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  1. The Genre of Games Mata Kuliah Pengantar Game Milkhatussyafa’ah Taufiq Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang
  2. 2 Objectives • Mengetahui genre-genre game • Membedakan karakteristik masing-masing genre game • Memberikan contoh masing- masing genre game
  3. The Power of PowerPoint | 3 Gameplay pada sebuah game menentukan genre dari game tersebut. Game dapat memiliki game world yang mirip, tapi memiliki gameplay yang berbeda. Masing-masing game genre memiliki dunia, audiens, dan tujuan yang berbeda. Game Genre
  4. 4 Game Genre • Action Games • Strategy Games • Role-Playing Games • Sport Games • Vehicle Simulations • Construction and Management Simulations • Adventure Games • Artificial Life Games • Puzzle Games
  5. 5 Action Games An action game is one in which the majority of challenges presented are tests of the player’s physical skills and coordination. Puzzle-solving, tactical conflict, and exploration challenges are often present as well.
  6. 6 Sub-Genre of Action Games • Shooters Games • Platform/Arcade Games • Fighting Games • Fast Puzzle Games • Action-Adventure Games • Music, Dance, and Rhythm Games
  7. 7 Strategy Games A strategy game is one in which the majority of challenges presented are strategic conflict challenges and the player may choose from a large variety of potential actions or moves at most points in the game. Victory is attained by superior planning and taking the optimum actions; the element of chance must not play a large role. Other challenges, such as tactical, logistical, economic, and exploration challenges, may also be present. Physical coordination challenges play little or no part.
  8. 8 Role Playing Games (RPG) A role-playing game is one in which the player controls one or more characters, typically designed by the player, and guides them through a series of quests managed by the computer. Victory consists of completing these quests. The character growth in power and abilities is a key feature of the genre. Typical challenges include tactical combat, logistics, economic growth, exploration, and puzzle solving. Physical coordination challenges are rare except in RPG- action hybrids.
  9. 9 Sub-Genre of Role Playing Games • War Games • Action Games (with conversation) • Adventure Games (with character defining)
  10. 10 Sport Games A sports game simulates some aspect of a real or imaginary athletic sport, whether it is playing in matches, managing a team or career, or both. Match play uses physical and strategic challenges; the management challenges are chiefly economic.
  11. 11 Vehicle Simulations Vehicle simulations cover several environments and game mechanics. They can be in the air, on the ground, on water, or in space. They can include races against other players or artifi cially intelligent opponents, or they can involve exploration or simply the experience of using the vehicle.
  12. 12 Construction and Management Simulations A construction and management simulation is a game in which the majority of challenges are economic and concern growth. Construction activity is an essential element of any CMS. Pattern recognition and exploration challenges may also be present. CMSs avoid physical coordination and conflict challenges, unless they are hybrids with another genre.
  13. 13 Adventure Games An adventure game is an interactive story about a protagonist character who is played by the player. Storytelling and exploration are essential elements of the game. Puzzle solving and conceptual challenges make up the majority of the gameplay. Combat, economic management, and action challenges are reduced or nonexistent.
  14. 14 Artificial Lifes Games Artificial life, or A-life as it is sometimes called, involves modeling biological processes, often to simulate the life cycles of living things.
  15. 15 Puzzle Games In puzzle games, puzzle solving is the primary activity, though puzzles may occur within a storyline or lead up to some larger goal.
  16. 16 Define the genre of these games! 1. Super Mario Bros 2. Pac Man 3. The Sims 4. 2048 5. Among Us 6. Candy Crush 7. Zuma 8. Genshin Impact 9. Clash of Clan (CoC) 10.Pou
  17. 17 • Fundamentals of Game Design by Ernest Adams and Andrew Rollings Reference