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Neuro emotional technique infographic

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http://sterlingpeakperformance.com/neuro-emotional-technique/ - Check out this infographic presented by Dr. Serena Sterling, PsyD who provides mind body coaching and mental therapy services to the communities of Seattle area.

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Neuro emotional technique infographic

  1. 1. Sterling Peak Performance ii“v Mwoso é V i /5 « / r/, /4. ix, ” M 4// W é, ix/ /,. 7/ % . .. s / / . // /// /// /W i/ /// /// /// . / /// / / /// /// /// « NEURO EMOTIONAL TEBHNIOUE [NET] THE FOCUS OFNET: The imbalances in Unresolved Toxins in the body Nutrition the structures of "Negative deficiencies the musculoskeletal Emotional Blocks" system Q C PRINCIPLES USED IN NET MANUAL MUSCLE TESTINO Some experience in the past can determine how strong our muscles are now. Muscles will usually test strong when a patient makes a statement that he is ok with. Muscles will usually test inhibited (weak) when the patient makes a statement a he is not okay with. NEURO EMOTIONAL TECHNIOUE [NET] FOR ATHLETES NET CAN HELP ATHLETES TO: Master new skills E Eliminate distractions and improve focus Stop freezing under pressure Alleviate chronic pain Set goals with attainable deadlines Rec? /er fasierfmm and timelines an "Hwy Move past .3 Manage and plateau, slump, or overcome doubts E losing streak and negativity Develop accountability for actions and non—act'ions Improve team chemistry and performance ADDITIONAL SOURCE: https: //en. wlkipedia. org/ wikl/ Neuro_Eniotional_Te<: hnique sterlingpeakperformancecom