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Social business - innovation, organization and leadership

Social Media and a more open and transparent world challenge us to rethink the way we do business, the way we organize and the way we lead.

Globalization, Tranparency, Social Media, Collaborative software - all part of a social revolution that forces companies to engage in Social Business Innovation and Open Business Leadership.

What can we learn from LEGO, Google, Starbucks, Proctor & Gamble and Nike?

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Social business - innovation, organization and leadership

  2. http://tcktcktck.org/stories/campaign-stories/wake-call-pictures
  3. The Financial Crisis is more a trust crisis. http://www.miskalex.org/LJstuff/Jump%20You%20Fuckers.PNG
  4. How to build trust again?
  5. http://www.seiu.org/
  6. Urbanisation changes the way we live http://knowledge.allianz.com/nopi_downloads/images/1_Tokyo_quer_miki.jpg
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  8. How will it effect consumer needs and culture?
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  10. Globalisation shows it new faces!
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  14. Womenomics
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  16. How will free and independent women change workspaces, products and cultures
  17. http://www.apple.com/
  18. Radical innovations are changing markets...
  19. Nobody knew theese guys back in 1998
  20. What business are you in?
  21. One more time...
  22. What business are you in?
  23. Too much of our management thinking is still rooted in the industrial revolution http://www.autolife.umd.umich.edu/Design/Gartman/D_Casestudy/Henry_Ford.htm
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  25. We need to learn to let go...
  26. "The loss of control you fear is already in the past." Clay Shirky
  27. http://www4.army.mil/OCPA/uploads/large/scorecard.jpg
  28. Why do we keep educating our leaders in an old paradigm?
  29. "We don't grow into creativity - we grow out of it - or rather we get educated out of it" Sir Ken Robinson
  30. We need to learn to listen...
  31. We need more CLO’s... http://www.flickr.com/photos/amphalon/2244136934/
  32. Chief Listening Officers
  33. It’s more than 20 years since we tore down the Berlin wall http://www.yaf.org/uploadedImages/Blogs/berlinwall1.jpg
  34. Yet as companies we still need to break down internal Berlin walls...
  35. Leadership HR Communication Social Business Marketing Production Innovation R&D Sales Customer Service
  36. Innovation can come from anywhere in your organisation
  37. We need to rethink organizations for a more open, transparent and competitive world
  38. We need to invite customers inside into our companies http://blog.zyb.com/
  39. Starbucks has recieved more than 80.000 ideas for business innovation from customers MyStarbucksIdea.com 2010 http://www.flickr.com/photos/rudelovers/65007512/
  40. More than 35% of P&G’s new products come from customer and partnernet works Source: Former CEO A.G Lafley, HBS http://www.noscruf.org/AG%20speech.jpg
  41. Social Software opens up for mass involvement of employees, customers and partners...
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  43. And Social Media changes the game in marketing and communication...
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  45. Mass customizations, co- creation and co-branding takes on new forms….
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  50. People long for personal experience and authenticity...
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  53. ...and for Leadership!
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  55. LeaderLab / Sofus Midtgaard, Managing Partner +45 30 220 111 sofus@leaderlab.com @sofus www.leaderlab.com / Rethinking business, organization & leadership