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Soundproof walls

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The American Sound Blankets are the perfect product for temporary soundproofing applications. These blankets are made to order and are great for non permanent soundproofing applications. The uses for the American Sound Blankets are virtually endless. They are extensively used in Industrial applications for blocking off noisy machinery and other industrial equipment; however, these blankets come in a myriad of different colors and can be used in any home or office application as well.

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Soundproof walls

  1. 1. Soundproofing America is a company based on integrity and ethics, with the needs of our customers always at the forefront. They realize that when you have noise control issues, that these issues are extremely important to you, and that you are looking for quick and effective relief without draining your bank account. In these days when people no longer reside in a 5 bedroom ranch house in the country, but rather in a 2 bedroom flat in the middle of New York City with a bar or restaurant directly above them, sound control issues are critical. We have found that since the horrendous 9-11 incident that peace and solitude have become paramount in the minds of our brothers and sisters, particularly in New York City. This feeling, however, seems to have permeated the entire country. This is precisely the reason that Jay Romano, Renowned Real Estate Columnist for the New York Times called upon the experts at ‘Soundproofing America’ to provide sound and timely advice to the wonderful people of New York City, as well as people through the United States and the world as a whole, who don’t necessarily know where to begin when they have noise control issues. About us
  2. 2.  Soundproofing a wall is one of the easiest soundproofing projects out there. If you are willing to remove the existing drywall and start from scratch, your chances of getting great soundproofing increase exponentially.  To soundproof, you would remove your existing drywall to expose the studs behind the drywall. At this point you would add batts of insulation into the stud cavities. Two of the best soundproof insulations are Rock Wool and Ultra Touch cotton insulation. These insulation batts can be purchased from a local insulation or drywall supply warehouse. We at Soundproofing America also carry these products and can have them delivered right to your door.  The next step would be to purchase rolls of Mass Loaded Vinyl Sound Barrier or (MLV for short). The MLV will be stapled or nailed directly to the wood studs using an industrial air drive stapler or nail gun. The MLV will cover the entire wall much like a soundproof membrane. It is best to overlap the seams as you cover the entire wall surface of the studs with the MLV. Once the MLV is installed, you will want to caulk and tape the overlap as well as the perimeter of the vinyl membrane. Now that the MLV is sealed it is time to install a new layer of 5/8” drywall. Get a good quality drywall like National or US Gypsum. With the drywall installed you can tape the seams and texture it to suit your taste. That’s one of the best ways to soundproof any demising wall.
  3. 3. For more information Please visit http://www.soundproofingamerica.us