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General guidelines for developing country strategy papers 11042013

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Dr. Prabhat Kumar

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General guidelines for developing country strategy papers 11042013

  1. 1. General Guidelines for developing country strategy papers and work plan & planning for national planning workshop
  2. 2. • Country Strategy papers • Work Plan • Planning for national inception workshop
  4. 4. What is CSP Background paper (review and finalization stage) + Strategy for the project (includes Goal, Objectives, activities, time and resource planning, out put, outcomes, responsibility)
  5. 5. Country Strategy Paper • Current situation • Analysis of the situation • Key issues requires attention • General guidelines and existing policies of the government and ministries • How AIT-EU SRI Project within its set goals and objective could be utilized to address identified issues
  6. 6. How • Developing goal • Developing objectifies • How these objectives will be met • Work plan development • Resource planning • What outputs and outcomes are expected • Timelines • Log frames • How communication and admin will interact and work with working provincial team
  7. 7. Who and When • Time line (expected to be completed by national inception planning workshop) • Country Coordinators
  8. 8. WORK PLAN
  9. 9. Work Plan • Template provided • Key Activities as per project document – Presented by Dr. Abha in detail yesterday and by Jan as summary – Broad heading of activities • Sub-heading
  10. 10. Activities Semester 1 Semester 2 Output Budget/resources* Person responsible Months 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1. National Planning and Inception workshop (a) CN preparation and invitation to country partners (b) Logistics organization
  11. 11. • 1) Development of CSP – Finalization of the background paper – Consultation with government and aligning the work plan development to the existing government policies 2) Organization of national inception workshop 3)Formation of national steering committee 4) PMU and LMU setting, identifying LMU coordinators/ Selection of villages
  12. 12. 2) Setting communication and logistical network within PMU/LMU (with links with project partners nationally and regionally) 3) Supporting PRA 4) Participating in Regional TOT (AIT) 5) Baseline survey 6) Logistical Preparation for the CFPAR (field, district trainers, timing and other logistics)
  14. 14. National Inception & Planning Workshop • A similar exercise at country level • Wider consultation, forging alliances with other ongoing work, agencies, seeking comments on the work plan (leading to finalization and reporting as CSP) • When? • Who would participate? • What would be the duration? • PCU will be represented • When a concept note available for consultation
  15. 15. Each country group would prepare these details and present it back to the everyone? How much time needed?? Project partners would move around the tables to support each team