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Presentation technical deep dive of horizon 6 and mirage 5

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Presentation technical deep dive of horizon 6 and mirage 5

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Presentation technical deep dive of horizon 6 and mirage 5

  1. 1. © 2014 VMware Inc. All rights reserved. Technical Deep Dive of Horizon 6 and Mirage 5 Jim Yanik End User ComputingArchitect StephaneAsselin End User ComputingArchitect
  2. 2. Download this slide http://ouo.io/zkbsjp
  3. 3. Agenda Mobile Computing Trends Solution Overview Unified Workspace ManagementCostNext Steps
  4. 4. Mobile Computing Trends Sources: IDC 2012, Morgan Stanley 2011, Gartner 2012, Forrester 2012, Pew 2011 300B 80% app downloads by 2016 of LOB apps are SaaS 52% >30% of the worldwide workforce is mobile of companies support mobile/remote employees Applications Access 66% use 2+ devices for work will be BYO by 2016 2014 /Y Android shipments will outstrip iOS steady PC shipment forecasts Devices
  5. 5. Managing These Needs with Traditional Tools Is Challenging Unified Workspace Management Cost • Unified Workspace – Single user interface to access desktops and applications. • Management – Win 7 migration, managing multiple devices per user, recovery of lost of damaged end user device • Cost – Maintaining backup PCs, maintaining multiple devices and OS configurations, supporting remote users and remote access.
  6. 6. Overview
  7. 7. Software-Defined Data Center Management & Automation VMware is Enabling the Mobile Cloud Era: From Data Center to Devices End-User Computing Desktop Mobile Social Hybrid Cloud Computing Virtualized Infrastructure
  8. 8. Anytime, Anywhere Access Through a Unified Workspace One login | One experience | Any device
  9. 9. Health Check Health Risk Efficiency Dashboard Image Management UNIFIED WORKSPACE MANAGEMENT COST Personalization Apps 1 Apps 2 OS Virtual Desktops & Apps RemotedAnywhere ImageSynced to Laptop ManagedContainer on Personal Laptop Off-Premise On-Premise Secure Delivery of Desktops and Applications from a Single Platform Analytics
  10. 10. Horizon 6 Architecture NEW - Support for Windows Server 2012 R2 for infrastructure servers.
  11. 11. Integrated Delivery of Remote Desktop Services(RDS) Hosted Desktops and Applications APP APP Overview  Integrated delivery of applications and full desktops running on Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Services hosts.  Seamless access to Windows applications from Windows and Mac  Full screen access to Windows Apps from iOS and Android  Utilize the standard Horizon Clients (Win, Mac, IOS & Android) with PCoIP™ Benefits  Low TCO with a classic Terminal Services model  Lower cost with favorable licensing from Microsoft.  Flexible cross-platform user experience with Horizon Clients, PCoIP™ and Horizon Application Portal.
  12. 12. Seamless RDS Hosted Apps Overview  Remote apps with local experience  Seamless look, feel and interaction for the user  Integration with native local client device OS  Dock / Task Bar  Shortcuts / App Launchers  Copy Paste  Start Menu shortcuts Benefits  Centralized application deployment and management  Seamless local feeling user experience  Reduced client end point management
  13. 13. Hosted Apps in Workspace • Entitle users and groups throughAD • Launch View HostedApps from VMware Workspace • Available across web, iOS andAndroid • Single Sign On using HorizonAuth • Support for View 6.0 and above • Requires Horizon Client RDS Farms Connection Broker VMware Workspace Horizon Client
  14. 14. Hosted Apps & Desktops with View Full Virtual Desktops RDSH Desktops RDSH Applications
  15. 15. Cloud Pod Architecture Efficiently Manage Desktop DeploymentsAcross Datacenters Overview • Enable View deployments across multiple datacenters • New data layer replicated across all Horizon connection servers • Support single namespace for end users with a global URL • Global Entitlement layer to assign and manage desktops and users Benefits • Scale Horizon deployments to multiple datacenters & > 10,000 sessions • Support Active/Active and DR use case of Horizon deployments • Support geo-roaming usersFederated View Pods Pod 1 VCS 1 Global LDAP Replication VCS 2 VCS 3 LDAP Replication Pod 2 VCS 4 LDAP Replication Inter-pod comm.
