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Infographic: Future Of Mobile Advertising

2015 is predicted to be the year of mobile adverting. See the detailed info-graphic about trends in mobile advertising created by WhizMobi.

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Infographic: Future Of Mobile Advertising

  1. 1. Mobile marketing is one of the most promising emerging platforms, with display ad spend on the channel expected to exceed $1.2 billion by 2015. Of Global smartphones usage will increase by the end of 2015. 35% India will Become world’s second largest smartphone market by 2016. 90% Of Mobile devices contribute to the total sales of Internet enabled technology. 87% Of Mobile Internet will contribute to India’s total Internet base by 2015. 55% India’s Mobile Broadband contribution to GDP will reach INR 3,146 billion by 2020. 60% 55% Of Mobile Video ads contribute to the total Digital Ad base by 2015. Of Mobile traffic will be a Video content by 2020. Of people globally will buy smartphones by 2018. Mobile devices video views will be more than television by 2018. India’s Internet contribution to GDP will increase to 3.3% by end of 2015. Indian Digital Summit 2012 Mobile Video base will account for 540 petabytes worth of traffic in India by 2017. Product Views & Product Purchases 2015-2016 Of Consumers like to receive deals and coupons from their Favorite Brand. 44% Mobile Ad Spending Worldwide 2014 2016 20172015 24.91 35.55 47.16 59.67 (BnU.S.dollars) Mobile Internet Ad Spending In India 2014 2016 20172015 32.7 58.9 103 (MnU.S.dollars) 175.1 Of Mobile Ads audience age groups lies between 18-24. WhizMobi is a quick turnaround time Advertisement platform helping brands to achieve their business objectives of reaching the target customers smoothly. CXO today.com Business Standard CMO Council The HINDUEricsson OPERA MEDIAWORKS LIGHT HOUSE INSIGHTSdazeinfo.com REFERENCES THE ERA OF SMART PHONE Mobile Internet subscriber base is expected to grow 1145 million by 2020. Smartphone, Data Subscribers in India will reach 519 Mn by 2018. Female (18%). Mobile Ad Audience Male (82%) Internet On Mobile Devices RURAL 216Mn URBAN 138Mn MOBILE INTERNET USERS THE JUMP IN MOBILE E-COMMERCE Mobile Ads campaign will move from App installs to App Engagement for Transactions MOBILE ADVERTISEMENT BOOM ADVENT OF MOBILE VIDEO ADS Visit us at: www.whizmobi.com Of Mobile Commerce Contribute to the total E-Commerce sale by 2017.24.4% Mobile Ads perform 4-5 times better than Online Ads. MOBILE E-COMMERCE BOOST ABOUT WHIZMOBI 12% 2015: THE YEAR OF MOBILE ADVERTISING