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Sorrow reveals the dark and ugly face of human

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Sorrow gives you all reason to love this movie. While watching movie, you cannot stop yourself from screaming after watching innocents getting slaughtered. This movie will not allow even your eye to blink.

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Sorrow reveals the dark and ugly face of human

  1. 1. Sorrow Reveals the Dark And Ugly Face Of Human Bloodshed, slaying, slaughtering, mystery are the synonyms of movie Sorrow. The amazing plot of the movie will keeps you on the edge of seat. This is perfect movie for all the thriller lover, with every turn you will get something eye opening about the dark side of human. The movie reveal the dark and ugly face of people. When cruelty and hateness takes places in ones life, you cannot expect anything good from them. Sorrow the movie starts with the murder of two serial killers and a girl is found in wounded conditions along the dead body of couple serial killers.
  2. 2. Before police could ask anything about the past happening, she flew from the hospital and this make herself suspect in the eye of detective Salinas. When it comes to solve any mystery, Salinas leaves no stone unturn to catch the culprit. What about this case? Will she able to continue her record or killer will escape from the Police? But who killed those brutal killers? Why Somebody will kill them? To get answers to all these questions
  3. 3. detective Salinas had to do lot of homework and this case is not at all easy as it seems. The answers to all these questions lie in the movie Sorrow. With the movie Sorrow, Millie Loredo made her debut as a director in the film industry. Apart from director, she is also writer and producer. Apart from Sorrow, she is credited for many shorts films. Sorrow movie is also written by Millie. According to her, it is based on nightmare. She is really passionate about film making. This movie is real treasure for all the horror freaks and thriller lovers. Shop your DVD of the movie, it is available on various platforms and that to very nominal price.