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Generation c

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Generation c

  1. 1. GENERATION C VANNAVONG Souryo-Freddy MBA1B Group 2
  2. 2. Definition: The Generation C is the one including connecting people on net and who consume all across platforms and all screens wherever they live and at any life stages they are. In a professional manner, using information technology support is becoming crucial for the workplace.
  3. 3. My concept of Gen C:
  4. 4. Agreements: ● Capacity to communicate anytime, anywhere throughout the world. ● Presence on-line is now essential. ● Physical location to gather a community is not a barrier anymore. ● Sharing creations, inspirations, ideas, passions become easier and faster.
  5. 5. Disagreements: ● Because it is now crucial to be connected, this generation could forget the human aspect when they believe they can not live with their phones. ● Trust and confidence could be wrong because of a misunderstanding of the real message, so learning from each other could be mistaking.
  6. 6. Examples: - Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Pinterest - Youtube, dailymotion.