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Can android be an http server

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LT at Shibuya.apk #22
Introduction to how to make Android Device an HTTP server.

Demo app is available at my GitHub repository below.

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Can android be an http server

  1. 1. Can Android be an HTTP Server? 2018.02.06 Tue. Tsuyoshi Chujo @ shibuya.apk # 22
  2. 2. About me Tsuyoshi Chujo ● Freelance engineer of Web services ○ Android, Web server (Servlet, Django, Ruby on Rails), etc. ● Currently, working as an Android developer in a manufacturer ● Social Accounts ○ Qiita: @chooyan-eng ○ GitHub: @chooyan-eng ○ dev.to: @chooyan ○ Twitter: @chooyan_i18n ● CodeYourRuby the device powered by Android (but NOT a Smart Phone)
  3. 3. Can Android be an HTTP Server? Ordinal architecture Client Server request response
  4. 4. Can Android be an HTTP Server? What I would like to discuss today Client Server request response
  5. 5. YES! Android CAN be an HTTP Server! ● HTTP is based on TCP ● HTTP is a protocol of “How to Control TCP” ○ See OSI or TCP/IP in detail ● All the OS (as far as I know) can use TCP. It’s the function of OS. ● Android OS also can use TCP ● Thus, Android device can be a HTTP server by extending TCP and implementing the specification on RFC 7230.
  6. 6. How to implement? ● Use java.net.ServerSocket ○ Basic class to accept requests based on TCP/IP protocol ○ InputStream and OutputStream of this class presents TCP Socket. ○ See my GitHub repository if you are interested in usage.
  7. 7. Flow Image Client Server open socket connect accept GET / HTTP/1.1CRLFUser-Agent: XXXXCRLFCookie:... parse and calculate the end of data. do something... Then, send back response.receive data and parse send data HTTP/1.1 200 OKCRLFContent-Type: text/htmlCRLF... establish connection
  8. 8. Demo if app does not work… see below :-( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_hZ_UsFKnIU Open the URL below with your favorite web browser :-) http://XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:20000 https://github.com/chooyan-eng/AndroidHttpServerDemo
  9. 9. When to Use? (in my experience) ● Embedded Android (Android on devices for specific operation) ○ Send data DIRECTLY from PC to Android devices via LAN. ○ Send data with TCP connection. (Not using HTTP, but basic idea is the same as discussion here) end data and control the device response
  10. 10. Thank you!