Linked Data Tutorial

Professor for Data Science & Digital Libraries à Leibniz Universität Hannover
26 Jan 2009

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Linked Data Tutorial

  1. From Document Web to a Web of Linked Data Dr. S ö ren Auer AKSW, Institut f ü r Informatik
  2. Web 1.0 Web 2.0 Web 3.0 Many Web sites containing unstructured, textual content Few large Web sites are specialized on specific content types Many Web sites containing & semantically syndicating arbitrarily structured content Pictures Video Encyclopedic articles + + Linked Data Tutorial
  3. The Long Tail of Information Domains Pictures News Video Recipes Calendar Currently supported structured content types SemWeb supported structured content Gene sequences Itinerary of King George Talent management Popularity Not or insufficiently supported content types The Long Tail by Chris Anderson ( Wired , Oct. ´ 04) adopted to information domains … … Requirements- Engineering … … Special interest communities Linked Data Tutorial
  4. Semantic Web Layer Cake Linked Data Tutorial
  5. Linking Open Data (LOD) Cloud Linked Data Tutorial
  6. Triplify Big Picture Linked Data Tutorial
  7. RDF Conversion Linked Data Tutorial sioc:has_creator dc:title “New DBpedia release” sioc:content “Today we released …” dcterms:modified “20081020T1635”^^xsd:dateTime dcterms:created “20081020T1635”^^xsd:dateTime tag:taggedWithTag “DBpedia” tag:taggedWithTag “Release” belongsToCategory 1 2 3 id post_author post_title post_content post_date post_modified 1 5 New DBpedia release Today we released … 200810201635 200810201635 id tag:taggedWithTag 1 DBpedia 1 Release .. id belogsToCategory 1 34 …
  8. RDB2RDF tool comparison Linked Data Tutorial More at: Tool Triplify R2DQ Virtuoso RDF Views Technology Scripting languages (PHP) Java Whole middleware solution SPARQL endpoint - X X Mapping language SQL RDF based RDF based Mapping generation Manual Semi-automatic Manual Scalability Medium-high (but no SPARQL) medium High
  9. DBpedia Components Wikipedia Dumps Article texts DB tables Infobox Articles Categories … DBpedia datasets SPARQL Endpoint Query Builder SNORQL Browser Traditional Web Browser Web 2.0 Mashups Virtuoso MySQL Extraction loaded into published via … Linked Data … Semantic Web Browsers OpenCyc Wordnet Freebase Geonames … … … interlinked with other open data Linked Data Tutorial
  10. User Interfaces Linked Data Tutorial
  11. Conceptual Differences: Views over Articles Wiki articles Linked Data Tutorial Resource views
  12. Conceptual Differences: Forms over Code Wiki code Linked Data Tutorial Forms
  13. Architecture Linked Data Tutorial
  14. SoftWiki* Linked Data Tutorial Problem: Requirements Engineering with large, spatially distributed stakeholder groups Solution: comprehensive ontology for representing RE relevant knowledge + adapted OntoWiki application Application of text-mining methods for duplicate detection * Work in BmbF funded project with UniDuE, T-Systems, QA-Systems, LeCoS, ProDV
  15. Linked Data Tutorial
  16. Linked Data Tutorial
  17. Linked Data Tutorial
  18. Linked Data Tutorial
  19. Faceted Linked-Geo-Data Browser Linked Data Tutorial