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Impact sourcing 2011 conference

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Impact sourcing 2011 conference

  1. 1. 1
  2. 2. 2 Welcome to the 2011 Impact Sourcing Conference. Our theme, Impact Sourcing: An Emerging Path to Sustainable Job Creation speaks for itself. This conference is supported by the Rockefeller Foundations’ Poverty Reduction through Information and Digital Employment (PRIDE) initiative. This is an effort that supports the development and testing of Impact Sourcing (IS) business models, the research on interventions and the building of the network of key Impact Sourcing stakeholders to advance the field. Impact Sourcing employs individuals with limited opportunity for sustainable employment as principal workers in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) centres to provide high-quality, information-based services to domestic and international public and private-sector clients. In order to advance the PRIDE initiative and to bring the notion of Impact Sourcing to life, the Rockefeller Foundation has organized this conference to encourage robust debate amongst current and future Impact Sourcing (IS) stakeholders. In order to assist us in moving forward, we hope that your deliberations will centre around the following themes, which are the objectives of the conference: • IS Is providing job opportunities to people that otherwise would not be able to access jobs? (How do we know that these populations are BOP – income, location, social status, nature of recruitment, etc)? • To what extent does IS produce positive social outcomes with regards to employment? (What is the nature of “good work” and how do we define/track it) • To what extent does IS produce positive social outcomes beyond employment? (What indicators could serve as proxies and/or already being tracked) • What are the training outcomes of IS employees potential employees? How do these compare to traditional BPOs? • What are the relative strengths and weaknesses of the different operating models of Impact Sourcing? • What is the level of demand (and changes in this over time) for IS services? • What are the incentives and barriers that mediate clients’ use of IS? (e.g. costs, quality, location, social impact) • What is the potential of Impact Sourcing to scale? • What interests do key stakeholders including governments, donors and impact investors have in supporting Impact Sourcing? Thank you and Welcome. Message from Dr James Nyoro Managing Director, Africa Rockefeller Foundation
  3. 3. 3 About the Rockefeller Foundation About the Keynote Speaker Dr Kate Philips Expert Advisor to the Presidency of South Africa The Rockefeller Foundation’s mission is to promote the well-being of people throughout the world. It has remained unchanged since its founding in 1913. Today, that mission is applied to an era of rapid globalization. The Rockefeller Foundation’s vision is that this century will be one in which globalization’s benefits are more widely shared and its challenges are more easily weathered. To realize this vision, the Foundation seeks to achieve two fundamental goals in its work. First, it seeks to build resilience that enhances individual, community and institutional capacity to survive, adapt, and grow in the face of acute crises and chronic stresses. Second, it seeks to promote growth with equity in which the poor and vulnerable have more access to opportunities that improve their lives. In order to achieve these goals, the Foundation constructs its work into timebound initiatives that have defined objectives and strategies for impact. Through the years our work has focused on improving lives by focusing on health, education and agriculture, and leveraging resources from a range of partners, including government, industry and other funders. Throughout our history, one of our hallmarks has been innovation. We apply the idea of innovation to our mission of improving the well-being of people – using our resources and working partners to create new products, processes, or services that are discontinuous from previous practice and yield new avenues for solving acute problems or fulfilling an organization’s mission. www.rockefellerfoundation.org Dr Kate Philip is an adviser to the Presidency on strategies for employment creation, with a focus on the marginalised poor and on public employment strategies. From 2007-2009, she headed a strategy process on inclusive growth initiated by the Presidency and hosted in policy NGO TIPS (Trade and Industrial Policy Strategies). One of the outcomes of this strategy process was the development of a community-driven approach to public employment, called the Community Work Programme. Philip programme-managed the pilot phase of the CWP, now institutionalized within the Department of Co-operative Governance. Her PhD topic was: ‘Enterprise Development on the Margins: Making Markets Work for the Poor?’ Her work has focused on the challenges that confront market development approaches in South Africa’s context of deep structural inequality, and the economic distortions this creates.
