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Social Media beyond Marketing

  1. Social Media Social Media ….Beyond Marketing ….Beyond Marketing Hareesh Tibrewala Hareesh Tibrewala
  2. Social Media Marketing is a misnomer It is actually about Marketing in a socially connected world Or better still How a should a business manifest in a socially connected world
  3. Or It is about Making Business Social And this the key issues businesses need to address
  4. Social Media is not just a Brand Manager level issue. It is actually a CMO issue, a CPRO issue, a CHRO issue, a CFO issue Social Media is a CXO issue
  5. Conversations are happening… within the organisation and outside the organisation Conversations result in communities Communities have more intelligence compared to individuals (or organisations) We need to learn the tap the collective intelligence of the internal communities
  6. Human beings thrive in chaos. And within chaos we create order Facebook is chaos. Group and pages within FB are order. Like minded people converge at these locations. And this results in Group Dynamics
  7. In the same fashion, organisations need to create internal social networks, resulting in Group Dynamics And Group Dynamics result in Collaboration Knowledge Sharing Bonding Brand Advocacy
  8. Ford Motors • Company used Yammer to drive their internal marketing campaign called “One Ford” • Through Yammer, the company developed a culture of sharing, central to the “One Ford” business plan • Employees realised that they were able to save time in getting answers to queries they faced • It streamlined internal networking significantly, increasing project efficiency and helping employees find faster resolutions to problems • This campaign would have taken 4 months to develop, but through Yammer, it completed in just 2 weeks.
  9. IndusInd Bank • Wanted to communicate HR message across 5000 employees at 50+ locations, and also measure effectiveness of communication / action • Helped evolve the message collaboratively by mythological case studies, using internal social network • Once messages were evolved, they ran a contest to encourage employees to absorb the messages. • Gratification was given to the winners - lunch with the MD • For the 1st time, HR team was able to bench mark the effort of communication & see it become actionable
  10. Retail conglomerate • Kinetic Glue helped the company to set up a social network for its marketing teams. • This network allowed teams to share learning and insights (new store launch, new product launch) , by choosing a format that works best for their busy and often unpredictable day. • It engages and motivates the sales staff • Sales staff now posts feedback via its mobile phones into a central group in the business social network. Not only is this real time, it is visible to all store personnel. • Typically high-attrition sales staff now feels much more engaged with the organization.
  11. Morgan Stanley Smith Barney • Gave Twitter and LinkedIn access to 600 of its 17000+ financial advisers • Created pre-approved content database using Socialware • Financial advisers can now use this content freely to engage with their customers • One of the financial advisers, Ms DeBellis assesses that $10mn in 18 months period
  12. AT&T Blog • Calm cool connected parent blog • Targeted for AT&T working parents • Identified issue of common interest • Created community and bonding around that
  13. Key Takeaways • It is about making business social • Social Media is a CXO issue • Tap the collective intelligence of internal communities • Group Dynamics result in knowledge sharing, bonding, collaboration, brand advocacy
  14. Questions? If you need a copy of this presentation, please leave your business card. We will email it to you. Hareesh Tibrewala Jt. CEO, Social Wavelength. Company blog: LinkedIn: