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A mosquito repellent story from india

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A short presentation on how "allout" Mosquito repellent brand lost its marketshare to Godrej Goodknight.

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A mosquito repellent story from india

  1. 1. A Mosquito Repellent Story from India ALLOUT Brand Study
  2. 2. "A successful branding program is based on the concept of singularity. It creates in the mind of the prospect the perception that there is no product on the market quite like your product." - Al Ries
  3. 3. The Mosquito Repellent Story With 255 species of mosquitoes believed to be responsible for spreading diseases like malaria & dengue fever; India has a large and growing market for mosquito repellents. Common methods: Creams, Coils, Mats, Sprays, Vaporizers. Anyhow the use of mosquito repellents in India was fairly low:
  4. 4. About ALLOUT •The Brand “ALLOUT” was found by Karamchand Appliances Pvt. Ltd ,Delhi (KAPL) •First manufacturer of Liquid vaporizer with technical expertise from Earth Chemicals Pvt.Ltd ,Japan • Launched the Brand “ALLOUT” in April 1990 in Mumbai •Attained 69% Market Share in Liquid Vaporizer segment in 1999. And Attained No.1 position in Liquid Vaporizer Segment. •The Success of the brand made “ALLOUT” a generic house hold name in Liquid Vaporizer Segement •KAPL was a single product company where as it’s competitors were multi- national company and was able to with-stand it’s competitor’s high decibel marketing campaigns
  5. 5. Issue Competitors of ALLOUTs(Indian Context) Product Category Company Name Brand Name Coils Bombay Chemicals Ltd. (BCL) Tortoise Sprays and Mats Bayer Baygon Spray, Baygon Power Mats Baygon Knockout Creams Balsara Hygiene Odomos Mats and Coils Tainwala Chemicals Casper Coils & Liquid Vaporizer Godrej Sara Lee Ltd. (GSLL) Jet Fighter Goodknight Jumbo Goodknight Instant Goodknight Smokeless Jet Jumbo Goodnight Activ+ Mats & Coils Reckitt & Coleman (R&C) Mortein Mortein King Mortein Red
  6. 6. •Tortoise ,1970 Mosquito Repellent Product Evolution •Goodknight Mats •ALLOUT Liquid Vaporizer •Liquid Vaporizer •Organic Repellent Odomos Repellent Cream
  7. 7. ALLOUT Style •Pioneer Effect: First of its kind product with Smoke Free, no residue, almost odorless •Ease to use & Long-lasting •Dependable Japanese Technology •High quality packing with big branding on it. It was an eye catcher in retail shelves. •Offbeat advertising: Launched the animated Japanese man eating mosquitoes and later stage showcased electronic vaporizer in animated frog form eating mosquitoes.
  8. 8. High quality packing with big branding Electronic vaporizer in animated frog form
  9. 9. Current Story •Over-hauled the brand in 2011 •Acquired the Brand by SC Johnson in 2005 •In 2011, Godrej’s Goodknight de-throned ALLOUT and became market leader in liquid Vapourizer Segment. * •In 2012, ALLOUT launched ALLOUT Ultra, Launched a Television Campaign with Sonali Bendra. *July 2011 market share figures by Nielsen
  10. 10. Reasons for Market Share Fall-out Launch of superior product Goodknight Advance •Product of Year – 2009, in Household Insecticide category •Has dual mode, Normal Mode for normal mosquito problem, Activ + Mode for heavy mosquito infestation Hidden Reason: Fallout of psychological bond with the brand •Failure of acceptance of the over-hauled brand
  11. 11. Failure of acceptance of the over-hauled brand: The Reasons •First brand to launch Liquid Vaporizer •2 decades of existence •Tried & tested. It is safe. •Being there through out my childhood Psychological Outlook •Is this the same old brand? •Looks like Raid •Should I take this? •It may contain harmful chemicals from Ra product •Is it the original ALLOUT Brand?
  12. 12. Purchase Decision Good Health Sound Sleep Relief from Mosquitoes Repellent •Easy to use •Oderless •Smokeless •Long-lasting Repellent •Latest in Tech •Value for Money •Consistent Vaporiser
  13. 13. Purchase Decision Good Health Sound Sleep Relief from Mosquitoes Repellent Repellent The over-hauled ALLOUT brand will face mental block in the 1st Step of Decision process. When it comes FMCGs, A consumer spends less than a minute to make a decision to take a product from retail shelf
  14. 14. A Big confusion A Bigger confusion •Which is what? •Is Allout a Raid product • •Is it Raid , ALLOUT or Baygon? •Does ALLOUT has Baygon Chemicals?
  15. 15. Brand Insight •The over-hauled ALLOUT Brand leaves a lot of room for confusion . •Brings in the imagery Raid & Baygon into the Brand •Character transformation from mosquito repellent to pesticide/ Insecticide repellent spa
  16. 16. The New Plot ( The Killing of the Frog) The new advertisement showcases a caring mother protecting her children from mosquitoes by using ALLOUT product. Wit the launch of ad, AllOut too has jumped on the family bandwagon and killed the uniqueness that the frog provided in a cluttered market. Its latest ad has the same feel and look like other mosquito repellent commercials that revolve around a mom fighting mosquitoes and protecting her kids. THE BIG QUESTION ?Can a caring mother buy a product which looks similar to Raid. What will be her concerns?
  17. 17. A shopper’s Dilemma ALLOUT branded Insecticides with Baygon branding ALLOUT Mosquito Repellent.
  18. 18. Story of Nirma Beuty Soap ( A Psychology Story) • Nirma detergent No.1 brand in detergent segment •Launched Nirma beauty soap under the same brand •Lost –out of competition as consumer associated Nirma with cleaning detergent and not as a beauty soap.
  19. 19. Story of Tik 20 • A one of a kind product launched by TATA Rallies for killing of Bed bugs • Attained a respectable market share and retained No.1 product for bed bugs. • Tried extending the product to other category like mosquito repellent • Launched mosquito repellent under same name with same color scheme • Failed to capture the attention of the consumer. Lost out of competition. • Both Tik 20 (Bed Bugs & Mosquito solutions) died out.
  20. 20. Solution •Bring back the old charm •Bring back the frog campaign to establish that the new ALLOUT is same as the old one. •Identify better positioning i.e ALLOUT= Complete Mosquito Eradication solution •Can pull back the market share by launching organic mosquito repellent