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DIY & inteior designer

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For those people who are thinking of redecorating their home, this presentation will help to choose DIY or hiring an expert. This information is presented by www.lisawolfedesign.com.

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DIY & inteior designer

  1. 1. For the people who are thinking of redecorating their home, this presentation will help to choose DIY or hiring an expert. Do IT Yourself VS. Interior Designer
  2. 2. • Know exactly what look she wants to achieve. • Easy Plan adjustments and flexibility to change. • Satisfaction from doing it herself. • Can space out the project according to her needs. She may be do it in bits and pieces. • Allow her to do things in her own style. • More money in her wallet. • Family time a real experience and bonding time. • Ability to do at own pace in the comfort of her home. • She can choose her own supplier and painter etc. • Understands special layouts. • She has the ability to envision a full picture. • Her professional contacts can save you headache and money. • Satisfaction guaranteed. Give it to her and it will get done. • Saves your time. • Knows where to place objects for the highest impact. • Uses expensive software to visualize room setups. • Has knowledge of goods and effects to spruce up a room. • Let her do the legwork for you! Why should you be busy running around? • A seasoned designer has walker along the design path many times and has priceless experience. Do IT Yourself VS. Interior Designer
  3. 3. Facts & Figures
  4. 4. 47% of Americans have not updated their home decor in the last five years and 9% haven't in more that 10 years.
  5. 5. 44% of Americans say the overall look of their homes is traditional, 22% followed by Morden, 13% country and 12% global.
  6. 6. Only 20% of Americans reported feeling happy with their home decor, and 14% said their home furnishing make them feel gloomy and stressed
  7. 7. ● A little over a third (36%) spend just 5-8 waking hours in their homes each day, and 26% said they spend 9-12 hours a day at home.
  8. 8. Source : http://www.instylemodern.com/Articles.asp?ID=254
  9. 9. Lisa Wolfe Design, Ltd. Toll-free : 866.683.7281 312.593.1710 847.234.6006 1290 Abington Cambs Dr Lake Forest, IL 60045 Website: http://www.lisawolfedesign.com/ Email: lisa@lisawolfedesign.com Hire An Interior Designer in Lake Forest, IL