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5 Ecommerce Email Automations and Workflow Templates

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Through each email workflow, you will be able to guide your customers through each stage of the purchase journey. Start capturing 33% of your sales from email now!

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5 Ecommerce Email Automations and Workflow Templates

  4. 4. EMAIL CAPTURE RECOMMENDATIONS Email Collection ● Make it simple, with incentive easy to read and apply ● Have a picture as an underlay with text over it ● Mixing up what pop up you use can be beneficial ○ Different ways to offer promotions i.e. 15% off, $3 dollars off, or a specific product at a discounted rate, etc. ● Under the submission of the name/email have a “No, thanks” button on pop ups ● Once email is captured move onto the pre- purchase emails/send a welcome email
  6. 6. Pre-Purchase Email Education Certain industries may have to focus more on educating consumers about their products. Customers may not know the full benefit of the product or understand how it can help in their own lives. The pre-purchase email flow is exactly where you will want to educate. Some industries that may need to educate: ● Hair, Skin, and Beauty ● Baby products ● Technology PRE-PURCHASE EMAIL
  7. 7. Pre-Purchase Email Sequence ● Header/Footer Opt-in ● Coupon Box Pop-Up ● Exit Intent Pop Up This email should capture at least 2% of your site visitors (ideally 5% - 8%) to build a remarketing list for those individuals who do not convert on their first visit. PRE-PURCHASE EMAIL
  8. 8. Pre-Purchase Email Sequence How to do this: - At least 5-10 days of emails - End with the Strongest offer - Leverage a discount ladder - Unsubscribe them if they purchase and move them over to your general/newsletter list PRE-PURCHASE EMAIL
  9. 9. Pre-Purchase Email Sequence: 4-5ish day sequence and send the following: - Email 1: Goes out immediately after the email is captured with the discount code (if mentioned in pop-up) along with a welcome and thanks for joining - here is what to expect - Email 2: Social Proof - Day 1 trigger: We were featured on X or customer testimonial - Email 3: Product Highlight/Benefit - Day 3 trigger: show benefits, tips & tricks, of the product through a video or blog post along with a link for a quick purchase - e.g. - Live Makeover, live demo etc. PRE-PURCHASE EMAIL
  10. 10. Pre-Purchase Email Sequence: 4-5ish day sequence and send the following: - Email 4: Industry News - Day 5 trigger: Talk about industry topics, news, or issues and how you feel about it - a personal video/blog from you - Email 5: Last Chance - Day 6 trigger: Last chance to view video/blog with the tips & tricks about the product - Offer the same % off you did when they signed up - Email 6: Discount Increased - Day 7 trigger: Here’s 25% off (rather than 20% off) with a link to your shop page - will increase CTR and sales PRE-PURCHASE EMAIL
  12. 12. Once a purchase is made you’ll want to send a transactional email that includes: Basic Items: ● “Thank you for your purchase and we’re getting your order ready” ● Shipping information ● “View Your Order” button Action Items: ● Show in the copy how awesome the product is ● Express how excited you are for them to get their hands on products you believe in ● Give customers a little bit more information about the products they just purchased ○ Reviews ○ How to use guide ○ Tips & tricks ● Give customers an action to take once they receive the products ○ Send us a selfie ○ Give us a review ○ Share on social media and use our #hashtag TRANSACTIONAL EMAILS
  14. 14. Post-Purchase Email Sequence ● Pre-Arrival Emails ● Social Promotions ● Additional Content and Offers This email should run for 30 days after someone purchases from you. NEW CUSTOMER EMAILS
  15. 15. Email Flow should contain the following types of emails: Email 1 - Thank You Email: Thank them for buying and let them know when the product will ship - e.g. - 1- 2 business days. Intro: Goal is to introduce who you are, your story and ask them to like your Facebook or Instagram page Email 2 - Pre-Arrival Email - triggered day 2-3: Social Proof they haven’t seen before - review by a blogger, YouTuber, Case Study etc. to get them excited about the product (used to reduce buyers remorse, refund rates, etc.) Email 3 - Social Promotions Email - triggered day 7-10: Upload a selfie and win, send us a pic of you using the product, etc. to use as content on your site, social media etc. Email 4 - Review Email - triggered 14-16 days after purchase: Thank them for buying and ask if they would be willing to give feedback about the product (done through your app, etc.) Email 5 - Up-sells/Cross Sell Products - triggered 20-25 days after: Content pre-sells to product pages based on what hasn’t been purchased (product + offer) to get them to purchase more from you NEW CUSTOMER EMAILS
  17. 17. Abandon Cart Email Sequence ● 1-7 Day Email Series ● Sent every 1-3 days This email should capture at least 90% of abandon cart revenue in the first week, if you are running a series longer than a week. ABANDONED CART EMAILS
  18. 18. ● Email 1: 2 days after cart abandoned - Keep this one simple. Look what you left in your cart, give them an example of what they are missing out on and what makes the product better. CTA - Don’t forget to send them directly to the checkout page ● Email 2: 5 days after cart abandoned - Use your unique selling proposition. Remind them that they forgot to purchase - Did you forget? We’re running out quickly. CTA BUY NOW! - Don’t forget to send them directly to the checkout page ● Email 3: 7 days after cart abandoned - Still thinking about it? We will make the decision easy for you! Use CODE XXX for 25% off your purchase today! (Update the discount code.) CTA BUY NOW, secondary CTA Subscribe. - Don’t forget to send them directly to the checkout page ABANDONED CART EMAILS