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Innovation Tools - Empathy Mapping

Good business demands an in-depth understanding of people: your customers, partners and other stakeholders. Empathy mapping is a fun and visual way to change your perspective by putting yourself in somebody else's shoes. In turn, this drives innovation by enabling you to discover unmet needs, identify frustrations, empathise with daily dilemmas, explore new perspectives and question your own assumptions.

Links to an online template and downloadable empathy maps are included in the presentation.

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Innovation Tools - Empathy Mapping

  1. 1. EMPATHY MAPPING Innovation Tools Series A short guide to Think and feel? See & smell? Hear? Say and do? Pain? Gain?
  2. 2. •User •Stakeholder •Segment •Customer Pick a perspective... 1
  3. 3. Then ask: what are they... hearing doing seeing feeling saying ?thinking Empathy isn’t complicated—it’s a natural human response when you truly put yourself in someone else’s shoes 2
  4. 4. hearing doing seeing feeling saying ?thinking Then ask: what are they...2 You might want to pick a context for this question e.g. when they visit our offices; make an initial enquiry; etc
  5. 5. 3 Map out the ideas that you come up with using an empathy map Think and feel? See & smell?Hear? Say and do? Pain? Gain? Welcome sign Download PDF Online template Source: Adapted from XPLANE
  6. 6. Think and feel? See and smell?Hear? Say and do? Pain? Gain? Empathy map for ................................ Source: Adapted from XPLANE
  7. 7. Thinking... Seeing... Hearing... Doing... Saying... Feeling... Empathy map Jason Managing Director I’m... Source: Adapted from XPLANE
  8. 8. ...and into someone else's It gets you out of your head... What does empathy mapping do? Empathy mapping changes your perspective
  9. 9. Good business demands an in-depth understanding of people The benefits of empathy mapping Creates a collaborative stakeholder-centric discussion Uncovers both potential gains that people are looking for and pains they want relief from Helps you to understand how these alternative perspectives differ from your own Helps you to step into the shoes of your stakeholders, users and customers
  10. 10. You can use empathy mapping to drive innovation Redesign your service or product around key stakeholder perspectives Discover unmet needs Find areas for improvement that enhance the customer experience Better meet stakeholder / customer needs Find ways to take away identified pain points Tear down assumptions and speculation Discover surprising insights Engage staff in empathic idea generation
  11. 11. Hints and tips You can download our blank empathy maps (pdf) Print them out at A4/A3 or use them as A0 wall posters Get your team working on empathy maps togetherPost-it notes are your friends Use different colours to mean different things For example... Empathy Needs Insights DownloadDownload
  12. 12. STOCKER PARTNERSHIP The Stocker Partnership is a strategic innovation consultancy We help organisations to create and exploit new opportunities 024 76 100 193 hello@stockerpartnership.com Matt Stocker Debbie Stocker www.stockerpartnership.com Follow us on LinkedIn Subscribe to our blog Sign up to our newsletter WE’RE NOT BUT WE ARE CLEVER BIG @mattstocker @debbiestocker Illustrations by Robin Boyd (www.robinboyd.co.uk), Stina Jones (stinajones.co.uk), and Matt Stocker