  4. 4. 4 The Poverty Reduction through Information and Digital Employment (PRIDE) initiative seeks to catalyze a new arm of the BPO sector, known as Impact Sourcing (IS), which employs poor and vulnerable people as principal workers in BPO centers to provide high quality information based services to domestic and international clients. The Problem and the Opportunity: • PRIDE seeks to address the lack of employment opportunities for poor and vulnerable populations. • PRIDE seeks to do this by enabling people at the poor and vulnerable populations to tap into employment opportunities generated by the $119 billion global outsourcing sector. • PRIDE will harness the outsourcing sector to foster a critical new arm of the industry called impact sourcing. The Strategy: PRIDE has three strategies: • Demonstrations: PRIDE will support various IS business models to create jobs in rural and urban communities where job opportunities are few and skill levels low leading to demonstrated viability of IS business models. • Research & Learning: PRIDE will support research leading to recommendations on the supply and demand side of IS and on the enabling environment that, if implemented, will help to improve IS business models, increase the demand for IS work and improve the enabling environment for the IS sector. • Coalition Building: PRIDE will mobilize a coalition of key stakeholders leading to an engaged group of diverse stakeholders to further inform each other’s thinking and to begin promoting the IS sector and to catalyze its growth. PRIDE
  5. 5. 5 • • • Buyersof ISServices TraditionalBPO Community Funding Sources Enabling Environment DirectLinkto ISEmployees
  6. 6. 6 Programme Impact Sourcing: An Emerging Path to Sustainable Job Creation? December 05th , 2011 Johannesburg, South Africa 07h30 – 08h30 Registration Inaugural Session: Setting the stage 08h30 -09h00 Welcoming Address Dr. James Nyoro, Managing Director, Africa, Rockefeller Foundation 09h00 -09h30 Keynote Address Dr Kate Philip, Expert Advisor to the Presidency of South Africa on employment strategies for the marginalised poor. 09h30 – 10h00 Impact Sourcing: RF Initiative Model Eme Essien Lore, Associate Director, Rockefeller Foundation Moderator Dr Raymond Ngcobo, CEO: Local Economic Development Agency 10h00 – 10h15 Tea break Panel Discussions: 10h15-11h15 Successful ISSP/ Entrepreneur Models – Proof of Concept Impact Sourcing Service Providers (ISSPs)will have an opportunity to demonstrate this concept and showcase their work and social impact. The session will also feature entrepreneurs who have built sustainable businesses and will share knowledge and vital information on aspects such as Service Level Agreements (SLA) and surviving the ups and downs of both the country economic and business cycles. Questions: • Can ISSPs be sustainable in a market economy or are donor funds a necessity? • Is Impact Sourcing delivering the social impact envisaged? Moderator Roland Witham, Independent Industry Consultant Panelists Suleman Shaik, Direct Channel (SA) Lakshmann, Techno Brain (Kenya – World Vision in Ghana) Leila Chirayath, Samasource (Global) 11h15-12h15 The Role of Industry Impact Sourcing is not only for ISSPs so the aim of this session is to bring together key industry players to discuss IS from an industry player point of view. The private sector can 1) hire poor and vulnerable populations and 2) create a private market that supports impact sourcing. Industry should start outsourcing to the severely economically distressed areas. One of the demand constraints that are faced with Impact Sourcing Service Providers (ISSPʼs) is accessing clients and contracts during their early stage of development. Questions: • What factors are necessary for traditional BPOs to provide a steady stream of work to Impact Sourcing Service Providers (ISSPs)? • What would it take for traditional BPOs to hire those from the BoP thus becoming impact sourcers? How do we avoid the race to the bottom ( i.e. is the only value proposition for hiring the Bottom of the Pyramid being the ability to pay lower wages ) and other unintended consequences? • Is impact sourcing a liability for traditional BPOs especially those in the emerging markets? Moderator Mark Harris, Chairman: Business Process Enabling South Africa ( BPeSA) Panelists Walter Fang, Neusoft America, Inc. Rita Soni, NASSCOM Foundation Gary Bennett, Aegis Global BPO
  7. 7. 7 Programme 12h15-13h00 Training models A critical factor in building sustainable Impact Sourcing models is the availability of sustainable training models. In general, human capital plays a critical role in the sourcing value chain. Employees are the oil that glues the engine of the service providers. In this session, the various training institutions will share their training methodologies. Questions: • How can the quality of Impact Sourcing (IS) jobs be improved? • Can the employees from poor backgrounds be trained and therefore deliver high quality work? Moderator Bulumko Nelana, Head of Department: Economic Development Environmental Affairs and Tourism.Eastern Cape Province. Panelists Jerry Durant, International Institute for Outsource Management (IIOM) Rajesh Bhat, Village BPO (Head Held High) Taddy Blecher, BPO Academy Kartik Kilachand, World BPO Forum (Brazil model) 13h00 – 14h00 Lunch 14h00-15h00 The Role of Government Governments are key stakeholders that need to deliver favorable policies that lead to an enabling environment. They must direct the market and industry to be socially responsible and sustainable and encourage new activities in underserved areas. The government could also provide direct financial support in the form of incentives or institutional support and influence markets through laws, regulation, policy innovation and economic development. Questions: • Can the successful country models in certain countries within Africa be replicated elsewhere in across the Continent and beyond? • What policy measures do Governments need to establish for IS to take off? • How can Governments become a source of anchor demand for ISSPs? • Is there evidence of government providing anchor demand? • Where there is potential to grow, what incentives are needed? Moderator Pumela Salela, International BPO Consultant Panelists Mauritius: Suraj Ramgolam Global: Kevin Parikh, Avasant South Africa: Andy Searle, Paladin Consulting South Africa: Nomonde Mesatywa,the dti 15h00 – 15h15 Tea break 15h15 – 16h30 Way Forward: Mapping out the future for Impact Sourcing Question to be answered is: How can this all come together? This session will quiz the key BPO experts on ways in which they think that Impact Sourcing can take shape within the context of Globalization of Services. The Advisory Service companies, who are experts in the field, will share innovative ways which they think could help address the supply side and the demand side constraints which are experienced by buyers and sellers of Impact Sourcing services. Specific Interventions will be proposed which will enhance the future of Impact Sourcing. Moderator Dr. James Nyoro, Managing Director, Africa, Rockefeller Foundation Bobby Varanasi, Martyzel Consulting Robert Janssen, Outsource Brazil Francois Degueldre, Outsource Europe 16h30 – 17h30 Conference summary The Avasant Team 17h30 – 18h00 Closure Dr. James Nyoro 18h00 Group Photo 19h00 Gala Dinner
