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Lean six sigma_webinar_presentation_slides

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Lean six sigma_webinar_presentation_slides

  1. 1. For Audio: Switch on your computer speakers Lean Six Sigma Overview WELCOME, THE WEBINAR WILL COMMENCE IN A FEW MINUTES
  2. 2. Welcome 2 Thank you for participating, Welcome to this Webinar Today’s Webinar Subject: Lean Six Sigma Overview Speaker: Joe Barckett Master Six Sigma Black Belt For Audio: Switch on your computer speakers
  3. 3. Joe Barckett – Senior Consultant & 3 Master Black Belt Significant experience (over 28 years) in the development and implementation of quality management systems including 6 Sigma & Lean technologies into top companies within the manufacturing and service industries. Held a variety of positions ranging from Quality Statistician, Quality Engineer, Quality Assurance Manager, TQM Coach and Director of Quality. As Director of Quality for a $3 billion high-tech Fortune 500 consumer product company, led the organization to ISO 9001 registration and a state Pioneer Award based on the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award criteria. BS in Mathematics from the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth, and MA in Mathematics from Arizona State University. Served as a Senior Examiner for the 1995 Arizona Governors Quality awards, and in 1996-1997 for the Massachusetts Council for Quality award.
  4. 4. Webinar Agenda 4 Introduction Quality overview Six Sigma overview Six Sigma terminology and methodology Six Sigma roles and responsibilities Wrap Up
  5. 5. Some SAI Global Six Sigma Results: 5 Manufacturing Manufacturing Industry Defect Reduction Monetary Savings High Tech Manufacturer 92% 250k Stators Manufacturer -Air 87% 10k Conditioners Telecommunications Wire 50% 1.4M Manufacturer Telecommunications Wire 70% 100k Manufacturer Aerospace Oil Cooler 50% 51k Manufacturer Paper Manufacturer 10% 120k Automotive Manufacturer 90% 72k
  6. 6. Some SAI Global Six Sigma Results: 6 Service Transactional Industry Defect Reduction Monetary Savings Service Catalogue Error 86% 170k Reduction Out of Stock Product Expedite 61% 500k Cost Reduction Back Order Reduction 75% 182k Service HVAC Calls - Property 38% 166k Management Telecommunications Service -- 159k Telecommunications Service 95% 400k Telecommunications Service 95% 420k
  7. 7. Webinar Agenda 7 Introduction Quality overview Six Sigma overview Six Sigma terminology and methodology Six Sigma roles and responsibilities Wrap Up
  8. 8. Quality Gurus 8 Dr. K. Ishikawa Dr. Joe Juran Dr. W. Edwards Deming Dr. G. Taguchi Philip Crosby
  9. 9. Similarities 9 Customer focused Senior management commitment Culture of continuous improvement Employee involvement Process approach Process improvement methodology: PDCA Data driven
  10. 10. Webinar Agenda 10 Introduction Quality overview Six Sigma overview Six Sigma terminology and methodology Six Sigma roles and responsibilities Wrap Up
  11. 11. History of Six Sigma 11 Dr. Deming Bill Smith Jack Welch Black ASQ If Japan … Motorola Belt Certified PBS/IBM/NBC Wins structure Six Sigma 6/24/80 Baldridge first used Black Belt 1980 1985 1990 1995 2000 2005 Early Adopters Mass Adopters: and Consultancies including Transactional and Supplier Public Sectors Base
  12. 12. What is Six Sigma? 12 1. A summary statistic 2. A process performance metric 3. Philosophy of continual improvement
  13. 13. 1. A Summary Statistic 13 Data Set: 0, 1, 2, 2, 3, 4 4 4 3 3 Standard deviation X 2 2 2 1 1 − s, sample standard deviation 0 A deviation! 0 − σ, population standard deviation 1 2 3 4 5 6 Standard deviation is a measure of dispersion that takes into account each of the data points and their distance from the mean n ∑ ( X i − X )2 s = i=1 n −1
  14. 14. 2. Process Performance Metric 14 Counts − sigma levels − dpmo − ppm or yields Measure − sigma levels or z scores − Process capability − Cp and Cpk
  15. 15. 2. Sigma Levels 15
  16. 16. 2. Defects and Sigma Levels 16 A defect is any instance or event in which the product or process fails to meet a customer requirement. Sigma Yield DPMO 1 σ 30.85% 691,500 2 σ 69.15% 308,500 3 σ 93.32% 66,800 4 σ 99.38% 6,200 5 σ 99.977% 230 6 σ 99.99966% 3.4
  17. 17. 3. Philosophy of Continual Improvement 17 Built into the day-to-day workings of the company Everything they do is focused on improvement
  18. 18. 3. Ways to Improve a Process 18 1. Shift the mean 2. Reduce variability UCL 3. Stabilize over time CL LCL 4. Capable over time
  19. 19. Webinar Agenda 19 Introduction Quality overview Six Sigma overview Six Sigma terminology and methodology Six Sigma roles and responsibilities Wrap Up
  20. 20. 6 Sigma Foundation 20 1. 2. Process Process Improvement Design/Redesign DMAIC DFSS 3. Process Management
  21. 21. 1. DMAIC: Process Improvement 21 Referred to as continual improvement or incremental improvement: "recurring activity to increase the ability to fulfil requirements". Seeks to fix a problem while leaving the basic structure in place. The emphasis is on finding and targeting solutions to address the “vital few” factors (the Xs) that cause the problem or pain (the Y).
