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Agenda from 11.6 Res Life In-Service

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  1. 1. Residence Life Monthly In-ServiceSunday, November 6
  2. 2. Welcome to the FamilyMichael MarvinDesk Assistant
  3. 3. Look what just arrived! Bruno Baby 2.0 AKA James Born at 5:02am TODAY! November 6 8lbs, 4oz.
  4. 4. Look what just arrived! Left to Right Michaela Martin Walker Kaitlyn Felicity Walker Born October 25 after 32 hours of labor!
  5. 5. Recognition Fish-Choose your ‘tude: Joe-Play Fish: Sem-Be there: Jordan-Make their Day: Jeremy
  6. 6. Health and Safety Inspections Great job! We are working to revamp the process to make it more effective and efficient. If you have suggestions, please e- mail Tara, tadams@spsu.edu. Any items that need immediate attention, you need to let your coordinator know ASAP so we can address them. For example: covered smoke detectors, trash etc!
  7. 7. The Mary Jane Crack Down Report EVERYTHING! Via Incident Reports on Orgsync- no matter how minor.
  8. 8. RA/ DA Selection Starts Monday, November 7. You will have to reapply for your position via OrgSync. All applications are due January 30 at 9:00am.
  9. 9. RHA Ski/ Snowboard Trip! January 3-5, 2012 Cataloochee Ski Resort Maggie Valley, NC Cost. per person: Ski: $125 With own Equipment: $75 Snowboard: $175 With own Equipment: $125 Pricing Includes Travel, Lodging, Ski & Snowboard Equipment (unless you have your own), and Lift Tickets. Only money needed will be for Food and Souvenirs. The sign ups will be in the housing office. A deposit of 50 dollars is needed by November 18 and the final payment on December 2.
  10. 10. Let’s Review… • When to call Pro-Staff • How to handle Medical Emergencies • When you can key into a room… • Pet Policy • Smoking Policy and Smoke detectors • Keys- DO NOT HOLD THE MASTERS & make sure that you are getting the RA keys!
  11. 11. Let’s Review… • Old fliers in stairwells, doors, and sliders. • Building meetings/ hall meetings • Leaving Notices • All forms go on OrgSync! • Desk Duty- be on time! • Don’t forget to re-set the furniture!
  12. 12. Save the Date!Next Meeting:2012 Meetings: January 8 February 5 March 11 April 1 May 6All meetings will take place from 4-6pm in Q104
  13. 13. Hornet Loot Auction: December 1, 8pm @ Stingers!
  14. 14. , /Wear Green Staff Polo & name badge, Eat BEFORE you come, and meet in the Housing Office at 11:30.Staff Working from 11:30am to 3pm: Michael Marvin Justin Gilliam Charles Williams Nicole Banks PJ Ubakanma BeeBee Brouard Daniel Silver Marquez Dennis Darius Broden Lingzi Yue
  15. 15. Holiday Dates• Thanksgiving- Regular Schedule (can split into shifts)• Toy Shop Volunteer Day: December 15• Res Life Christmas Party, Friday December 16• We go down to one Duty Phone on Monday, December 19• Christmas Day- OFF (Thanks Lingzi!)• All Staff MUST be back Friday, January 6
  16. 16. You’re Invited…
  17. 17. Santa’s Toy ShopSPSU Housing & Residence Life Day: 12/15 9:00am to 12:30pm 12:00pm to 2:30pm 2:00pm to 5:00pm
  18. 18. Santa’s Toy Shop Host: The duties for this stations are to assist theElf Duties include… reception area in guiding incoming visitors (1 per shift) Front Desk: This person will greet clients. Cross reference client names against other organization list. Must be able to tell parent they can not shop due to being on another list! (2 per shift) Shoppers: Assist the parents while in the toy shop. Walking with the parent and explaining the allotted number of items per child. Assist in picking out gifts (4-6 per shift) Check out: This person will check out the shopper and the parent once they have gone to each station and gotten the correct amount of items. Must be able to say no! (1 to 2 per shift). Stockers and Sorters: This person will sort incoming toys and items, keeping shelves stocked (2 to 4 per shift). Runners: Will assist families to their cars with gift items. (2 per shift)
  19. 19. GRASS: Georgia Resident Assistant Saturday SeminarJanuary 20-21, South Georgia College.Details to follow.Need to: Prepare for Roll Call! Complete the travel form! Your chance to present!http://www.sgc.edu/grass/program.html