  8. 8. 8 Speaker Profiles Suleman Shaik Chief Executive Officer As Chief Executive of Direct Channel Holdings, Suleman has been at the forefront of developing and implementing the growth strategy that has seen Direct Channel grow into one of the leading BPO and contact centre operators on the African continent. He has been at the forefront of driving Direct Channel’s expansion into sub-Saharan Africa as well as implementing an aggressive diversification strategy that has seen the company transform from being a narrowly focussed outbound telemarketing call centre to a contact centre and BPO operator offering a diverse range of BPO services. Through his social entrepreneurship approach to doing business, Suleman has been totally committed to only recruiting and training unemployed individuals from previously disadvantaged backgrounds. Direct Channel has attracted the attention of a number of global outsource leaders in recent years – in 2010 Direct Channel announced its partnership agreement with Mahindra Satyam BPO, one of India’s leading contact centre BPO companies, part of the NYSE listed Mahindra Group. In 2009, NCO Customer Services, one of North America’s leading BPO companies partnered exclusively with Direct Channel to deliver its customer service programs in Africa. Suleman is a current Director of BPeSA (Business Process Enabling South Africa) and works closely with government and business bodies tasked with attracting offshore and foreign direct investment into South Africa. Lakshman General Manager Techno Brain BPO ITES Ltd Lakshman is the General Manager of Techno Brain BPO ITES Ltd, where he is responsible for its strategy, management, entire service delivery of its provider operations including transitioning of client accounts, stabilization of service delivery and ongoing continuous improvement. Lakshman holds over 15 years of experience in managing different global business process service delivery models. Prior to joining Techno Brain, he served as AVP, Operations with Infosys BPO, India supporting major Telecom Clients from US & UK markets. His earlier assignments also comprises of his various work roles with Thomson Corporation, IBM Global Services, & Perot Systems in the BPO / ITES sector. He is currently involved in building Techno Brain’s BPO / ITES capability across various services & industry verticals. Techno Bran has grown from 30 to 200 plus employees with numerous Clients in the field of customer service, financial services and KPO. It has started a new 100 seat capacity operational facility in Uganda recently. Lakshman as a part of Techno Brain have been involved in Impact Sourcing work for Rockefeller partners and various other NGOs in the African market. He has also initiated the Child Help Line project for Kenya in 2011 followed by his ongoing engagement with Samasource, World Vision, Enablis, etc in the field of Impact Sourcing. Through his career, he has been involved in developing and operational strategies, building customer-focused solutions aimed at enhancing retention and loyalty, developing pricing and revenue models besides managing service delivery. His expertise lies in conceptualizing and leading the development of service delivery frameworks that build competencies and institutionalize best practices. He plays a key role in building scalabilities into the organization’s operations to facilitate a quick ramp-up. His zeal for automation & effective MIS management has led to the development of a completely automated business process systems suite, including Knowledge management, workflow management and other enabling technologies. Lakshman holds a MBA in Finance from the Symbiosis University, India and also holds Masters & Bachelors in Commerce.
  9. 9. 9 Speaker Profiles Walter Fang Ex-President, Neusoft America Inc. Fer-Hoc Walter Fang until his recent retirement in October 2011, was Board Director and President of Neusoft America Inc., responsible for the P&L, sales and marketing, and business operations of Neusoft America. Mr. Fang has worked for Neusoft Corporation since 2002, as CTO of Neusoft Group, and VP of International BD and Marketing. Mr. Fang has over 36 years of IT experiences working for large multinational IT companies in Asia and North America, including 28 years with IBM, and has held many senior management, technical, and consulting positions in IBM Canada, IBM U.S., IBM Asia Pacific, and IBM China. Prior to joining Neusoft, Mr. Fang was CEO of Computer And Technologies Software Ltd. from 2000 to 2002. He has managed this start-up company in China and grew its software business substantially during his tenure. Mr. Fang currently serves as Chairman of International Association of Outsourcing Professional (IAOP) Beijing Chapter; he is also an advisory member of the Expert Commission of CCIIP (China Council for International Investment Promotion) ChinaSourcing Working Committee, an advisor to the Service Science Department of Zhejiang Normal University, and a Senior Consultant for Chinese Software and Information Services Industry Alliance. Mr. Fang graduated from Cheng Kung University in Taiwan with a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering. He received a Master of Science degree in computer science from National Taiwan University. Rita Soni CEO, NASSCOM Foundation Rita was appointed as the CEO of NASSCOM Foundation in October 2010. As part of the social development arm of NASSCOM, Rita aims at strengthening the efforts of the IT Industry towards inclusive growth, building strategic relationships and establishing effective linkages between industry, non-profits & government; to contributing to the cause of social development. With 18 years of experience in both the private and non-profit sectors, Rita started her professional journey with General Electric; moving from an engineering management training program, to the Corporate Audit Staff followed by operations and finance at NBC. Prior to joining NASSCOM Foundation, she was the Country Head - Responsible Banking, at YES BANK, and spearheaded a pioneering business approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability. As a part of the core team that offered innovative financial solutions to address a wide spectrum of issues, she managed projects centering sustainable livelihoods, food security, public health, education & climate change. In her career stint, Rita has also worked with the American India Foundation (AIF), heading Communications & Advocacy for their India operations. Rita has a Master of International Affairs (MIA) degree from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) in New York City, and a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering with Honours from Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey.