  22. 22. DMAIC Roadmap 22 Validate Estimate Define Validate Map High Project State Problem Financial Scope Level Process Selection Benefits Obtain Identify Select Team Develop Identify Risk Voice of the D Stakeholders and Launch Schedule Customer Characterize Develop Validate Illustrate Measure Map Process Data and Stratification Measurement Baseline and M with Data Sampling Plan System Capability Analyze Value Add Stratification Root Cause Validate Root A Analysis Analysis Analysis Causes Develop Improve Map New Implement Potential Pilot Solutions I Process Solutions Solutions Develop Identify Transition to Control Validate Validate Sustainability Replication Process C Improvements Savings Plan Opportunities Owners
  23. 23. 2. DFSS: Process Design/Redesign 23 DFSS: Design For Six Sigma Often incremental change does not result in breakthrough improvements Processes may not be long term capable Process design/redesign complements process improvement. The objective is not to “fix” but to “replace” a process or part of a process.
  24. 24. Other Acronyms for DFSS 24 DMADV − Define, Measure, Analyze, Design, Verify − Similar to DMAIC approach IDOV − Identify, Design, Optimize, Verify − Focused on final stage engineering optimization DMEDI − Define, Measure, Explore, Develop and Implement − Emphasizes being creative
  25. 25. DMADV Overview 25 Define The goals for the design are defined Critical to Quality characteristics are measured to ensure Measure requirements are translated into project goals. Analyze the options available for meeting the goals. Determine Analyze the performance of similar best-in-class designs. The good/service/process is designed. The design concept is Design validated using predictive models, simulation, prototypes, pilot runs, etc. Verify The design’s effectiveness is verified for its use/operation.
  26. 26. 3. Process Management 26 “Process approach”: − The application of a system of processes within an organization − the identification and interactions of these processes, and their management Provides ongoing control over the linkage between the individual processes within the system of processes Discussed in ISO 9000
  27. 27. 3. Process Management (cont.) 27 Processes are documented Customer requirements are clearly defined Measures of outputs, process activities, and inputs are thorough and meaningful Measures and process knowledge are used to assess performance in “real time” and take action to address problems
  28. 28. Why is 6 Sigma Different? 28 1. Customer focused 2. Bottom line/results focused/partnership with Finance 3. A process not just a set of tools 4. Forces project alignment 5. Data driven/Statistically supported/validated decisions 6. Balances intuition with statistical thinking 7. Includes the whole value chain (SIPOC) 8. Creates true quality metrics (How well) 9. Equally at home in different organizational environments 10. Something in it for employees: certification/a portable skill set 11. Built-in infrastructure 12. Leverages a universal methodology/applied learning 13. Gives permission to improve a process
  29. 29. Webinar Agenda 29 Introduction Quality overview Six Sigma overview Six Sigma terminology and methodology Six Sigma roles and responsibilities Wrap Up
  30. 30. “Belt” Roles 30 Project Belt Training Role Duration 1. Data analyst Green Belt 1 week 2. Facilitator 5 to 9 months (Freshman) (2 week) 3. Project manager 4. Change agent 5. Mentor Black Belt 5 months to 1 4 weeks 6. Statistician (Sophomore – Senior) year 7. Program manager 8. Advanced statistician Master Black 9. Instructor Belt 1 – 2 years ½ to 2 years 10. Organizational psychologist (Masters) 11. Integrity and ethics officer
  31. 31. Critical Roles and Responsibilities 31 Role Responsibilities Select projects Scope projects and write charters Provide resources and remove roadblocks Mentor gate reviews − Understand DMAIC Sponsor / − Know what questions to ask Champion − Recognize tools used Close projects Ensure validation of improvements and savings Ensure sustainability Replicate opportunities Celebrate and certify
