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Neuro Emotional Technique - Sterling Peak Performance

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http://sterlingpeakperformance.com/services/neuro-emotional-technique/ - NET is safe and effective and is a natural, drug-less way to immediately resolve long-standing health problems by uncovering the emotional components that accompany the physical symptoms.

Sterling Peak Performance
100 Wall Street,
Seattle, WA 98121
Tel No: 206.258.2171
E-mail Id: drsterling@sterlingpeakperformance.com

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Neuro Emotional Technique - Sterling Peak Performance

  1. 1. The imbalances in the structures of the musculoskeletal system Unresolved “Negative Emotional Blocks” Toxins in the body Nutrition deficiencies
  2. 2. Some experience in the past can determine how strong our muscles are now. Muscles will usually test strong when a patient makes a statement that he is ok with Muscles will usually test inhibited (weak) when the patient makes a statement that he is not okay with.
  3. 3. Stop freezing under pressure Alleviate chronic pain Set goals with attainable deadlines and timelines Move past a plateau, slump,or losing streak Develop accountability for actions and non-actions Master new skills
  4. 4. Eliminate distractions and improve focus Recover faster from an injury Manage and overcome doubts and negativity Improve team chemistry and performance sterlingpeakperformance.com