  16. 16. Brokering with Cloud Pod Architecture CONFIDENTIAL LDAP Replication Inter-Pod Comm. 3 LDAP Replication 2 Global LDAP Replication (Global Data Layer) London New York LDN-Pod NYC-Pod Pod Federation 1 4 5
  17. 17. Cloud Pod Architecture – Under the Hood • Initial CS to which client connects does all communication “on behalf” of the Client • Works with Desktop entitlements – not Application entitlements • Works with 2.x Horizon clients and newer • One CS per pod will do inter-pod communications via VIPAon port 8472 • Global Data Layer is stored in a new ADLDS instance on port 22389 CONFIDENTIAL
  18. 18. Unified Workspace CONFIDENTIAL SaaSApps HostedApps Citrix XenApp Local apps ThinApps One logon | One experience | Any device
  19. 19. XenApp in Workspace • Entitle users and groups based on XenApp farm entitlements • Launch XenApps from VMware Workspace • Available across web, iOS andAndroid • Single Sign On using HorizonAuth • Support for XenApp 5.0 and above • Requires Citrix Receiver to be installed on client Citrix XenApp Farms ) Integration Broker VMware Workspace Citrix Receiver
  20. 20. ThinApps in Workspace Robust delivery of ThinApps to all Windows™ devices • HTTP delivery to non-domain member endpoints (Windows) – Not HTTP streaming – Anywhere access • Windows DFS support for app distribution • ThinApp 5.0 packages with 32-bit/64-bit apps CONFIDENTIAL
  21. 21. Health Check Health Risk Efficiency Dashboard Image Management UNIFIED WORKSPACE MANAGEMENT COST Personalization Apps 1 Apps 2 OS Virtual Desktops & Apps RemotedAnywhere ImageSynced to Laptop ManagedContainer on Personal Laptop Off-Premise On-Premise Closed-Loop Management and Great User Experience Analytics
  22. 22. BYOPhysical Machine Vendor B Physical Machine Vendor A Virtual Machine Personalization OS Patch 0167-23 OS Simple Image Management Across Physical, Virtual and BYO PCs with VMware Mirage Personalization Patch 0167-23 Patch 0167-23 Patch 0167-23Patch 0167-23 Patch 0167-23
  23. 23. Architecture Reduces support costs & extends existing investments Maximize user uptime and enable BYOPC—OS X, Windows, or Linux Improves productivity online & offline while leveraging native PC performance
  24. 24. Core Image Mirage™ Server Manage Centrally while Executing Locally Centralized Virtual Desktops Network Optimized Synchronization & Streaming Desktops/Laptops with Mirage Client Local Copies Architecture
  25. 25. Layered Image Management for View Desktops and Applications Overview  Layered image management for OS and applications  Synchronize images across physical and virtual desktops  Leverage local server storage for VDI and protect desktop images using central image services  Minimal performance impact of centralized image management in virtual desktop environments Benefits  Lower cost by using a single tool to manage desktop images  Improve availability
  26. 26. Mirage splits each endpoint up into logical layers – All layers are stored in the data center – Mirage can perform granular operations on any Mirage- managed endpoint. – Blue Layers always continuously backed up from endpoints – Red Layers managed by IT • OS, infrastructure SW, core apps, departmental apps Dynamic Layering User Personalization Layer (user data & profiles) User App Layer (user installed apps and drivers) Machine Identity Layer (identity, customizations) App Layer(s) Base Layer (OS, infra SW, core apps) Driver Library End User PC or VM
  27. 27. Distributed Environments Windows 7 Reference Machine Reference CVD Core Image CVD2 CVD1 Core Image is captured from the Reference CVD Endpoints leverage Reflector to load new Core Image. Mirage™ Server CVD3 Branch Reflector The Core Image is downloaded to one or more Branch Reflectors
  28. 28. Windows 8.1 Support Migrate from Windows 7 to Windows 8.1 Overview  Full support for Windows 7 OS endpoint migration to Windows 8.1  Revert to Windows 7 snapshot in case of inadequate migration Benefits  Minimized end-user downtime  Built-in safety net with revert to snapshot option  Migrate dozens to hundreds of devices per day to Windows 8.1
  29. 29. Windows 8.1 Support Manage Windows 8.1 images using base and app layers Overview  Apply base and application layers to Windows 8.1 endpoints   Provision new Windows 8.1 devices with standard corporate image Distribute applications and patches across LAN/WAN Benefits  Minimized disruption for end-users when patches and applications are installed and updated  Flexible layer options allow IT to easily manage Windows 8.1 devices  Fast provisioning and distribution across any type of network
  30. 30. Mirage Gateway Enhancements Help manage branch office and remote endpoints without VPN Overview  Secure gateway supports centralized management of remote endpoints without VPN  Supports 1000s of endpoints per gateway Benefits  Easy access for end-users who never or rarely connect to the corporate environment  Simplified endpoint management of distributed users across the WAN  Enterprise-grade scalability, manageability, and usability DMZ Mirage Gateway Centralized Virtual Desktops Storage Mirage Server(s)
  31. 31. Rapid Desktop Recovery Mirage Overview Benefits  Restore a Mirage image to a machine where Windows is not yet installed  Simple one step installation  Leverages Windows PE to bootstrap Mirage  Reduce downtime after device is lost or damaged  Improve user productivity  Lower cost of provisioning new devices
