Healthcare experts • 40+ years of experience • Dedicated teams across disciplines • Network of agencies and resources Technology: • Healthcare compliant datacenters • Scalable and secure infrastructure • Big data analytical solutions • Cutting edge marketing technology stack • Real-time insights and reporting tools Data: • Demographics and affiliations • Practice patterns: Medical claims on 175m patients • Clinical trials and publications • Peer network and referral patterns • Spend and sanctions data • Channel behavior and social data • Consumer Information (about the professional)
  14. 14. HOW IT WORKS
  16. 16. Our Roadmap 16 How we process the need Data Source (i.e. Rx Data by NPI Number) Appropriate Data Transfer (i.e. AWS, WDM) Craft the Program (i.e. CRM, EHR, enhance a MCM program) These are the vendors/partners we work with (we pay them) This is our team and a combination of partners This is our team doing the work to hit the objective we need to hit
  17. 17. Our Roadmap 17 How we process the need 1. Understand the need (Discovery) 2. Create the strategy 3. Find the right combination of data partners to provide the specifics of the strategy 4. Hire the appropriate data partners 5. Work to get the data to the appropriate party (i.e. client, vendor) in a secure way 6. Create business rules with the data for the need 7. Execute Program Data Source (i.e. Rx Data by NPI Number) Appropriate Data Transfer (i.e. AWS, WDM) Craft the Program (i.e. CRM, EHR, enhance a MCM program)
  18. 18. Core 4 Applications 18 Organize Design Gain insights into motivations, behaviors and actions of HCPs. Ability to answer business challenges and profile physicians based on key characteristics. Enhance traditional segmentation efforts on an individual basis. Use data to segment HCPs based on actions and behaviors How do I identify my target? How do I identify physicians that are treating patients with Lupus? How can I use data to understand insight and trends leading up to a patient being diagnosed? Measure Aggregate key metrics to understand a change in behavior ü Real time access to centralized performance data by channel, campaign, and by audience, to fuel insights ü Central evaluation of KPIs to confirm and/or refine measurement plan Reach Reach the physician at the right place with the right message. Ability to push segments to various channels. MORE
  19. 19. 19 Simply put: In a way that you will reach: The data you need The way you need it When you need it activated on The right person At the right time With the right channel In the right way This will get you:
  21. 21. Using social data to drive in office communication
  22. 22. Social Data to EHR Mechanics 22 Social Platform sends consumer’s phone number to EHR Provider EMR matches phone numbers with system to identify consumer’s HCP Trigger created in EMR to send email to the consumer’s HCP1 2 3Social Platform sends a data file containing phone number to central database to have NPI number of physician appended to phone number data file > Central Database sends data file via FTP site and/or API to participating EHR Platforms EHR then matches NPI number to roster of active EHR users that had been active over 3 months (with in their EHR) AND checked against the AMA/Opt Out Database to ensure Physician can receive information Email is sent to physician/EHR user based on directed business rules (governing the email).* Email comes from the EHR company (both in the address and as the sponsor of the email) *Note: Email could be sent only on specific interaction that could happen in the EHR post the phone number/NPI number being received by the EHR platform.
  23. 23. Data facilitation for real-time communications
  24. 24. Client’s EHR 24 Data Transfers Program NPI Level Results (Charges Fee for NPI Data) NPI Level Results Partial NPI Level Results (Charges Fee for NPI Data) Facilitation of Program Results Secure Centralized Database Marketing Data Program Results Data Feed Data Notification Notification of scrubbed target list to Wunderman Program Data Target Files Target Files Program Validation Models Data Notification Program Analytics Program Design, Management and Notifications Includes Opt-outs, DNC, and refreshed target files) Direct Data Feed Notification or Secure Logon Required Process CLIENT
  25. 25. Physician personas to represent the pharma industry Known as Key Opinion Leaders
  26. 26. Dermatology Brand 26 “Payor” KOL (Traditional)
  27. 27. Physician Profile* Primary Care Brand │ “Payor” KOL (Non-Traditional) Dr. Heather Walters KOL hwalters@nyp.com Age 38 Gender Female Profession Oncologist Location Nashville, TN Additional Information • Uses Epic Software • Does not open email • $725K household income • Travel enthusiast • Drive a 2014 Honda Odyssey • Reads People magazine • Watches ABC Family • High Rx of Breast Cancer Products *Illustrative example
  28. 28. Do you want this deck? It will be available for download shortly after the webinar on: slideshare.net/socialogilvy The recording will be available on: facebook.com/OgilvyConsulting
  29. 29. 29 QUESTIONS?
  30. 30. 30