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  1. Videos of topics you’re passionate about. Delivered to you
  2. Consumers spend 4 hours on TV and only 10 minutes on Youtube when Youtube has 38 million hours of NEW video content uploaded every year WHY?
  3. Youtube and other Consumers desire video sharing sites a TV-like experience fall short TURN ON AND WATCH Have to search for content to watch and watch 1 video at a time WANT TO FOLLOW VIDEOS Searching for topics like “KPop Videos” FROM CERTAIN INTEREST or “English Premier League highlights” TOPICS yields irrelevant/outdated content WANTS UPDATED CONTENT THAT It’s hard to discover Youtube Channels ARE OF HIGH QUALITY AND based on topics and also content RELEVANT is irregularly updated
  4. Traditional Video Content Value Chain
  5. Online Video Value Chain Major Studios Production Houses Actors Presenters user generated content blogs
  6. Channels KPop Channel Upcoming channels: GAMING PRIVATE BETA: -30,000 sign-ups -80 minutes average time on site NEWS -10,000 monthly active DISTRIBUTION CHANNELS: -1.1 million Likes FB Page FASHION
  7. Features Daily KPop Platter -Customized Stream based on the Artists that you love -New Platter available Daily -Lasts for 20 minutes - 1 hour
  8. Great Transitions -Appear between different video types like “Music Videos”, “Live Performances” etc. -Gives users the feeling of watching a TV Show -Content segmented automatically via algorithms
  9. Artist Following -Users can select artists based on their preferences -They can also watch all videos of a particular artist by watching the dedicated Artist channels -In the future, also find out more information about the artists
  10. Channel Guide -Choose to watch particular types of videos i.e. “Live Performances” only, or “Music Videos” only -Not artist specific and mainly to discover new artists
  11. Potential partnerships Partners Benefit Premium Content Publishers Utilize curated stream to upsell premium content Production Companies White label opportunities to license curation engine for various Telecommunications companies channels SmartTV platforms Provide engaging content to their customers
  12. Contact Let’s explore how we could help you: Johnson Goh (founder) Skype: cellkasthr Email: Mobile (TW): +886978331063 Mobile (MY): +60177065922
  13. Videos of topics you’re passionate about. Delivered to you