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How to write user story

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Share some ideas about user stories. :)

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How to write user story

  1. 1. How to write user stories IRIS 2014/7/7
  2. 2. Outline •What is user story •Examples •What is criteria for good user stories? •Practical use
  3. 3. What is user story? short, simple description of a feature desires the new capability Simple template: ◦As a <user>, I want < goal> so that <benefit>.
  4. 4. Examples
  5. 5. User Story Template “As a <Some Role> I want <Some Need> So that <Some Benefit>”
  6. 6. What is criteria for good user story? •Independent •Negotiable •Valuable to users or customers •Estimable •Small •Testable
  7. 7. Let’s watch a short cartoon!
  8. 8. Write for one user •Bad –Job seeker can remove a resume •Good –Job seeker can remove his/her own resume
  9. 9. Write in active voice •Bad –A resume can be posted by a job seeker •Good –A job seeker can post his/herresume
  10. 10. Customer writes the story •Not developer –But wecan suggest •Customerhas to prioritizethe stories
  11. 11. Don’t forget the purpose •Reminderabout the requirements --not the document. •Don’t replace the conversationby adding the detail.
  12. 12. As a developer, I use FB Login dialog so that my users can grant additional permissions to my app.
  13. 13. Fliptop --user stories 1.As a user, I want to authorize Fliptop through Eloquaoauthserviceso that I don‘t haveto provide my username and password of Eloquato Fliptop. (connection) 2.As a user, I can import the data of my Eloquaaccount, so that I can see the reports. Detail: (oauth--authorization)
  14. 14. Definition of done (test)
  15. 15. Review ◦As a <user>, I want < goal> so that < some benefit>.
  16. 16. Reference http://www.slideshare.net/jssunil/user-story http://icpurple.org/wp- content/uploads/2012/05/Independent- Leader.pnghttp://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/OAuth_(obsolete_info)/User_stories