  32. 32. Critical Roles and Responsibilities 32 Role Responsibilities Own process Serve on project teams Process − At least one core team member must own the process Owner − An effort should be made to include all process owners Sustainability of improvements Usually a controller or analyst Financial Help estimate potential savings Analyst Validate project savings Subject Leverage special expertise (knowledge, skill, or method) Matter Serve as core or extended team member Experts
  33. 33. Sample 6 Sigma Implementation Timeline 33 Month Activity 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Phase 1 Planning Executive Overview 1 Day Champion Training 3 - 4 Days Project Selection Black Belt Selection Black Belt Training Wave 1 4 Weeks Green Belt Selection Green Belt Training Wave 1 1 Week Standard Project Completion Wave 1 Phase 2 Planning
  34. 34. Webinar Agenda 34 Introduction Quality overview Six Sigma overview Six Sigma terminology and methodology Six Sigma roles and responsibilities Wrap Up
  35. 35. Wrap Up 35 Increase Revenue Provide Best Customer Experience Improve Profitability Increase Productivity Create Culture of Performance Six Sigma Lean can help with all of these!
  36. 36. Contact Us 36 Website: www.saiglobal.com/training/assurance Phone: 1-800-374-3818 E-mail for Joe: Joe.Barckett@saiglobal.com
  37. 37. About us SAI Global 37 SAI Global, is an applied information services company, helps you manage risk, achieve compliance and drive improvement Sources of information Applied information services Publications Compliance Training Assurance Develop Add value Create & Enhance Assure and publish through through Deliver training & license and distribute awareness independent standards, consulting assessment Information communication services regulatory, and and monitoring technical solutions information
  38. 38. About us SAI Global 38 Our Vision Statement: “To become the premier provider of enhanced and integrated business management systems that go beyond compliance and focus our clients on sustainable business performance.” Our Motto Semper “Gumby” “Always Flexible”
  39. 39. First Class Registration & Training 39 Registration Services - Merged with QMI, to become QMI-SAI Global to become one of the largest global registrars Superior Training and Improvement Solutions - across the United States, Canada and now Mexico − Understanding, Implementing and Auditing Training − ISO Standards, Management Systems and Process Improvement Training across a wide range of industries and topics − Food Safety − Medical Device − ISO 9001 − OHSAS 18001 − ISO 14001 − Automotive − AS 9100/AS 9110 − Six Sigma and Lean + More 2010 Public Training Calendar - www.saiglobal.com/training/assurance In-house Training – Courses can be delivered at your premises/preferred location Commitment to customer and corporate continual improvement Industry Experts, Trainers and Auditors with over 40+ combined experience Over 200,000+ people trained worldwide Successful projects with hundreds of companies • Focus is achieving ongoing Business Improvement through the use of international standards as a starting point
  40. 40. www.saiglobal.com/training/assurance 40
  41. 41. Sampling of Course Offerings 41 • Full curriculum of Six Sigma Lean offerings • Deploying A Lean Enterprise Initiative • Continual Business Improvement • Process Mapping • Innovation / Creative Problem Solving • Understanding and Measuring Customer Satisfaction • Balanced Scorecard • Effective Corrective and Preventive Action • Risk Management • Design Control for the Medical Device Industry • Skills for Success for the Management Representative • Process Based Auditing for Business Improvement • Benchmarking and Measuring Business Performance • Integrated Business Solutions / Business Excellence
  42. 42. Thank you 42 Have a Great Day Call us - 1-800-374-3818 Email us: training.us@saiglobal.com Website: www.saiglobal.com/training