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What Happens in Vegas: Reaching Citizens Through Employee Advocacy

The City of Las Vegas recently launched an employee advocacy program that offers a great example of how much impact your employees can have on amplifying your brand and offering value to your audience on social media. Since the program’s launch in April 2015, the city has seen:
- A 275% increase in overall brand awareness
- A 320% spike in total city stories shared by employees
- Employees using Bambu now share 10.9 city stories each month

At the 2016 Government Social Media Conference, Jennifer Davies (Public Information Officer, City of Las Vegas) and Andrew Caravella (VP of Marketing, Sprout Social) discussed benefits, challenges and implementation of the city's employee advocacy program.

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What Happens in Vegas: Reaching Citizens Through Employee Advocacy

  1. 1. What Happens in Vegas: Reaching Citizens Through Employee Advocacy by Sprout Social + @ANDREWCARAVELLA | @JENDAVIES26 | #GSMCON2016
  2. 2. 50% of your employees are already talking about your organization on social media. SOURCE: WEBER SHANDWICK @ANDREWCARAVELLA | @JENDAVIES26 | #GSMCON2016by Sprout Social +
  3. 3. by Sprout Social + The power of a single employee. SOURCE: 2015, STATISTA & DMR AVERAGE
 305 Friends 55% HAVE
 300–3,000 Connections AVERAGE
  4. 4. Benefits of an Employee Advocacy Program Increase brand awareness and consideration. by Sprout Social + Share your news with high-value, trusted communities. Recruit staff, volunteers and advocates. Strengthen employee engagement. @ANDREWCARAVELLA | @JENDAVIES26 | #GSMCON2016
  5. 5. @ANDREWCARAVELLA | @JENDAVIES26 | #GSMCON2016 City of Las Vegas by Sprout Social +
  6. 6. by Sprout Social @ANDREWCARAVELLA | @JENDAVIES26 | #GSMCON2016 • Promote tourism. • Share local news. • Give accurate information to share. • Correct media misinformation. • Increase employee engagement. • Recruit new talent. by Sprout Social +
  7. 7. • Identifying the right team members. • Choosing an advocacy platform. • Training employees. • Enacting a robust content strategy. by Sprout Social @ANDREWCARAVELLA | @JENDAVIES26 | #GSMCON2016 +
  8. 8. Since the program’s launch in April 2015, the city has seen: • 275% spike in brand awareness. • 320% spike in employee shares. • 10.9 stories shared/user/month. @ANDREWCARAVELLA | @JENDAVIES26 | #GSMCON2016by Sprout Social +
  9. 9. 3 Key Learnings You Can Implement Today @ANDREWCARAVELLA | @JENDAVIES26 | #GSMCON2016by Sprout Social +
  10. 10. by Sprout Social Empower your employees. • Advocacy is an opportunity to go above and beyond—it shouldn’t feel like a mandate. • Encourage your employees to share the work and news they find most exciting. • Provide the right tools to enable them to communicate with their networks. +
  11. 11. Find relatable content. by Sprout Social BLOG.COM World News • Learn what content different teams want to read and share. • Utilize a platform to track results of internal and external performance. • Be receptive to feedback and adapt content over time. +
  12. 12. by Sprout Socialby Sprout Social Identify internal influencers. • Find employees who already use social media professionally. • Involve them in brainstorming and training. • Leverage involvement to build buy-in, increase program adoption and drive social sharing. @ANDREWCARAVELLA | @JENDAVIES26 | #GSMCON2016by Sprout Social +
  13. 13. @ANDREWCARAVELLA | @JENDAVIES26 | #GSMCON2016by Sprout Social "Employees are the most believable resource out there. When our employees are turning around and sharing a media story, it's more credible, because people identify more with people than with a city seal or city hall logo.” JEN DAVIES, PUBLIC INFORMATION OFFICER CITY OF LAS VEGAS +
  14. 14. by Sprout Social + Jennifer Davies Andrew Caravella @jendavies26 @andrewcaravella @ANDREWCARAVELLA | @JENDAVIES26 | #GSMCON2016