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  1. 1. MARQUEE SELECT TOOL The marquee Select tools make rectangular marquee tool and Elliptical Marquee Tool, single row, and single column Marquee Tool. MOVE TOOL The move tool makes you to move a selection single rows and columns. The move tool is located at the top right of the Toolbox. When ever the move tool is chosen, you click and drag in the image. MAGNETIC LASSO TOOL The magnetic lasso tool identifies and clicks to the edge of an object as you to indication along its configuration. Make freehand, straight edged and Magnetic selection.
  2. 2. MAGIC WAND TOOL The Magic Wand tool makes you to selects similarly colour areas of an image. The tool is placed near the top of the Photoshop Toolbox. CROP TOOL Crop tool make once you have preferred an photo area to crop, you do not absolutely have to crop it, and you can alternative, altogether hide the cropped area considerably than permanently deleting it. SLICE TOOL Slice tool appealing much does what the name intimate; it slices an image into sections. Slice tool most frequently used in web work to make very large images easier to appellation.
  3. 3. SPOT HEALING BRUSH TOOL Spot healing brush tool make Removes mutilate and other imperfections in your images by representative pixels from around the improve image area. BRUSH TOOL The brush tool paints brush achievement. Paints hard-edge strokes, replaces definitive colours in your photo or image. You can paint over a destination colour with a therapeutic colour. CLONE STAMP TOOL The Clone Stamp tool paints one part of a photo or image .remaining further part of any open document that has the same colours convention.
  4. 4. HISTORY BRUSH TOOL History Brush Tool paints a copy of the selected print into the fashionable image window. The art history brush tool paints with conform strokes that prevaricate the look of different paint styles, using as selected snapshot. ERASER TOOL Eraser tool erases pixels and restores parts of an image to a already saved circumstances. It has three variations: Eraser, Background Eraser and Magic Eraser. PAINT BUCKET TOOL The paint bucket tool is other very useful tool. To use the paint bucket tool, simply click on the flowing paint bucket icon in the toolbox. It has two variations: paint bucket tool, gradient tool.
  5. 5. BLUR TOOL Photoshop’s blur tool can be found in the second group of icons in the toolbox. it has three variations 1. Blur tool 2.sharpen tool 3.smudge tool. Blur tool make blurs hard edges in an image, sharpen tool make sharpens soft edges in an photo or image, smudge tool make smudge data in an photo. PATH SELECTION TOOL Photoshop’s dodge tool can be found in the second group of icon in toolbox. It has three variations 1. Dodge tool 2 burn tool 3. Sponge tool. Dodge tool make lightens areas in a photo or image. Burn tool make darkens areas in a photo or image, sponge tool changes the colour saturation of an image. DODGE TOOL Photoshop’s Path Selection Tool is found in the 3rd icons in the toolbox. It has two variations 1. Path Selection Tool 2.direct selection tool he path selection tools make articulation selections showing anchor points, Direction lines and direction points.
  6. 6. HORIZONTAL TYPE TOOL Photoshop’s horizontal type tool is found in the 3rd group 2nd icon in the tool box. It has four variations:1.Horizontal type tool. 2 vertical type tool 3.Horizontal mask type tool 4. vertical mask type tool. Horizontal type tool creates type on an Photo , or selections in the shape of type. PEN TOOL Pen tool is let you draw smooth-edged paths in this tool it has five variations: 1.pen tool 2.free forum pen tool 3.Add anchor point tool 4.Delete anchor point tool 5.convert point tool. CUSTOM SHAPE TOOL Custom shape tool makes customized shapes selected from a custom shape list.It has six variations listed:1.Rectangle Tool 2.rounded Rectangle Tool 3.Ellipse tool 4.polygon tool. 5.line tool 6. Custom Shape Tool.
  7. 7. NOTES TOOL Notes tool make notes and annotations that can be attached to an photo .It has two variations 1.Notes Tool 2.Audio annotations tool. EYEDROPPER TOOL Eyedropper tool colour in an image and sets the drawing colour to it. It has three variations listed:1.Eyedropper tool 2.co lour sample tool 3.measure tool HAND TOOL Hand tool moves an image within the window. ZOOM TOOL Zoom Tool make increase and depreciate the view of an photo or image.