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Anatomy of a nonprofit marketing plan

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A strategic marketing plan is a must! This doc complements Fundamentals of Nonprofit Marketing

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Anatomy of a nonprofit marketing plan

  1. 1. Anatomy of a Nonprofit Marketing PlanTitle Page  Include name of the organization, time period that the plan covers and completion date.  Brand the title page with logo and website address  Identify author of plan  Mark the document “CONFIDENTIAL REPORT”Table of Contents  List contents of the plan in the order they appear & cite page numbers  List tables, graphs & diagrams on separate page  List appendices that will be included at end of marketing planExecutive Summary  One or two pages that form the overview of the plan  Highlight areas of the plan that are critical to readers  Provide information how the plan will help the organization attain successOrganizational Background  History of nonprofit  Description of services to date  Description of how many people served to date  Major partners & funders to dateSituation Analysis  EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT a) Funding Climate b) Comparative analysis of other organizations  Direct competition  Indirect competition c) Understanding of your organization’s market position relative to your competition d) Social, cultural, technological, ecological, economic, and political factors that affect your nonprofit  INTERNAL ENVIRONMENT a) Mission1|PageCreative Solutions &Innovations, Inc. |www.creative-si.com|404.325.7031
  2. 2. b) Values c) Skills d) Culture e) Systems f) Strengths, Weaknesses  Structure  Technology  Support Services  StaffProfile of Stakeholders & past Stakeholders  Determine characteristics: a) Demographic b) Psychographic c) Behaviorally d) Usage of services  Online social usage habitsSWOT Analysis - Once the research is completed perform a SWOT analysisMarketing Goals and Objectives – Introduce this section with Positioning Statement  Identification of Target Markets  Product Service Objectives  Revenue Objectives, e.g., funding sources, service fees  Channel Objectives, e.g., how are you going to make your offerings available to your defined markets  Marketing Communications and Promotions Objectives – Determine levels of awareness needed to reach target markets for programs/services to succeedStrategic Marketing Focus  Services a) Identify service by what it is, who will pay/participate, how much clients will pay, how your services are different from others in your market b) Describe marketplace rationale for differences between your services and competitors c) Be specific about how your service improve upon existing ones & the scope of your services  Location2|PageCreative Solutions &Innovations, Inc. |www.creative-si.com|404.325.7031
  3. 3. a) Identify location of your nonprofit and why it is located there (strategic, competitive, economic objectives) b) Differentiate physical location from other means of service distribution, e.g., online support groups, distribution of service materials  Promotion a) Describe promotional methods to spread the word about organization services b) Alliance campaigns with partners c) Use of CRM marketing d) Experiential marketing e) Traditional media channels f) New and Social Media channelsFinancial Information  Organizational budget  Project budget  Special event budgetTables, Graphs, Diagrams and Picture AttachmentsAppendix  Macro Environmental Analysis  Market and Industry Analysis  Internal Analysis  Details of Direct and Indirect Competitors  Details of Market Segmentation of Donors and other Stakeholders  Details of Marketing Communications Plans and Calendars  Template for event and project marketing plan  SWOT Analysis  Sources and ReferencesResources:Shelli Bischoff, Nonprofit Marketing with a Purpose: Developing a Strategic Marketing Plan to EngageNew Audiences, Conservation Impact, 2004.Christopher Lemley, Dept. of Marketing, J Mack Robinson College of Business, Georgia State University,2010.3|PageCreative Solutions &Innovations, Inc. |www.creative-si.com|404.325.7031