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Laravel 5.7 Features and Updates

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Laravel 5.7 features and updates What's new. Laravel 5.7 has some new cool features as well as several other improvements and bug fixes. We discuss some of the noticeable changes and some of the new additions to the Laravel 5.7 family.

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Laravel 5.7 Features and Updates

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION Laravel is a popular and open-source PHP framework and it arrived approximately seven years ago in June 2012. Since then it is the most scalable PHP framework for web application development. It is based on the Model View Controller (MVC) architecture. The Laravel version 5.6 came this year in February. Later on, the latest variant Laravel 5.7 was in the market in August 2018. It is noted that the major or minor launching has been mostly done within six months. On the other hand, the small releases are made approximately every week.
  3. 3. LARAVEL 5.7 FEATURES Every version has been enhanced and improved from the other previous versions. The Laravel 5.7 is better than its previous version 5.6. In fact, the number of cool features is also introduced with this new variant. Now, let’s have a brief tour of this new version’s important features. • Laravel Nova • Verifying the Email • Guest User Gates • Notification Localization
  4. 4. LARAVEL NOVA As Taylor Otwell said, ‘We have sweat the small details and carefully crafted the Nova to not only look good but to be a joy to work with it.’ Is The Nova a CMS? Well, Answer to that question is a big No. One need to purchase the license for this package for the enterprise plan. Laravel Nova has a number of pre-requisite packages before the installation: • Composer • Node and npm package • Laravel Framework 5.6+ • Laravel Mix When all the requirements are Okay, one can proceed with the installation of the Nova from the release section. However, purchasing the license is a must. Nova is a wonderfully designed admin dashboard for Laravel Developers. Laravel Nova is indeed a very important and remarkable package. Furthermore, it is a totally amazing administrative panel for Laravel Development. The admin panel is driven by a single piece of code when a developer is working on an existing brand new project. The Laravel 5.6 version is also supporting the Nova in form of the single package.
  5. 5. VERIFYING THE E-MAIL With the release of Laravel 5.7, we have access to all new features known as Email verification. However, you can count the email with the migration features with the framework. In addition, if the third party wanted to have access to the Email Verification, one need to interface it with the User Model. In the current situation, it has been a desperate need to have validated user emails. Also, we have seamlessly implemented the feature on each application. The Laravel 5.7 entered with Email verification that is configured splendidly to validate Email Addresses.
  6. 6. GUEST USER GATES In the laravel 5.6, generally, the application access was disabled for unauthorized users as the Laravel PHP framework was returned false. Gates always get a user instance from the first argument, and there are many available options gets additional arguments in form of relevant models. But now, Laravel 5.7 provides an optional type hits to allow other users to pass the authentification checks by using the specific nullable type hint within the specified controller as shown in Image. One can also define more than one Gate abilities at one go using the resource method. When it comes to Intercepting gate checks, everyone wishes to grant all the abilities to the specific user or users. For that one has to use the ‘before’ method to set a call back that will run priory to all other authorization checks. Furthermore, one can use the ‘after’ method to set a call back to be executed right after each authorization check.
  7. 7. NOTIFICATION LOCALIZATION Laravel PHP Framework is allowing us to send notifications in any language. And this can be achieved by adding the ‘locale’ method and which is now available in Laravel 5.7. In addition, to support sending the notifications for different delivery channels, that includes Slack as well. Those will be displayed in a database so they can be displayed in the web interface. The notification by nature has to be short and contain meaningful data that notify users about something very important or provide brief about the content that was shared. For instance, If the bill was paid online as user supposed to be notified using the SMS notification - It should contain information such as - ‘the payment is successful’. With the release of the Laravel 5.7, we are now able to get permission to send the notifications in form of the current language. In fact, this framework will be more familiar with the locale, even if the notification has been qued. Whenever you format the notification, the application was converted into current language and once the formation is complete. It was sent back to the previous locale. In the above shard information, we had a brief glance at the new features of Laravel 5.7. For more information stay tuned with our further updates on the Laravel framework.
  8. 8. CONCLUSION Finally, we can to the end, and from here we can clearly see that what is new in the Laravel 5.7 as some of the very important features has been added. This certainly makes the whole task of Web application development much easier. On the other hand, it is much advisable that we have to choose the framework and its components very precisely and according to the needs. Our Talented Laravel Developers are highly experienced and well worsed with all kind of web app development using latest technologies and trends.
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