  10. 10. 10 Gary Bennett Vice President for Operations at Aegis Gary has an over 18 years of contact centre operations experience. With a solid career foundation in UK financial services Gary moved to training and implementation within the customer centre environment. With this introduction to customer experience and customer centres, from an in house perspective, he moved to managing a £8million client account for a UK outsourcer. Having completed sales and campaign set up for other clients in this environment he moved to Virgin Mobile UK in order to set up their customer centre operation before launch. This initial set up role developed into a senior operational position running onsite operations and managing a UK outsourcer. In 2005 he was offered the opportunity to set up an offshore operation in South Africa and successfully completed this, growing it to the position today where it handles up to 70% of all Virgin Mobile UK contract customer traffic. Now Vice President for Operations at Aegis in South Africa Gary is responsible for both domestic and offshore client campaigns employing nearly 2000 people. In addition to this he heads the Happy World CSI initiatives supported by Aegis in SA. Anant Rao Director- Global Shared Services Centre An Operations and Technology Professional for last 16 yrs. Has been the Director of Global Shared Services Centre for UBA from 2008 onwards. Responsible for Setting up of the State of the art Shared Services centre for UBA group and managed the transition of all the Operations processes across the group for all 18 UBA presence countries and Non Bank Subsidiaries in Africa. Prior to UBA, worked for 14 years in Operations and Technology of Citigroup in India. Has been part of the Start up team in setting up of the World Class Operations Delivery centre for Citigroup in India. Lead large Transformational offshoring projects for Citigroup in EMEA and Asia pacific regions. Managed Consumer and Corporate Banking Operations for various countries under EMEA, Asia Pacific and North America regions. Has Deep Domain Knowledge and rich experience in Banking Operations and Technology, Outsourcing, Offshoring and Risk Management in the Banking and Financial Services Industry. Rich Experience in leading and implementing Operations Excellence and Business Transformation projects in Operations and Technology. Jerry Durant Chairman Emeritus The International Institute for Outsource Management (IIOM) Jerry Durant is the Chairman Emeritus and founder of the International Institute for Outsource Management, a trade organisation dedicated to assessing, developing, and guiding outsource service providers in the ITO, BPO, call centre and KPO industries. He authored the Outsoucing Management Body of Knowledge and implemented the only outsource provider viability assessment model - Global Star Certification (GSC). GSC examinations have been conducted since 1988 in over 70 countries and for over 200 companies. He also established the first International Outsource Management Research Centre in Wuxi, China. With over 30 years of IT experience, Mr. Durant, a consumate innovator in outsourcing is widely regarded for his talent not only in IT, but also in business. Speaker Profiles
  11. 11. 11 Speaker Profiles Rajesh Bhat Co-founder of the Head Held High Foundation Rajesh Bhat is the co-founder of the Head Held High Foundation and manages Magic Wand, the training arm of the foundation. Born & brought-up in a remote village in Karnataka, India, he went on to complete his engineering from Mysore and worked as a software developer with an organization in the mobile applications space called OnMobile. On one of his many visits to his village, the idea of starting a rural BPO in his village struck him – primarily as a way of creating knowledge economy jobs in the villages. He started reaching out to like-minded individuals and eventually teamed up with three others to co-create the concept of the Head Held High Foundation. Rajesh & team started off the proof-of-concept in 2007, by recruiting a group of zero- educated village youth and demonstrated that it was indeed possible to transform such youth into employable individuals in a short span of 8 months. The team designed & executed the breakthrough training from scratch and created a blueprint for scaling this up rapidly. Based on the success of this experiment, Rajesh was the first individual to join the Foundation fulltime in 2008, and now dedicates his time in executing the vision of Head Held High. Rajesh also represented the Head Held High Foundation at the CNN-IBN Real Heroes Award 2011, where he was recognized as one of the persons responsible for driving the transformation of rural youth. Rajesh has been invited to share his experiences in several forums; and is an active speaker. Dr Taddy Blecher Executive Chairman of Invincible Outsourcing Dr Taddy Blecher is the Executive Chairman of Invincible Outsourcing; CEO of the Community and Individual Development Association and the Maharishi Institute; and Chairman of the SA National Government task team on Entrepreneurship, Education, & Job Creation. He is a pioneer of the free tertiary education movement in South Africa, helping create five free access institutions of higher learning. Dr Blecher co-founded the Branson School of Entrepreneurship with Sir Richard Branson, and has raised over R450 million in cash, property and equity to support free access to post-secondary school education. As a result, over 5,500 unemployed South Africans have been educated, found employment and moved from poverty to the middle-class. These formerly unemployed youth now have combined salaries in excess of R250 million p.a. and expected life-time earnings of R9.5 billion. Over 600 000 young South Africans in schools have been reached with one-week education and life-skills training courses. Dr Blecher was a 2002 World Economic Forum “Global Leader of Tomorrow” award recipient, a 2005 World Economic Forum “Young Global Leader of the World”, a Skoll Global Social Entrepreneur winning a $1 million prize for his work, and has been honoured with two honorary doctorates. In 2009 he was named by author Tom Peters as one of his top 5 most influential entrepreneurs in the world over the last 30 years. A qualified actuary and management consultant, Dr Blecher is passionate about the approach of Consciousness-Based Education, a system of education developing the full potential of every student.
