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Learning theories and its implication to education

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Learning theories and its implication to education

  1. 1. • People learns in different ways, teacher needs to use diff. strategies of teaching.• Parent and teachers should help children develop good study habits by supervision.• Since learning is habit formation there should be no exception to following the rules of good study habits.• Drill often on those things that should be automatized or those that will be needed through out life.
  2. 2. • The learning of any fact or information will be easier the more it is associated with other things, recall will also be easier.• Frequent review will prevent forgetting.• Youth is the time for study, so while young make use every opportunity for the preparation towards earning a living.• Maturity is the time for production ex: earning a living and being creative.
  3. 3. • Students learn best when they enjoy it together with the other learners (Social)• If students are involved in the learning process they are more likely to pay attention, remember and apply what they learn (political)• If the learners have aren’t easy to define or control specially the youngsters of today (emotional)
  4. 4. • Learners tend to stay in school due to peer group with the same aspiration and belief where in they can decide within the group (Cultural)• Attitude of the learners aren’t easy to define or control specially if the youngsters are living below poverty lines where in they don’t have enough basic necessities. (economic)
  5. 5. The spectrum of learning theories oftoday’s education consists of manyapproaches or ways of explaining howhumans learn. A description of each ofthese theories will not suffice in providingyou with enough knowledge to criticallyexamine how the current situation of oureducative process for today, wherein thetechnology has a major part of learningprocess.
  6. 6. Therefore the real impact of different learning theories is immeasurable but it is more visible on the end result. Such they are;1.Individuals who are socially oriented2.Individuals who are politically oriented3.Individuals who are economically oriented4.Individuals who are culturally oriented5.Individuals who are emotionally strengthen
  7. 7. Hence the real implication toeducation of different theories oflearning to education will bedetermine if an individual found tobe totally develop socially,emotionally, politically,economically and culturally.