  32. 32. Overview  Deploy View desktops quickly  Access and manage desktops  Delegate desktop creation  Support for Persistent View desktops Improve Agility With Automated Provisioning of Desktops Benefits  Lower cost with Self-service View desktop creation  Improve productivity by empowering users with self- service UI  Accelerate View deployments with automated build  Track lifecycle from request to retirement
  33. 33. Closed Loop Management with vCenter Operations Manager Overview  Ensure health and performance of entire stack  Customizable alerting for proactive infrastructure management  Self learning analytics point to problems quickly.  New support for RDS Hosts, desktops, and applications Benefits  Lower mean time to resolution with quick, precise problem identification  Lower cost of operations by enhancing end user experience
  34. 34. Health Check Health Risk Efficiency Dashboard Image Management UNIFIED WORKSPACE MANAGEMENT COST Personalization Apps 1 Apps 2 OS Virtual Desktops & Apps RemotedAnywhere ImageSynced to Laptop ManagedContainer on Personal Laptop Off-Premise On-Premise Simplify Delivery of Desktop and Applications as a Cloud Service Analytics
  35. 35. Overview • SDDC Capabilities • Scale out architecture • Leverage local storage on ESXi hosts • Introduced in View 5.3.1 and vSphere 5.5 u1 Benefits • Fully integrated with vSphere • No single points of failure • Reduce CAPEX • Linear scaling of performance, capacity, and cost • Lower TCO Virtual SAN CONFIDENTIAL
  36. 36. Virtual SAN Datastore • Each host contributes both one SSD and up to 7 HDD to a disk group • HDD capacity on each host is aggregated into a single datastore • Virtual SAN objects contain multiple components, distributed across the cluster Virtual SAN – Architecture CONFIDENTIAL
  37. 37. 1. Virtual SAN Ready Node & Ready Block …with multiple options available at GA + 30 Preconfigured server ready to use Virtual SAN… 2. Build Your Own HBA/RAID Controller …using the Virtual SAN Compatibility Guide* Choose individual components … Any Server on vSphere Hardware Compatibility List SSD or PCIe SAS/NL-SAS/ SATA HDDs Note: Components for Virtual SAN must be chosen from Virtual SAN HCL, using any other components may work but will not be supported. CONFIDENTIAL Two Ways to Build a Virtual SAN Node
  38. 38. Virtual SAN Configuration Maximums * Based on 32 host cluster ** Single datastore limit with HA (not VSAN limitation) Configuration Maximum Notes VSAN hosts per cluster 32 Minimum of 3 (16 recommended for Horizon) VMs per cluster 3200* 100 per host VMs per cluster with HA 2048** 64 per host VSAN Disk groups 5 Flash/SSD per disk group 1 HDD per disk group 7 VSAN Datastores per cluster 1 VSAN Components (per host) 3000
  39. 39. Hybrid Delivery Model DesktopsAppsDesktopsApps Horizon 6 On-Premise Horizon DaaS vs. VMware Cloud Private Cloud Partner Cloud
  40. 40. Desktop as a Service(DaaS) Benefits Low Cost Full Windows Client Desktops (VDI) for lower price than Server/RDSH DaaS Security Secure Network Separation (Multi-tenancy) Hybrid Same client/end user experience – same IT experience coming soon Workspace Options All desktop : VDI (Windows & Linux), WinServer, RDSH, Apps Dedicated Hardware Know where your desktop is running (easier for legal compliance if necessary) Cloud Architecture • All open source – no MSFT license • Grid-based Architecture • Unified Platform Multi-tenancy Scalability Horizon DaaS Platform
  41. 41. Next Steps
  42. 42. Speeding Business Transformation Build Manage LearnPlan For more information on VMware Professional Services, visit vmware.com/consulting Accelerate Advisory Services Enterprise IT strategy consulting to accelerate IT and business transformation Technology Consulting Expert consultants and architects to design and deploy the optimum EUC solution for your enterprise Education & Certification Building confidence and competence through formal training and certification programs Technical Account Manager Onsite advocates and VMware experts to help maximize your return and optimize your solution Helping you design, deploy, and implement end user computing solutions at scale  Improve time  to production Accelerate business  Build self-sufficiency  breakthroughs Reduce costs & maximize return With unrivaled skills and expertise VMware’s advisors, consultants and architects can help you:
  43. 43. Additional Resources • Hands on Lab for Horizon 6 – http://labs.hol.vmware.com/ (Lab# MBL1451, MBL-1301, MBL-1304, MBL1311) • Why choose View – http://www.whychooseview.com/index.html • Horizon View – http://www.vmware.com/products/horizon-view/ • Horizon DaaS – http://www.vmware.com/products/daas/ • Horizon Workspace – http://www.vmware.com/products/horizon-workspace/ • Socialcast – http://www.vmware.com/products/socialcast/
  44. 44. Additional Resources • Hands on Lab Mirage instance – http://labs.hol.vmware.com/ • http://whychoosemirage.com • http://www.vmware.com/products/horizon-mirage/ – NICE Systems Case Study • http://www.vmware.com/files/pdf/customers/VMware-Nice-13Q4-EN-Case-Study.pdf – Metal One Case Study • http://www.vmware.com/files/pdf/mirage/VMware-Horizon-Mirage-MetalOne-Case-Study.pdf – ADAC Case Study • http://www.vmware.com/files/pdf/mirage/VMware-Mirage-ADAC-Case-Study.pdf
  45. 45. Thank You This webcast has been recorded and a link to the on-demand version will be sent to you in a follow-up e-mail along with a PDF copy of the slides. For more webcast information, please visit www.vmware.com/go/webcasts Follow us on Twitter at www.twitter.com/vmwareevents