  12. 12. 12 Speaker Profiles Kartik L. Kilachand Co-founder & CEO of World BPO/ITO Forum Kartik L. Kilachand is a proven serial entrepreneur in building consumer franchises in both developed and developing countries. His most valuable assets are the operational skills developed during his twenty five years in entrepreneurial general management. In the process, he has also become an extremely effective negotiator across different cultures – particularly USA and India. Mr Kilachand is the co-founder & CEO of World BPO/ITO Forum, the leading interface platform in the US for enabling vendor/client interaction in the ‘offshoring’ domain for mid – large cap companies. He is also the co-founder of ‘Tasty Bite’, currently the # 1brand of ready to eat Indian & Thai food in the US. One of the other well known ventures he partnered with was with ‘Sycamore Networks’, a leading US optical networking company, in helping it start its Indian operations, ‘Tejas Networks’. Prior to that, Mr. Kilachand led a joint venture with Pepsi-Cola International to market a range of specialty products in the US by using India as a source point. Having consulted for many multinationals in evolving their entry strategies into India (Westinghouse Electric Corporation; Dole Food Co. & Tropicana have been clients), he has acquired an array of experience which provides him a unique perspective in conducting business in both markets. Before turning into an entrepreneur, Mr Kilachand held several management positions with General Electric Co. at its international headquarters in New York City. An engineer by training ( I.I.T., Bombay ), Mr. Kilachand holds an MS in electrical engineering from Cornell University; an MBA in international finance from U.C. Berkeley & the AMP certification from INSEAD. Sanjeeva Shukla Executive Vice-President; Head, Government Advisory Services Group and International Partner Program Sanjeeva Shukla looks after relationships with government and institutional stakeholders and also heads the research and standards proliferation operations of BPO Certification Institute, Inc. (www. bpocertifications.com). He has been associated with BCI since its inception and is a leading global thinker and researcher on issues related to business process and human performance excellence in the BPO space. Over the last three years, Sanjeeva has spearheaded the world’s first initiative of developing outsourcing knowledge centers in third world countries and thus we now have the International Centers of Outsourcing Studies being established in several leading universities of nations that are trying to develop their outsourcing industries. Sanjeeva’s contributions to BCI’s knowledge bodies on standards and credentialing in business process outsourcing are seminal and among his many path-breaking accomplishments, the development of pan- domain standards for the BPO industry stands foremost. Sanjeeva has also masterminded the development and evolution of BCI’s credentialing system network that stretches across 30 countries and has capabilities to offer services in almost 300 global locations. An alumnus of the prestigious Benares Hindu University in India, Sanjeeva holds Master’s degree in Condensed Matter Physics and MBA in International Business from the Faculty of Management Studies. He has more than 18 years of professional management experience behind him and has led in functions as diverse as business research, process modeling and strategic planning in the past.
  13. 13. 13 Speaker Profiles Suraj Ramgolam Chairperson of the National Computer Board of Mauritius Suraj Ramgolam is a well known figure in the field of Information and Communication Technology in Mauritius since the past 18 years. He is the Chairperson of the National Computer Board of Mauritius and he also holds the position of Project Manager at the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology. He holds a BTech (Hons) in Computer Science and Engineering and a Master of Business Administration with Specialisation in Human Resource Management. As Chairman of the National Computer Board, he provides strategic direction in the discharge of the statutory functions of the organization in advising and implementing Government ICT policies particularly in areas like ICT Culture Promotion, Promoting ICT Business and Incubation, Cybersecurity through the Computer Emergency Response Team, ICT Research, Planning and Indicators and eGovernment. Suraj has led the elaboration of the National ICT Strategic Plan 2011 – 2014 - a project funded by the African Development Bank. As Project Manager at the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, he has wide experience in the implementation of eGovernment applications. He is presently involved in the implementation of the National eHealth Strategy, eProcurement System, Pan African eNetwork Project (which is a African/ Government of India initiative) and a Submarine Fibre optic connectivity. He is a member of the British Computer Society and is a medalist for the Mauritian IT Personality award for the year 2009. Kevin S. Parikh, Esq. Global CEO, Sr. Partner, Avasant Kevin Parikh is the Global CEO and Sr. Partner of Avasant. Mr. Parikh specializes in IT and business process (BP) outsourcing, contract and service-level negotiations, joint ventures, captive centers, strategic management, business risk evaluation and software licensing. His practice engages in both nearshore and offshore sourcing solutions. Prior to joining Avasant, Mr. Parikh led the Global Sourcing practice for Gartner Consulting. Mr. Parikh is based in Los Angeles, California. Mr. Parikh has also worked closely in support of government clients that seek to increase foreign direct investment (FDI). In this regard, he works on a global basis with the World Bank, the U.S. Government, and other United Nations funded and driven projects. As an attorney by training, he specializes in negotiating complex and global transactions where he works toward bridging the gaps between legal counsel and business team objectives. Mr. Parikh received a bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Davis, in economics and political science and his Juris Doctor from American University. Mr. Parikh also completed his tenure as a California Senate Fellow in 1993. Mr. Parikh has delivered numerous outsourcing presentations to the Practising Law Institute, NCRG, LSI, and other legal and professional organizations. In addition, he has published articles in the areas of performance based contracting and benchmarking governance. Mr. Parikh was a participant in President Clinton’s One America discussions and has testified as an expert on numerous technology issues before the California Senate Energy and Public Utilities Committee.
