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50 khz cnc 4 axis offline controller ——mc4 4-16a16b

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50KHZ CNC 4 Axis Offline Controller ——MC4-4-16A16B description

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50 khz cnc 4 axis offline controller ——mc4 4-16a16b

  1. 1. 50KHZ CNC 4 Axis Offline Controller ——MC4-4-16A16B Manual http://chinaplccenter.com/support/pdf/CNC/Four-axis-cnc1508.pdf http://chinaplccenter.com/support/pdf/CNC/IO-card.pdf Specification: Model Number SMC4-4-16A16B HZ 50KHZ Axis 4 Axis, X Y Z A(4-axis linkage) CPU 32 bit ARM Memory 2GB LCD 320*240 Size 165*101*50mm Language English Application CNC Engraving machine and CNC Milling machine
  2. 2. Advantage: 1. Parameter setting : Can set, process and operation various control parameters, to reach the optimal effect. 2. Operate by Hand: Can control your systom by hand in this controller Don't need connect PC. 3. Program managment: This controller can built,delete,modify,read, save,automatic processing,continuous,pause and other functions. Technical Information: 1. The smallest date unite: 0.0001mm 2. The biggest date unite: ± 99999.999mm 3. The highest frequency of pulse output: 50KHz (The 4 axises can reach 50KHZ at the same time) 4. Control axis: 4 axis (X, Y, Z, A axis) Main features: Parameter settings: For processing, control parameters related to the operation Manual operation: can be achieved manually, jog back to the program zero, back to mechanical zero, cleared coordinate operations. Program management: program can create, delete, modify, read, save, save, automatic processing, continuous, and pause. External Manual: Manually define a variety of external functions to facilitate the use of Freedom to select the input function: the limited input port can achieve a variety of user needs System components CNC system consists of the following components: High-performance, high-speed 32-bit ARM CPU Liquid crystal display (resolution: 320 × 240) Input / Output (10MA 16 opto-isolated inputs and 16 opto-isolated output pull-down tank flow 500MA) Users machining program memory can be implemented in any storage TF card Technical indicators The smallest unit of data 0.0001mm The maximum data size ± 99999.999mm Maximum pulse output frequency 50KHz (-axis simultaneous 50KHZ) Control axes 4 axes (X, Y, Z, A) 4-axis linkage axis and has a micro-multi-multi-axis interpolation control line forward Appearance and Panel: Dimensions: length 165*101*50
  3. 3. Package Included: 1 x Control breakout board 1 x IO input/Output connector(Optional) 1 x USB DISK 1 x Memory Card