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Ian Scrivener
Ian Scrivener
Ian Scrivener
Ian Scrivener
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A Business Dashboard featuring a number of screens that give insight to the current state of the business, such as;
- rented/parked off road vehicles
- infographics and charts of business activity (eg heat map of activity by suburbs)
- web site activity & status
- recent social media activity &

The dashboard can be accessed on;
- Display monitors (TVs) around the office
- Desktop computer
- Tablet device
- Mobile device

The applicaiton would auto-cycle through view when played on mounted monitors in the office, though a user can interact with the applicaiton via touch/mouse activity to drill down into specific metrics/information.

The technology includes;
- HTML5/CSS3 adaptive website
- cloud based web application server
- cloud based GIS server running geoserver, postgis etc

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