  14. 14. 14 Andy Searle Paladin Consulting Founder and director of Paladin Consulting and Paladin People Solutions, two companies focused on the local and international BPO&O Sector. Andy has 20 years’ experience in customer service with the last 13 years spent as a management consultant and strategist , working in industries including: Education; Sports, FMCG, Financial Services, IT, Transport, and now across industries in BPO&O. Andy is essentially an entrepreneur with previous experience in various management roles in small and medium size enterprises. During the past 8 years Andy has been extensively involved in the formulation and implementation of various aspects of the South African BPO&O strategy thereby gaining exposure to and experience in the many strategic and functional aspects of this industry. During this time Andy and his team have developed market entry strategies for new entrants to the BPO&O Sector, conducted feasibility studies and due diligence exercises on behalf of clients, managed large RFI / RFP processes, defined and implemented performance improvement projects across channels; designed operating models and structures; and rolled out large scale skills development programmes across the country. This exposure has also informed the development of some rather unique and very effective skills development solutions aimed at the agent entry level and junior and middle managers, to raise the level of competence and confidence of people in the workplace. Nomonde Mesatywa Chief Director for BBBEE, Department of Trade and Industry Ms Nomonde Mesatywa is the Chief Director for Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment in the Department of Trade and Industry since 2008, in her current position she is mandated to oversee the effective implementation of BBBEE policy and its related strategy. She is an admitted attorney by profession. Her area of focus is mainly public policy development and implementation. She speaks extensively about BBBEE at international platforms and locally participates in empowerment conferences , BEE workshops, BEE seminars and she has written various articles and opinion pieces for some of the most influential magazines on BBBEE. She has served in the NEF Board in 2009. Currently she is a Commissioner in the Employment Equity Commission and is further the Secretariat for the Presidential BEE advisory Council, she was recently featured in the Financial mail LITTLE BLACK BOOK 2010/11. Bobby Varanasi, COP, COOPM Chairman & CEO, Matryzel Consulting Inc Ramaprasad “Bobby” Varanasi brings with him over 15 years of experience in consulting and management across IT, Business Process services and building offshore operations. He served in various positions within Strategy Consulting, Country Market Development, Program & Risk Management, Service Delivery and Customer Relationship Management. He advises federal governments across four continents on ICT sector development with particular emphasis on policy development, industry-government partnerships aimed at creating GDP growth and enabling positive economic impacts. Bobby also advises Fortune 500 customer organizations on Strategic Planning, Mergers & Acquisitions, JVs, Private Capital Investment Evaluations, Process Reengineering, Pricing Strategies, Sourcing Relationships, Business & Financial Modeling et al, contributing immensely to global sourcing for clients. His international experience across various markets – Europe, USA, Middle East, Caribbean, Latin America, Africa and Asia Pacific – has enabled him develop expertise in services globalization. Speaker Profiles
  15. 15. 15 Speaker Profiles Robert Jannsen Outsource Brazil Robert Janssen, a dual citizen of the United States and Brazil, graduated in International Business and Information Systems and began his career in the information technology sector in 1986. Robert is the managing partner of Outsource Brazil, an international business development advisory, focused in providing tailored intelligence and objective execution, for companies wanting to establish profitable business alliances and penetrate international markets. He has extensive experience in international business, and great understanding how the cultural differences influence the business environment and have an impact on the desired outcome. He is also a Senior Advisor to the Brazilian government’s IT industry promotion agency SOFTEX, since 1998. The Brazil IT program is designed to help Brazilian IT companies foster business relationships and penetrate different markets around the globe. He is responsible for providing guidance at designing and overseeing the market development strategies for the IT services and mobile industries. In the last 2 years, Robert has been deeply engaged in building special agreements and programs between India, South Africa and Brazil for workforce development for the unprivileged youth. He hosts the South South Innovation Summit in Rio de Janeiro every year and now is helping structure the first Tri Sister City Alliance – TriSCA, between Pune (India), Johannesburg (South Africa) and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). François Degueldre Board Member, European Outsourcing Association François Degueldre was born near Paris in 1945. He graduated in 1969 from Ecole Supérieure de Commerce et d’Administration des Entreprises of Nantes (France) and received a Fulbright Grant for special studies at Bowdoin College (USA). From 1971 to 1973, he joined the French Cooperation as Professor of Economics at the University of Mauritius. Returning to France, he held various financial positions for major multinational companies in Europe such as FORD, RCA, GENERAL MILLS, KENNER-PARKER, MOORE and STANDARD PRODUCTS. Then he joined HONEYWELL as the Country President for France in charge of the various business units and the common shared services. From 1999 to 2008, he was the European Finance Director at DELPHI, a leading component supplier to the automotive manufacturers. DELPHI Europe employs about 50 000 people at 100 sites within 60 legal entities. In September 2008, he retired from Delphi, joined the European Outsourcing Association France as Board Member and created OPULUS, a consulting company specialized in Finance transformation, Financial Shared Services ,Business Process Outsourcing and Information Technology Outsourcing, Mergers and Acquisitions between European and Chinese companies.
