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Tutorials for Online Events

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This is a presentation with instructions and tutorials on how to organise and participate in online events created in eTwinning Live.

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Tutorials for Online Events

  1. 1. How to …… Instructions for successful eTwinning live events! By Rania Bekiri Greek eTwinning ambassador
  2. 2. Important tips for hosts!  If you meet few partners, make them ‘hosts’ too!  Upload files and presentations in advance. Don’t forget that if you created the event from the eTwinning Live page, you can enter the room 24 hours prior to the event.  Don’t forget to check your sound and camera!  Coordinate the meeting by asking your colleagues to speak in turns or by asking whoever has the ‘hand’ up!  Turn off your microphone when you don’t speak.  Take screenshots of the whole event (if it is about a project)!
  3. 3. Important tips for participants!  Check your sound and camera!  Keep your microphone mute when you don’t speak.  ‘Raise the hand’ when you want to speak.  Use the symbols to agree, disagree etc.  Inform the host in the chat if there is a problem.  Take screenshots of the whole event (if it is about a project).
  4. 4. How to create an online event ‘How to create an online event’ tutorial ‘Can I create an event with my partners? How should I do it?’
  5. 5. Before an online event as a host! ‘Preparing for an event’ Tutorial ‘Is there anything I should do as a host before the beginning of an event?’
  6. 6. Beginning an online event ‘Beginning an event’ tutorial ‘How can I check my sound? Does my microphone work? What about my camera?’
  7. 7. Layouts in an online event Layouts tutorial ‘Which layout should we choose for the purposes of our online meeting?’
  8. 8. Polls in an online event Polls tutorial ‘How can I create a poll during an event? What type is this poll?’
  9. 9. Presentations in online events Presentations tutorial ‘How can I show my partners a PowerPoint presentation?’
  10. 10. Files in online events Files tutorial ‘How can I upload a file and share it with my partners?’
  11. 11. Whiteboard in online events ‘How can I use the whiteboard? Can I draw there? Can I write?’ Whiteboard tutorial
  12. 12. Web links in online events Web links tutorial ‘How can I send my partners a link? How many links will I need to share with them? Can I do it easily?’
  13. 13. Chat in online events Chat tutorial ‘How can I comment or ask a question during an event? How can I show that I agree or disagree?’
  14. 14. Notes in online events Notes tutorial Can all the partners in a meeting write down their decisions? Can the pupils write something together while speaking?’
  15. 15. Q & A in online events Q & A tutorial ‘Can we collect the participants’ questions?’