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Google, the customer journey: WTM Travel Perspective 2013


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Google, the customer journey: WTM Travel Perspective 2013

  1. 1. The Online Customer Journey for Travel
  2. 2. Customer journeys are more complicated than ever… DAY 70 DAY 1
  3. 3. Online as a touchpoint for offline customers Source: Gfk Consumer Scope October 2012
  4. 4. 43% of Travel Planners were cross-screening in 2012 Source: The New Multi-screen World: Understanding Cross-Platform Consumer Behaviour, Google/Ipsos, Sept 2012
  5. 5. 1 Inspire and inform consumers  to  ensure  your  brand  makes   it  into  the  ini2al  considera2on  set  
  6. 6. Reaching and inspiring through media OTHER   63%  of  internet  users  in  the  UK   have  increased  the  amount  of  3me   Media  Time   spent  per  day   TV   O   RADI they  spend  online  compared  to  the   23%  increasing  the  amount  of  2me   spent  watching  TV       24%   INTERNET   1  in  2   UK  smartphone  users  use  their   device  while  watching  TV       Source:  Edelman  as  cited  by  eMarketer,  May  2011    
  7. 7. The internet is the leading source for travel planning info Internet   Peers   85%   60%   Brochures   Magazines   32%   24%   TV   22%   Travel     News   Radio   Agents   papers   18%   12%   7%   % of travellers who use this source for planning travel Source: UKOM Netview Jan-March 2012
  8. 8. Search is the gateway – can you be found? 19%*
  9. 9. Search continues to evolve: Better results for the user Remarketing for search
  10. 10. Improving the journey for flights and hotels
  11. 11. Through the gateway to content – 95% of a user’s time Contextual Targeting Interest & Audience Targeting    
  12. 12. Reach customers through new channels
  13. 13. Customers respond differently based on their holiday needs EMOTIONAL  BASIS   •  Escapism •  Status •  Excitement RATIONAL  BASIS   •  Kids activities •  Affordable •  Local amenities
  14. 14. 1 Maintain strong 2 position in consideration set as  brands  are  added  to  or  subtracted  from   the  mix  
  15. 15. 15.1 20.3 20.4 Source Nielsen/ Google Clickstream 2010 Base: Purchasers in the Travel market Note: Number of sites visited per person by purchase category UP TO the first purchase event 13.2 13.1 12.9 12.4 Low Cost Airline Hotel Airlines Vacation Rental 10.2 Flight Aggregator 8.5 8.4 Camping Multi-Category Ground Transport 9.9 10.4 Train Theme Park 10.4 Cruise 11.3 13.4 Ferry Purchasers Bus 13.9 14.7 OTA Multi-Category Travel 14.9 Airport Destination Tour Operator 19.9 Hotel Aggregator Car Hire Number of sites visited Sites Visited Up To First Purchase A Package Holiday purchase was preceded by 15.1 different site visits
  16. 16. Active evaluation: searching for you and competitors in the same session Source: Google Trends for Marketers
  17. 17. Multi-tabbing and verification – impartial reviews and rich content Is it what it says it is? Is this right for me? Am I getting the best value?
  18. 18. Verification through reviews, photos and video
  19. 19. How video can address those customer questions Organise playlists by: Region, destination, holiday type, holiday need, brand, property features, rep tips
  20. 20. The video channel as a destination
  21. 21. Continue the conversation
  22. 22. 1 Make your customers 2 want to complete the transaction either  online  or  offline   3
  23. 23. Make conversions easy... 0.3% to 1% of    visitors  to  tour  operators   online  transac2ons  convert     into  a  sale  in  that  session   Source:  CCB  2011  
  24. 24. Product and Pricing: Relevancy and urgency
  25. 25. A pure online journey is not even half the picture Source: Consumer Commerce Barometer
  26. 26. Mobile complicates this journey further ONLINE   Tablet  Conversion  rates  are   equal  to  or  higher  than   on  PC’s   39% of    UK  Smartphone   users  who  started  their   research  on  their   mobile  later  purchased   on  their  computer   Sources:  1)Shopatron Research, June 2010 2)  &  (3)Google  &  Ipsos  Media  CT,  “Mobile  Consumer  Evolu2on:  Understanding  Smartphone  Users”,  Aug,  2011
  27. 27. Mobile complicates this journey further ONLINE   OFFLINE   YOUR S 43% Sources:  1)Shopatron Research, June 2010 39% 26% 2)  &  (3)Google  &  Ipsos  Media  CT,  “Mobile  Consumer  Evolu2on:  Understanding  Smartphone  Users”,  Aug,  2011 8% 12% HOP 11%
  28. 28. 1 4 2 Continue to engage with  those  who  are  advocates  of  your  brand   3
  29. 29. Post-Booking & Experience phase 30 sec MAKE  IT  EASY:     FAQs,  Transfers,  Packing  3ps,  How-­‐to   PUMP  THEM  UP:  Ancilliaries,  Monthly   entertainment,  Local  informa3on  
  30. 30. On holiday and still connected IN-­‐FLIGHT/  ON-­‐PROPERTY  SERVICES   45%  of  smartphone  users    have   researched  further    informa2on  on   services  available  in-­‐flight  or  at  their   accommoda2on   CONTEXT/LOCATION-­‐AWARE    DESTINATION  INFO   81%  of  smartphone  users  have  looked   for  local  informa2on   CAPTURING  AND  SHARING  THE   EXPERIENCE   89%  of  social  media  users  share  status   updates  on  what  they  are  doing  and  seeing   whilst  on  holiday   86%  of  social  media  users  share  photo’s   whilst  on  holiday   Sources:  Google  &  Ipsos  Media  CT,  “Mobile  Consumer  Evolu2on:  Understanding  Smartphone  Users”,  Aug,  2011                                    TripAdvisor  survey  2012    
  31. 31. Continue to talk to those who have converted YOUR SITE Customer  Rela2onship  Management   beyond  Email   YOUR STORE YOUR REMARKETING ADS
  32. 32. Reach  your  consumer  at  every  stage  of   the  NEW CUSTOMER JOURNEY across  MULTIPLE DEVICES ensuring   that  they  have  a  one  single,  SEAMLESS EXPERIENCE across  online  and  offline   channels