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Social forum june2014

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That is Not My Job
That is Not My Job
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Social forum june2014

  1. 1. Sophie who? HELLO! Let’s get in touch & tweet your questions 
  2. 2. Once upon a time Mobistar started a journey on social media…
  3. 3. This about how the “evil villain” tried to become the hero of the story…
  4. 4. 2010-2012: #TumbleweedTown
  5. 5. 2012: internal team, strategy & right place in the company
  6. 6. Why do brands still suck at social? 1. it’s about your customers, not the brand. Think from a different point of view 2. It doesn’t work like any other media.  Understand your tools 3. Brands do not have clear objectives.  Advertisement is not an objective 4. No business KPIs & superficial analytics  social should not be measured on its own
  7. 7. Social media results 2012 POSITIVE MENTIONS January November 32% 66% FB POST LIKES January November 837 5.206 FB FANS ENGAGEMENT January November 13.800 11.120 FB FOLLOWERS January November 39.458 2.474 +206% +620% +450% +285%
  8. 8. 2013: stability & team growth amidst storms
  9. 9. Where we are today FB community: 68K #spent per month: 3K Reach dropped dramatically Engagement NL 2%, FR 2,6% Roughly 20K mentions per month # cases solved by webcare per month: 2400 Visits to our blog: 35-60K per month Visits to our forum: 15k per month
  10. 10. Average sentiment in 2014 64% neutral 28% positive 8% negative
  11. 11. 2014: Omni-channel interactions & social media maturity through the company
  12. 12. Social Maturity? 1. Social media present in all lines of business 2. Everyone takes part: support & thought leadership 3. Power to the community : products, sales, support 4. Business KPIs
  13. 13. Our next steps and ambitions: B2B on Digital events B2B & B2C Corporate blog & socialisation of press conferences Content marketing
  14. 14. Our social beliefs • Not just advertising channels (sorry FB) • Social not on its own  part of whole digital ecosystem. It’s about business. • Do not hide, transparency is key • Storytelling to cut through the noise • Power to your community
  15. 15. Thank you

Notes de l'éditeur

  • Mobile operator are the new villains – everybody finds a reason to moan and see operators as bad guys
  • 1 facebook, 1 twitter. Only negative comments, a couple of promotional posts a month, webcare
    Internal question: where do social belong?
    But webcare was born
  • Social belongs to web
    Strategy, objectives & KPIs -- back to basics
    Editorial guidelines
    Team in place
  • Who here has asked what their customers want on social? Spend time researching how people actually use social networks. Your content is both fresh and curated (30% max of auto-promotion) Kawasaki even goes as far as 1 in 20 post
    It goes with point 1: do not push, pull, engage and build. If you don’t understand how each social platform works do not use them
    Awareness? Advertisement? Traffic? These are not real business objectives
    The great advantage of social? Do, measure and adapt. FB likes have no real value, chose the right KPIs
  • Big storms: iPhone launch, network problems, aggressive communication from competitors, price war, 11/09 outage

    Added a blog and forum + instagram
  • Reorganisation: one team for cold content & one team for interaction on social, web and shops towards omnichannel interactions
    How to transmit community message to everyone?
    Social Maturity: B2B, HR & TMs
    Rethink the way we communicate
  • marketing, sales, cust service, HR, corporate  social KPIs are business KPIs
    Employee involvement in creation and answsering + personal <t
    Peer 2 peer support & customer co-creation
    Social is part of the business KPIs

    Check out Altimer blogs and white papers on the subject
  • Social media not an end in itself
  • Tips & tricks for you