  16. 16. 16 Session Moderators Dr Raymond Ngcobo CEO: Local Economic Development Agency Dr Raymond Ngcobo is a keen scholar of the global economic system .He holds a doctoral degree in Industrial, Organizational and Labour Studies from the University of KwaZulu-Natal. He has developed a formidable record of experience that includes both public and private sectors. Dr Ngcobo serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Sisonke Development Agency responsible for Local Economic Development. He is a former Convenor and Chairperson of the Business Process Outsourcing and Offshoring (BPO&O ) Steering Committee for the Partnership Committee for the National Government . He emerged as a principal champion of the Services Sector in South Africa, as part of the industrial development function of the Economic Cluster of the Forum for South Africa’s Director-Generals (FOSAD). His previous roles include Deputy Director General (DDG) for Industrial Development and Business Regulations in the Department of Economic Development and Tourism in Kwazulu-Natal with a strategic focus of driving the provincial industrial development agenda, through the customized and structured programmes in the manufacturing, services and resource-based extractive industries. He has also provided policy support to in various organs of the State in the area of strategic industrial infrastructure such as special economic zones, industrial upgrading and modernization and human capital formations across South Africa. Within the same institutions , Dr Ngcobo has managed the corporate, consumer and regulatory matters, aimed at creating a conducive environment for business activity amongst industry players. Roland Witham Independent Industry Consultant Roland’s formal education is in communication, with a BA from the University of Johannesburg. He holds a certificate in Management Development from Wits Business School and tested for and earned the prestigious designation, CIAC Certified Call Centre Management Consultant (CCMC), as one of only four South Africans to hold this accreditation. He is a former founding member of the SABS BPO and Contact Centre Quality Standards Technical Committee, a Chairman and executive member of the Contact in Gauteng Talent Development Portfolio and consulted to the national business process outsourcing association BPeSA on several occasions. He has been a guest speaker in Brazil at the South Innovation Summit for IT BPO, in France at the Global Contact Centre Forum, in Belgium and around South Africa for various BPO events. He has written / co-written various articles, including Sustainable motivation in call centres, Retention in call centres and the workplace of the future. Roland has been a part time lecturer at the Tshwane University of Technology Advanced Contact Centre Management. He currently is an independent industry consultant. Prior to starting his own consulting business he was a Director and Editor of the Contactindustryhub, a General Manager at Quest Connect and a Divisional manager at Discovery Holdings. Mark J. Harris Vice President, Business Development MEA (Middle East & Africa) Mark Harris currently serves as Vice President, MEA (Middle East and Africa) Business Development, a role he assumed in July 2010. In this role, he is responsible for IBM’s expansion into Africa and acquisitions. Prior to this Mark was CEEMEA (Central & Eastern Europe, Middle East & Africa) Business Development & Africa Geo Expansion, a role he assumed in July 2009 Mark Harris joined IBM as an engineer in 1981. Since then, he has worked for IBM in management, consulting, sales and marketing and technical management positions in all divisions of the company. Moving from IBM SA Director of Operations to Country General Manager in December 2000, and to General Manager, IBM Sub-Saharan Africa Growth Market Region in October 2008, where he was responsible for managing 48 countries - split into 4 regions: Southern Africa, East Africa, West Africa and SADC/IOI, Harris’ strengths in business management, strategy development and start-up businesses as well as his exceptional knowledge and appreciation of IT industry issues make him the obvious person to head up an organisation which will make a major contribution to moving South Africa from an emerging economy to pervasive computing and e-business.
  17. 17. 17 Session Moderators Bulumko Nelana Head of Department, Economic Development Environmental Affairs and Tourism Mr Bulumko Nelana holds a B.A degree in Politics and Development Studies (University of South Africa (UNISA), MPhil: Sustainable Development Planning and Management (Stellenbosch University), Executive Development Programme (School of Business Leadership - UNISA), Certificate in Project Monitoring and Evaluation (AGEG-Germany), Certificate in Public Management (University of Fort Hare). He is currently studying towards the Internal Consulting Organisational Development at University of Stellenbosch. His leadership experience stretches from the Business, Government and Non-Governmental Organisational sectors. Among his key competencies are strategy design and operations management with experience in development, planning and project management. He has been consulting for several national and provincial municipalities and designed comprehensive Local Economic Development (LED) projects, learnership management, investment promotion and economic development. Among the notable activities he facilitated is the process of introducing the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA) in the Eastern Cape. Pumela Salela International BPO Consultant Pumela has been a BPO/ITeS Consultant for the World Bank, based at their headquarters in Washington D.C. She is a Board member of the Global Sourcing Council and the Ambassador for Sustainable and Socially Responsible Outsourcing in Africa. Before the appointment she was a Director: BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) and ICT Enabled Services at the Department of Trade and Industry (the dti) in the Industrial Development Division, South Africa. Her responsibility was to draft strategies and policies that would create and enabling environment of the BPO and ICT sectors in South Africa. Ms Salela has completed a course in Telecommunications Policy Regulation and Management (TPRM) at Wits Graduate School of Public & Development Management (P&DM) and has been trained by various agencies in the area of Services Sector Development. Prior her promotion to the Director position she was Deputy Director for Investment Promotion at Trade and Investment South Africa. She was responsible for attracting Foreign Investors into South Africa. Her role involved business matchmaking and convincing potential investors to set up BPO operations in South Africa. Prior joining the dti Pumela worked for a number of years in various marketing roles in FMCG multinationals and media organizations in South Africa and the United Kingdom. Pumela has also been a lecturer. She is a BPO blog writer for the South African International Business Linkages (saibl) whose headquarters are in Washington. Pumela has made presentations in various business seminars and government events in the United States, the Middle East, the Far East including China, Africa and Europe, highlighting investment opportunities in Africa. She has been invited on voiceamerica and various webinars speaking on Africa as an Outsourcing Destination. She has her own blogsite http://sourcingafrica.blogspot.com where she highlights her thoughts on Outsourcing to Africa. Pumela has been a featured speaker at Silicon Valley in the areas of Clean Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets (BRICS). She is also in the Executive Committee of the Tri- Sister City Alliance (TriSCA), the first Sister City Alliance between BRICS cities in order to create jobs for knowledge workers. Having gone to study in England through the Nelson Mandela Scholarship, she is the Chairperson of the Nelson Mandela Scholarship Alumni Association and a Mentor to Graca Machel Scholars. Pumela is an MBA graduate [with distinction] from England (UK).
