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30 sept

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30 sept

  1. 1. Today's $5 special is the chicken quesadilla with rice or wedge fries and comes with a jet juice or bottled water There is FREE oatmeal for staff and students every morning from 7:30 till 9:30
  2. 2. EQUITY GROUP Meeting tomorrow at 11:10 in the Library seminar room. We discuss social issues and how we can make SCI an inclusive school.
  3. 3. Jr Girls’ Basketball Outstanding Offence & Defense! Good luck at Bear Creek this Weekend!
  4. 4. TODAY During Period 3(last period) STUDENTS MUST GO TO CLASS FOR ATTENDANCE Watch Mrs. Perrin get PIED!!! Purchase a strip of duct tape for $2 and help tape Mrs. McLeod to a wall! The class that raises the most money will get a DQ cake. Prize for BEST COSTUME!!! OUR GOAL THIS YEAR IS $2000 Please bring money to donate or pick up a pledge form for additional fundraising!
  5. 5. If you wrote the Literacy Test last year Pick up your results from the office (NOT during class)
  6. 6. Reminder of our meeting TOMORROW Start of Lunch Room 665 See you there!
  7. 7. Trent University representatives will be here at 9:30 If you haven’t signed up please do so in the Guidance office
  8. 8. LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEER COACHES Call now if you would like to be a volunteer coach! 9 Greengage Road New Lowell, ON L0M 1N0 705-424-0427 www.baseballcentral.ca info@baseballcentral.ca
  10. 10. SCI ROCK GUITAR CLUB THURSDAYS At lunch Room 207 Think you can shred? Prove it! Don’t play at all? Want to learn? That’s great too! All abilities welcome!!
  11. 11. THIS THURSDAY’S GAME HAS BEEN RESCHEDULED We will be practicing Wed and Thurs this week