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Teaching in a Paperless Classroom

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Presentation I gave at the 2012 Teaching and Technology Conference at Baruch College (New York, NY). Download the slides to get the text of my presentation.

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Teaching in a Paperless Classroom

  1. 1. TEACHING IN APAPERLESSCLASSROOMStephen FrancoeurUser Experience LibrarianBaruch College (New York, NY)
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  4. 4. Why Paperless?Environment • Reduce printing Tech Skills • Cloud-based collaboration Course Theme • Google Docs
  5. 5. Blackboard replacement ClassroomConnected portal Modular Flexible
  6. 6. http://guides.newman.baruch.cuny.edu/lib1015
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  9. 9. http://blsciblogs.baruch.cuny.edu/lib1015francoeur2011/
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