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Blogger Outreach and Affiliate Management

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Explore the under-utilized connection between blogger outreach and affiliate management. Affiliate marketing makes blogger outreach a long term relationship with tangible results yet many online retailers are not taking advantage of this powerful marketing tool.

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Blogger Outreach and Affiliate Management

  1. 1. Blogger Outreach and Affiliate Marketing By Robbins Interactive
  2. 2. Why you need blogger outreach? According to a recent survey by YouGov, only 3% of Americans completely trust the advertisements they see, read or hear It’s all about credibility
  3. 3. Not just people they know but bloggers they follow as well Their friends on social media Who do they trust?
  4. 4. Circle of Trust Your BRAND MINDI The Mom Mommy Blogger
  5. 5. Bloggers have a relationship with their followers They have a connection through a shared interest Trust is built through social conversations. Conversations and relationships are personal Bloggers are loyal to followers not brands Where does the trust come from?
  6. 6. Traditional Ways Bloggers Partner with Brands Brand Ambassador – Monthly or annual relationship that typically involves compensation and free product Sponsorship – One monetary compensation for writing a post about the brand
  7. 7. Affiliate Marketing Cost Per Acquisition Model (CPA) Great opportunity to expand reach for a CPA model Provides between 5-20% incremental increase in online sales
  8. 8. Affiliate Marketing and Blogger Outreach Long term relationship between the blogger and brand
  9. 9. Potential sales every time someone visits the site Additional sales from search engine optimization results Reoccurring revenue Opportunity to promote and therefore receive income regularly Benefits to the Blogger
  10. 10. Benefits to the Brand Only pay for success – sale or lead….you decide Continued passionate coverage and brand awareness
  11. 11. Ready? Are you ready to explore the power of affiliate marketing and blogger outreach? Visit www.robbinsinteractive.com to learn how we can work together for an increase of new sales and customers to your online store.