  18. 18. 18 Rockefeller Foundation Representatives James Nyoro Managing Director, Africa James Nyoro joined the Rockefeller Foundation in 2008. As the Managing Director, Africa, he is based in Nairobi, Kenya. His responsibilities include overseeing Foundation work across Africa, strengthening and complementing the Foundation’s initiatives around the globe. This includes Strengthening Food Security through the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa, Developing Climate Change Resilience, Linking Global Disease Surveillance Networks and Transforming Health Systems by harnessing the transformation of health systems towards better health and financial protection among others. James is passionate about food security issues in the region and has over the last two decades and a half worked on policies that could strengthen food security in Africa. Prior to joining the Foundation, Mr. Nyoro was the Executive Director of a Nairobi-based policy think tank, Tegemeo Institute, Egerton University’s, In this role, he identified policy needs and developed research themes in agricultural and rural development though collaboration with African for governments , private sector and development partners. He also contributed immensely in the formulation of key government development strategies among them the Kenya Vision 2030, a long-term, national strategy to spur prosperity and global competitiveness. He has also served in several governments appointed task forces to address challenges in agricultural and rural development in the region. During the previous two decades, he worked as a principal analyst at Tegemeo, in charge of policy research and advocacy in agriculture and rural development. James is an Agricultural Economics graduate from University of Nairobi and University of London’s Wye College. Eme Essien Lore Eme Essien Lore joined the Rockefeller Foundation in early 2011. As Associate Director in the Africa Regional Office, Ms. Essien Lore supports the development and execution of several initiatives. She serves as the regional champion for the Foundation’s Harnessing the Power of Impact Investing initiative, which works towards consolidating and catalyzing the evolving industry of impact investment for both social and environmental benefits. She also helps advance the Foundation’s work entitled Poverty Reduction through Information and Digital Employment (PRIDE). PRIDE is working in Africa to foster and scale up a new arm of the outsourcing industry called impact sourcing, which are programs aimed at creating employment for the poor by establishing meaningful jobs in the information technology industry. Prior to joining Rockefeller, Ms. Essien Lore spent several years with the International Finance Corporation, the private sector arm of the World Bank. In her last role there, she served as Manager of SME Initiatives, Africa. In that capacity, she provided strategic leadership for the Corporation’s SME development activities in Africa as well as oversight for several programs across the continent providing capacity building, technical assistance and risk capital for small businesses.
  19. 19. 19 Rockefeller Foundation Representatives Sarah Troup Sarah Troup joined the Rockefeller Foundation in 2006. As Program Operations Associate she is responsible for supporting the work of the Vice President, Foundation Initiatives and the Vice President, Strategy and Evaluation. In this role, Ms. Troup supports the strategic and operational management of initiatives and their interface with foundation-wide processes. This includes coordinating and supporting the annual strategy review process, initiative monitoring, linkages between initiative work and special projects. Ms. Troup also supports the Foundation’s work in the Philanthropic Sector and the Poverty Reduction through Information and Digital Employment (PRIDE) Initiative in Development. In this capacity, she manages relationships with current and prospective grantees throughout the grantmaking process, coordinates Foundation work with partners, and conducts research in support of the strategic development and execution of Foundation work. Ms. Troup received a bachelor’s degree from New York University and received a master’s degree in International Educational Development from Teachers College, Columbia University. Susan Kagondu Susan Kagondu is an Associate with the Rockefeller Foundation Africa Regional Office in Nairobi, Kenya. As an Associate she identifies and works with Foundation grantees and partners and assists with the strategic development of current and emerging Foundation initiatives. She holds a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Sussex in the United Kingdom, a Masters in Law from the Washington College of Law and is an advocate of the High Court of Kenya. Prior to joining the Foundation, Susan worked with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) and as a consultant researcher for the World Bank on urban issues.