Internet of things business landscape 2019

Spire Research and Consulting
9 Aug 2019

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Internet of things business landscape 2019

  1. Prepared by: Spire Research and Consulting June 2019 INTERNET of Things BUSINESS LANDSCAPE 2019
  2. Internet of Things (IoT)? A giant network with connected devices. These devices gather and share data about how they are used and the environment in which they are operated. Things and sensors Gateway Cloud AnalyticsUser Interface Data Data Data Data Wireless Network HOW IT WORKS? SO WHY IT MATTERS?
  3. TECH COMMUNICATION 57% EDUCATION 50% GROCERIES 46% VIDEO/MUSIC/INTERNET/ SERVICE 43% TRAVEL 36% GROCERIES 44% TECH COMMUNICATION 44% EDUCATION 34% TRAVEL 33% HEALTHCARE 32% TOP 5 CATEGORIES CONSUMERS SPENDING of LIVING EXPENDITURE INDONESIA GLOBAL VS Tech communication: purchasing technology for communication purposes (e.g. phone) Education: school Groceries: purchasing daily needs Video/music/internet service: subscribing entertainment on-demand and internet quota Travel: travelling for vacation Healthcare: spending on healthy lifestyle and health insurance Source: Statista, 2018
  4. Global PlayersNational Players IoTasoneofportfolio IoTasthemain portfolio Indosat Lintasarta IOT COMPETITOR LANDSCAPE INDONESIA 2019 The IoT Industry Reality is still new, especially in Indonesia and the players have not found competitors that make IoT products be their main business platform. Certainty of regulation is believed will affect players to invest in the IoT Industry more intensely in the future MII Nokia AWS Microsoft SAP IBM XL Axiata AT&T Google Cisco Qualcomm Huawei Dimension Data TATA SingTel
  5. IOT SERVICES SUMMARY Global Player Based on Eclipse Foundation survey to 1.700 B2B IoT users in the world, in 2019 concluded that most of IoT top player (38%) stated that Security is their main concern and followed by Connectivity and Data Collection & Activities to IoT implementation Top Global Developer Concern IoT Global Industry Predicted that the amount of IoT devices globally will reach 14,2 billion in 2019 and 25 billion in 2021. there are 5 things that predicted will get big impact on IoT Global industry, such as: Production Optimization Supply chain management Asset Tracking and Management Experience of Financial Decision User Experience 1 2 3 4 5 IoT Global player prioritize “security” as their main concern to develop products Source: Eclipse Foundation 2019
  6. IOT SERVICES SUMMARY Local Player IoT service provider companies in Indonesia, create an association with the name of the Indonesian IoT Association (ASIoT) as one of the means to support IoT development in Indonesia. Through ASIoT, IoT companies in Indonesia can expand the market and increase brand awareness through various events Forming Association IoT challenge in Indonesia The implementation of IoT technology in Indonesia has not developed rapidly due to several factors, including the following: High Cost Security problem Not in accordance with the old system Complicated system Lack of human resource 1 2 3 4 5 In Indonesia, the application of IoT technology ranges from 11.8% because many companies feel objected because the application of IoT requires a very large cost. For this reason, an association was formed which is expected to bridge IoT player aspirations to the Indonesian government IoT Implementation Meanwhile, Indonesia has 5 challenges to welcoming IoT BUT NO WORRIES!
  7. Built an “appcelerate” program and digital lab for Startup Upgrade 5G to support IoT products Partnership to provide solution for Smart city Integration IoT product with cloud technology Asking for allowances regulation to government Collaboration to expand the market (global & local) • Global companies explore local telecommunications companies for the development of 5G networks that are considered capable of accommodating more connections for IoT (Internet of Things) devices in the Indonesian market. • Implementation of the “appcelerate” program to accelerate the development of the IoT ecosystem and local and global competition events for startups • Conduct a study for the development of the latest IoT product innovations through Digital Economy Lab by cooperating with campuses and government institutions • Prepare IoT products that are integrated with the cloud where core visibility and control for IoT services is done through cloud edges (IoT services through cloud platforms) • Global and local partnerships players in IoT product development to support the development of smart cities both solutions for the needs of cities and industrial zones • Collaborating with IT product distributor and aggregator companies to expand marketing to local to global and global markets to local Indonesia • Offering IoT Products for white labels (Nokia) • Negotiating with the government through IoT associations to facilitate marketing regulations related to IoT products (TKDN to SNI) IOT GO TO MARKET STRATEGY
  8. SUMMARY COMPETITOR MARKETING STRATEGY IoT Media Communication Social Media Official website Website: Telecommunication Web, news, technology Event: Colloquium, Forum, Workshop, Launching event Debeloping IoT Laboratory
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  1. Gateway = could be a software or hardware just to transmitting the data to cloud
  2. Spend their living expend from their income. Previously, education and so on was basically people needs, however, uniquely nowadays tech communication has become crucial things to our lives.
  3. This basically what the companies usually do