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Sqrrl Enterprise links important assets and events, accelerating a...
Integrate. Explore. Analyze. | Page 2
Sqrrl was founded in 2012 by creators of Apache Accumulo™. With their ro...
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Sqrrl Enterprise: Integrate, Explore, Analyze

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An overview and background of Sqrrl and our technology.

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Sqrrl Enterprise: Integrate, Explore, Analyze

  1. 1. DATASHEET SQRRL ENTERPRISE INTEGRATE. EXPLORE. ANALYZE. Sqrrl Enterprise links important assets and events, accelerating analyst insight. You Can’t Analyze What You Don’t See Every day, more and more data flows inside, outside, and across your organization. Buried inside this digital footprint is valuable information about your customers, employees, goods, services, and competition. What if you could visually explore the context of the actors, assets, and events represented in all the noise? Now, you can. Quickly Observe, Understand, and React Our innovative approach uses a technique called Linked Data Analysis to identify hidden opportunities and threats represented in massive amounts of data. The Sqrrl Enterprise web interface lets analysts dive into the information, research the relationships between different entities, drill down to the underlying data, and rapidly gain understanding and insight about what’s in their environment. The Sqrrl Enterprise Edge Sqrrl Enterprise is a real-time, unified platform for securely integrating, Sqrrl Enterprise User Interface exploring, and analyzing massive amounts of data from any source. Sqrrl excels in use cases such as cybersecurity investigation, healthcare analytics, and national defense/intelligence. Sqrrl Enterprise Features: •Web-based data exploration and investigation interface •User-configurable dashboards •Secure collaboration on investigative workflows •Save, share, and replay the steps of an analysis •Track provenance between raw data and context •Flexible data mappings and customizable aggregations •SqrrlQL query language and the Sqrrl Developer API •Compatibility and integration with all major distributions of Apache Hadoop™ Benefits: •Visually navigate the context of the entities and relationships you care about •Determine root cause of important events before it’s too late to respond •Discover previously unknown patterns in your data and correlate seemingly unrelated events •Anticipate and preempt potential issues before they surface •Enrich existing solution data and alerts by adding context from varied data sources •Lower the costs of managing data with a single tool suite for secure data exploration, processing, and reporting
  2. 2. ABOUT SQRRL Integrate. Explore. Analyze. | Page 2 Sqrrl was founded in 2012 by creators of Apache Accumulo™. With their roots in the U.S. Intelligence Community, Sqrrl’s founders have deep experience integrating and analyzing complex petabyte-scale datasets. Sqrrl is headquartered in Cambridge, MA and is a venture-backed company with investors from Matrix Partners and Atlas Venture. 130 Prospect Street Cambridge, MA 02139 www.sqrrl.com @SqrrlData p: (617) 902-0784 e: info@sqrrl.com ! ! ! ! ! Dashboards & Reports !!!! ! ! Explorer !!!!! ! ! ! ! Raw Data Sources Sqrrl data flow ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Visual Contextual Navigation Using the Sqrrl Explorer interface, analysts can expand and follow the paths between different types of connections among their linked data, surgically uncovering important information without needing to craft and execute a query. Automated Analyst Insight Sqrrl records data in its raw form, mapping it into a linked graph of entities and relationships via our automated knowledge extraction process. Analysts can investigate details and trace information back to its raw form in a single click. Sqrrl Enterprise will also aggregate and index data as it is consumed, allowing for rapid information retrieval. Secure Collaboration Through Sqrrl’s Data-Centric Security, analysts can securely collaborate on large, shared data analysis efforts. Because every field of data is individually protected, Sqrrl Enterprise can unify all an organization’s data and only present to analysts what they’re authorized to see. What People Are Saying “Sqrrl Enterprise has the potential to dramatically simplify Big Data analysis by providing a unified platform to securely explore relationships in disparate datasets and analyze those datasets for trends and anomalies.” – David Vellante, Chief Analyst at Wikibon.org “The best defense against modern threats requires finding the adversary first, on your own terms. Put yourself in a position to be the first to know, by using advanced analytical tools like Sqrrl.” – Richard Bejtlich, Chief Security Strategist, FireEye Security Analytics Use Case Sqrrl Enterprise powers Big Data Security Analytics for incident handlers and responders. It allows them to investigate suspicious behavior, pinpoint the actors involved, and assess impact to the organization. Sqrrl consumes diverse cyber datasets, such as network traffic logs, identity context, external intelligence feeds, DNS capture, email/social media activity, and customer transactions. These datasets are analyzed to detect suspicious behavior, and matches are visualized for deeper review. Access to sensitive data, such as PII, can be restricted based on organizational roles. Integration and Customization Sqrrl Enterprise sits on top of Apache Hadoop™ and Apache Accumulo™, leveraging the benefits of distributed, fast, scale-out storage with open-source software. We provide the interfaces that allow for flexible customization and interactivity with other Hadoop-compatible components, as well as external platforms and tools. Developers can use and extend Sqrrl’s features with the Sqrrl API, powering their own custom applications. Scale Effortlessly Our adaptive architecture lets you modify your capacity on-demand, without having to redeploy existing code or infrastructure. We support on-premises, bare metal install, or private + public cloud infrastructure. Who We Are For • Cybersecurity analysts looking to find threats that their SIEMs and firewalls miss. • Defense and Intelligence analysts tracking patterns of life across Multi-INT data sources. • Healthcare analysts that want to find fraud, waste, or abuse in payments. • Financial analysts trying to detect hidden operational, credit, or market risks.