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Building Community Capacity through Broadband

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Building Community Capacity through Broadband

  1. 1. 2010 Connections and Engagement Conference October 21, 2010 Professor Andrew Lewis Maria Alvarez-Stroud John Pederson Building Community Capacity Through Broadband
  2. 2. Presentation Outcomes  Build awareness of broadband & its importance to community sustainability  Expand understanding of the role of engagement in building healthy communities  Stimulate thinking about UWEX’s role in building broadband capacity
  3. 3. Name This Technology Once upon a time….. http://localtechwire.com/business/local_tech_w
  4. 4. Why U.W. Extension?
  5. 5. Building Organizational Capacity  It describes the work of the university’s extension faculty in building some of the state (and nation’s) great organizations and movements.  “There is a formula to this history,” said Somersan. “It has to do with the people involved in creating self-sustaining organizations and movements. They have all been tops in their field, they all had a deep passion for what they were doing. They had very strong bonds with community leaders, partnered very well with others, and were willing to do the grunt work it takes to nurture organizations from birth to graduation.”
  6. 6. The Road to Prosperity
  7. 7. What is Broadband? Federal Communication Commission (FCC) definition: • Any connection that transfers data at speeds greater than 768 kbps Problem: • Medical Transmissions (Up to 50 mbits/sec) • Full Motion Video (1 -2 gbits/sec) Alternative definition: • Connection that does not limit application (i.e. VoIP, web-based video streaming)
  8. 8. Context What is broadband? 1 Gbps: ‘Broadband’ as ‘Broadband’: Dial-up
  9. 9. What is Broadband? http://www.linktionary.com/b/bandwidth.html
  10. 10. Don’t confuse promising new tools with panaceas “In short, access to telecommunications technology may be a necessary condition for rural economic growth, but it is far from sufficient.” (Digital Deliverance, p. xiv) Dr. Judson Edwards, Director of the Center for International Business, Troy University
  11. 11. Context Why is broadband important? Digital exclusion costs $55 billion annually.
  12. 12. Percentage Increase in the Number of High Speed Lines (’03-’08)
  13. 13. Percentage of High Speed Lines for Business Use (June 2008)
  14. 14. Our Role  Build community leadership  Link broadband expertise & knowledge with the communities  Create opportunity for innovation
  15. 15. The $7.2 Billion Dollar Solution??
  16. 16. Project Background  Failed Round 1 attempt  Engaged demonstration communities  Engaged partners  Wrote grant applications  Implementation
  17. 17. The Journey to Engagement Chippewa Valley Platteville Superior Wausau Menominee Nation
  18. 18. Comprehensive Community Infrastructure (CCI) & Sustainable Broadband Adoption (SBA) Building Community Capacity through Broadband (BCCB) CCI = $42.7 million ($29.9 request, $9.2 cash match, $3.6 in-kind contribution) SBA = $3.2 million ($2.4 request, $875,000 match)
  19. 19. The Journey to Engagement
  20. 20. Principles  Mutual benefit  Extension as facilitator  Community ownership  Public-private partnership  Advancement of innovation  Two-way flow of knowledge
  21. 21. Sustaining the Engagement  Organizational design  Communication  Shared vision  Shared results
  22. 22. WiscNet
  23. 23. CAN’s
  24. 24. Programming  Community Area Networks  How to lead together  Broadband use to improve quality of life & local economy
  25. 25. Development & Education  Broadband use webinars  Virtual Inventors & Entrepreneurs Club  Awareness/marketing campaign  Community broadband assessment tool  Community-based education  Best practices video case studies  Website
  26. 26. Awareness Campaign  Community-based  Statewide
  27. 27. Evaluation & Metrics  Phone survey/state broadband planning/mapping project  Broadband preparedness index  Qualitative case studies  Economic indicators
  28. 28. Your Role How many of you are engaged in building community capacity through broadband?
  29. 29. Thank you! Maria Alvarez-Stroud Project Manager Building Community Capacity through Broadband Office of Community Sustainability Univeristy of Wisconsin Extension maria.alvarez-stroud@uwex.edu 608-263-9295 Professor Andy Lewis Community and Economic Development Manager Building Community Capacity through Broadband Office of Community Sustainability 610 Langdon St. Madison, WI 53703 608-263-1432 andy.lewis@uwex.edu http://www.uwex.edu/ces/cced/andylewis.cfm
  30. 30. Thank you! John Pederson Educational Technology Liaison WiscNet - Wisconsin's Research and Education Network johnpederson@wiscnet.net 608-265-1126