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Reveal & Reduce the threat of Deep Fake Technology

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We've moved from no concern over our privacy to unabashed openness back to an acute awareness of the value of how our actions can in-turn affect us when we give it up to corporations and platforms. There is an awakening to that responsibility in the mainstream due to Facebook data breaches and the vulnerability of it's systems to manipulation, not to mention awareness of how the algorithm works in filter bubbling. This potential context collapse is related to themes of trust, identity and reality - what is real and what is fake? Now there is the proliferation of 'Deep-fake' technology what can we do to protect ourselves against attacks on democracy and if we can longer tell the difference between counterfeit and authenticity where does that leave us?

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Reveal & Reduce the threat of Deep Fake Technology

  1. 1. Jordan PeeleBarack Obama
  2. 2. “A likely impossibility 
 is always preferable to an 
 unconvincing possibility.” ~ Aristotle
  3. 3. Worried. Scared. Confused. I need to take my photos off the internet. What is the solution? How can we stop this? Who can police it? This doesn’t fill me with hope.
  4. 4. The fear of being 
 secretly manipulated.
  5. 5. But where is the threat coming from?
  6. 6. It’s a generic boogie man (or woman)
  7. 7. Realtime distortion on an individual basis.
  8. 8. The 6 Types of Motivation Greed Lust Wrath Envy Pride Sport
  9. 9. Most people haven’t understood 
 how the digital landscape works yet.
  10. 10. We feel like our clicks are used against us.
  11. 11. In data, we’ve given away the family jewels.
  12. 12. In data, we’ve given away the family jewels.
  13. 13. The future is already here 
 it’s just not very evenly distributed. ~William Gibson
  14. 14. We venerate raw footage. Unedited video has acquired an outsize authority in our culture.
  15. 15. We clearly can’t rely on government.
  16. 16. Deep Fake is a threat to authenticity in visual representation through a screen attached to a network protocol.
  17. 17. Democracy - Greek term: Techne ‘skill’ + logos ‘study’
  18. 18. DEMOCRACY. An idea that is Analogue (Not digital)
  19. 19. Society works like this. 
 If these 3 things collapse, it’s over.
 - Democracy - Individual Liberties (Privacy) - Social Tolerance
  20. 20. @TomWardStudio How to dismantle a lie.
  21. 21. @TomWardStudio
  22. 22. @TomWardStudio A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on. 
 ~ Winston Churchill
  23. 23. @TomWardStudio What does The Law say? “The best available version of the truth.”
  24. 24. Our reality changes because we don’t understand the law. It’s about accuracies - Law = Closest approximation to the truth.
  25. 25. Honesty is a state, not a trait. 
 Honesty is something we do together.
  26. 26. Attacks on democracy. Can’t rely on video evidence anymore.
  27. 27. Empathy mapping Emotional rehearsals
  28. 28. Reading, his therapist had suggested, had likely been his first drug. ~William Gibson
  29. 29. Reading books and open internet articles are the best way to develop a critical mindset.
  30. 30. Fake Light is an artificial version of reality designed to appeal and stimulate the reward systems in the brain. Fake Light makes us trust, then buy. https://medium.com/@stuwilson twitter.com/thgilekaf/instagram.com/fake_light/