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CMP Conclave - Where Meetings and Events are Going - Dan Berger

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CMP Conclave - Where Meetings and Events are Going - Dan Berger

  1. 1. 11/17/18 Where Meetings & Events Are Going: Using Trends to Predict the Future of Our Industry Dan Berger CEO, Social Tables
  2. 2. @danberger | #CMPConclave2018 Audience-Presenter Agreement ● ⏳ Leave at any time. ● 👋 I’m @danberger, you are #CMPConclave2018. ● 📷 Steal everything. ● 🙋🏻 Participation encouraged at all times.
  3. 3. @danberger @socialtables | #WEC18 I’m a planner. I’m a supplier. I’m a believer. I’m a participant.
  4. 4. We are connecting the hospitality industry through group management solutions that create successful face-to-face events.
  5. 5. @danberger | #CMPConclave2018 ● Founded in Washington, D.C. in 2011 ● Raised $22.6mm from top-tier venture capital firms ● Acquired by Cvent in October 2018 ● 110 employees ● 60+ awards and recognitions ● 5,000+ customers ● 250,000 planners About Social Tables
  6. 6. 6 Social Tables Supplier by the Numbers 4 billion Square Feet 4 million Events Planned 250k Bookable Spaces 13,000 Unique Properties
  7. 7. A sales, marketing, and operations platform for GM&E. We streamline operations and increase revenues. Diagramming Sales & Catering Seating 1 2 3
  8. 8. @danberger | #CMPConclave2018 Learning Objectives 1. Identify three GM&E macro trends. 2. Understand the data behind what is driving these trends. 3. Understand the implications of these trends on industry stakeholders.
  9. 9. OBSERVATION 1: The value of face-to-face is growing We spend more time digitally; hotels are making more money from group
  10. 10. @danberger | #CMPConclave2018 The face-to-face time we have has been decreasing YoY
  11. 11. So, meetings and events should also be declining, right? Not so fast!
  12. 12. @danberger | #CMPConclave2018 Group spend at hotels has increased
  13. 13. @danberger | #CMPConclave2018 What does this mean for hotel owners? ● They will need to better understand our industry. ● They will invest more in their GM&E products. ● They will rely on a higher group mix to drive profits. ● They will raise the floor on group demand to maximize compression.
  14. 14. OBSERVATION 2: GM&E demand is growing New type of events, more events, more participants, and bigger budgets
  15. 15. @danberger | #CMPConclave2018 The number of community events has grown exponentially Total Meetup Group joins per week
  16. 16. •Weddings •Mitzvahs •Reunions •Birthdays •Meetups •Affinity Groups •Sports •Military •Education •Religious •Fraternal •Meetings •Incentives •Corporate •Exhibits MICE SMERF SocialCommunity
  17. 17. @danberger | #CMPConclave2018 What does this mean for participants? ● They will have more choices in the market. ● They will be able to attend more events as prices go down.
  18. 18. @danberger | #CMPConclave2018 Planners report increasing attendance and budgets YoY PercentChange
  19. 19. @danberger | #CMPConclave2018 Both the number of meetings and the number of participants have increased YoY
  20. 20. @danberger | #CMPConclave2018 Meeting budgets have increased YoY
  21. 21. @danberger | #CMPConclave2018 What does this mean for planners? ● Their events will face more competitive threats. ● They face higher participant expectations. ● They face higher client expectations. ● Their job complexity continues to increase.
  22. 22. OBSERVATION 3: GM&E supply is growing More sleeping rooms, new lodging options, and alternative venues
  23. 23. @danberger | #CMPConclave2018 Hotel sleeping room supply continues to increase
  24. 24. @danberger | #CMPConclave2018 Homesharing has added net new room inventory
  25. 25. @danberger | #CMPConclave2018 What does this mean for CVBs? ● CVBs will communicate destination benefits in terms of total sleeping rooms (hotel + homesharing). ● CVBs will have sales targets that include both. ● CVBs will be funded by homesharing via taxes similar to those of hotels.
  26. 26. @danberger | #CMPConclave2018 Alternative venues have entered the supply market, presenting new options for meetings/events ANYWHERE
  27. 27. @danberger | #CMPConclave2018 What does this mean for hotels? ● They will need to consider group when evaluating distribution strategies. ● They now compete with virtually any place that can hold an event.
  28. 28. @danberger | #CMPConclave2018 What does this mean for planners? ● They will have more venue options for their events. ● Their job doing sourcing will be even more complicated.
  29. 29. More meetings & events, taking place in new venues, that have bigger budgets and more participants who have more lodging options.
  30. 30. ● Free diagramming for planners ● Free floor plan search engine at search.socialtables.com ● Free meeting planning app on the App Store Free tools for planners
  31. 31. Dan Berger dan@socialtables.com

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  • 4bn square ft 13k uniques
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